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I like the idea of Socrates, it seems to melt national barriers between people instead of creating more boundaries to keep us apart.  Lately I have come to see religion as a negative influence, almost universally.  I am sure there are examples that aren't bad, but I can't think of any off hand.  I have a wife and kids, and have had my ups and downs dramatically. 

I love reading.  I read mostly sci fi, but also philosophy, history, sometimes just plain ole fiction like Stephen King.  My favorite book series has been the Wheel of Time, though that could change I suppose, if something better comes across my eyes.

I love music, be it oldies, classic rock or heavy metal, but I cannot STAND rap or hip hop.  Too many synthesizers for my taste, I suppose.  

I am arrogant, I acknowledge this as a fault, and try to work on it, though I fail often enough.