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    citizen of the world

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    reading, friends, philosophical studies, science fiction, logic. Trying to understand others, and get them to understand me.
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    a few
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    Good friends and family
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    Always try to be your best self
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    stoic atheist

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In school I studied mythology, which was always Greek and Roman.  Out of school, I looked into myriad other mythologies...Norse, Celtic, Japanese.  Then I began studying various religions.  There wasn't a difference, but it took me a long time to realize that.


Let it be known, for those who nitpick definitions, that I would state now, I use the dictionary definition unless otherwise specified.  So in the future, you really don't have to ask what I mean when I say I don't believe something is true.  I mean the dictionary definition of the word true.  Not any other.  If for some reason you can't fathom that, tough.  If for some reason you think I am NOT using the dictionary definition, ask.  It's really a simple courtesy.