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  1. I helped Acharya S (D. Murdock) set up Stellar House Publishing and each of her books was a variation on this theme. Then she died and didn't rise again. That was a very emotional kookoo gal. Smart but nuts.
  2. The IPU was before your time? How young is you? The only thing before my time is primordial protoplasm. I must confess I never heard of the Purple Oyster of Doom. Sounds...fresh from the sea. 😋
  3. I believe it's time for my ugly pills.
  4. 😂 Oh man, yeah baybee. Dat flyin sketti monsta kept me goin for quite sum time. Dat and da Indivisble Pink Unicorn. Now 'bout them strippers....😋
  5. Dry cleaning bags filled with swamp gas. Pie plates and reflections in the atmosphere. Echolocation via dog whistle. All these and more can be found in the pages of the Wholly Babble. "In the Big Inning, Gob cremated the Heavens and the baseball diamond. He saw the ball and said "Be the ball" and behold. It was so. And Gob sed, "Let their bee herpes." And there was herpes. Then Gob sed, "Shut up and go to hell." And it was so. Dance dance wherever ewe may bee four eye am the lord of the dunce sed he." Wholly Babble, 2 Hezekiah 3:16 Nude World Translation of the Watertower Society.
  6. Blasting billowing bursting forth
    with the Power of ten billion butterfly sneezes
    Man with his flaming pyre
    has conquered the wayward breezes
    Climbing to tranquility
    far above the clouds
    Conceiving the heavens
    clear of misty shroud..
    They go higher and higher and higher
    now they've learned to play with fire
    They go higher and higher and higher

    Moody Blues

  7. Are you all right? Calm down and reflect a bit. Your reaction is over the top, Rabbio. Also, you must be very used to being insulted by people you do not know and have not even met. I am unused to being called a liar. In 66 years that has happened maybe four times. My advice to RevBogovac was simple and quite kindly albeit unadorned by niceties. It would do him well to alter his on-forum behavior with people he has not "met" or interacted with in any way. You would do well to place yourself in others shoes before exploding on them and being so intense and overdone. You said, "With no knowled
  8. Hello Jonathan It has always been very easy for me to divorce the teachings of the Buddha from extraneous matters such as those you mentioned. Other than ideas of karma and reincarnation his teachings are not tied to any culture. The trappings that Buddhism has acquired in its travels are irrelevant and unattractive to me too. As for Buddhism being difficult, so is higher mathematics. So is relativity theory and quantum mechanics. If you have done much reading in the Suttas it will be obvious that the Buddha was not so much a mystic (though he was) as a extremely rational and thoroug
  9. RevBogovac. It would have been very good if you had introduced yourself and let me come to know you at least a little bit before you started in with the trolling. What if I had posted a sentence to you that implied you are a liar? Unless you are accustomed to being called a liar it would have bothered you too to be sullied by a stranger. I can join any Forum on the Net and be trolled by a troll. I do not need this forum for that. I would not concern yourself further with the matter RevBogovac as I am thoroughly unimpressed with this Forum (except for Jonathan who has engaged me in intelligent
  10. Hello Jonathan. The verses from the Pali Canon you have given are indeed the gist of a conversation the Buddha had. But the question of God was not the question posed to Buddha but whether or not the universe is eternal. He had similar conversations about Atman, Self, soul. He formulated Anatta/Anatman. We are the sum of our parts not more. There is not a thinker behind the thoughts, just thoughts. I find that American "Buddhists" reject the teaching of the Buddha, the teaching of Anatta/Anatman just as the seekers of the Buddhas day did. They reject this teaching as Nihilism but it is not. It