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  1. I never did bring it up...just re read those posts. Nope. I sure didn't say anything about logic in this topic.
  2. your or my inability to prove the reality of truth does not mean i should accept or reject any claim. that would be poor logic.
  3. historically, the earth was considered flat. did the truth change?
  4. truth is not a popularity contest, or the earth would be flat and the sun revolve around us. it is what it is, though, regardless of opinion.
  5. Truth shouldn't be a popularity contest.
  6. Also, the villains rarely view themselves as villains. Perception.
  7. we claim it as a highly prized character trait for selfish reasons at times. honest information usually leads to better informed decisions, so we want others to be truthful with us. but being very egocentric creatures we think we know the best information to disiminate for others. and at times when we dont know, we feel a need to show we do, so we fill in the blanks.
  8. Origins of hell

    Hel in Norse mythology is the Goddess of the Dead and the underworld, and also the name of the underworld. I don't think it was considered anywhere near the same as the Christianized version, though.
  9. i am incapable of being anything but a sinner seems good excuse to cave to temptation. i dont believe in sin and think i am accountable for my actions, which for me is good reason to refrain from bad action as best i can.
  10. Using psychology in ministry

    im as prone to error as any priest or psychologist, so maybe i would guess my limits incorrectly just like they occasionally do. since i dont offer services in those areas, it saves me malpractice suits.
  11. That's true enough. Or it could also suggest an escape clause of sorts for those who want to do things differently, but aren't supposed to. They can always claim to have been imperfect in that moment, even though fully cognizant of what they were doing and the impact Involved.
  12. I have frequently debated with a person on another site who claims to be a Christian yet vehemently advocates for the complete eradication of all Muslims. That is one person I would consider a monster in reality, who even provided me a link to a video of him protesting a Muslim float at a parade and claiming that the audience fell silent in awe...his perception of reality didn't match the video at all by the way, as attested to him being hauled off by the police to the cheers of the crowd on hand. But he is the rare exception in extremity in my experience.
  13. The basic sentiment is true. You shall judge by their fruits. They may say do unto others, but clearly some do not. So is that really a Christian doctrine, or are they not truly Christian?
  14. Using psychology in ministry

    People with deep emotional issues, or psychological issues, can have major susceptibility issues as well. These are the people that say the tv show made them do it, or the book, or the comic book, or least that is my opinion.