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    I'm grateful for being alive, tap and ballet dance , being a caregiver and being ordained.
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    Live, love, learn
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    Christo-Pagan Hindu

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  1. Hello to my brothers and sisters in Christ. I'm available to conduct an Ash Wednesday service including the spreading of ash after confession. It depends on how many people want to participate but I will be live streaming service. For the spreading of the ash following confession will be on call depending on how many people wish to participate. I also recommend all to do shadow work to purify thy heart such as forgiveness in lieu of confession if that is your calling. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that all who are broken hearted and contrite of heart may be absolved from all their sin. I pray that all are lead to heaven and that world peace is achieved through the oneness of heart. Amen and may it be so
  2. Hi I hope y'all are well. I'm looking for someone to baptize me in full immersion. I'm an ordained minister, feminist and healthcare student. I'm a Christian witch.
  3. Merry meet I recently became an ordained minister. I'm Christo pagan and I believe in Hinduism. I'm a caregiver, dancer, lover and soon to be married.