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  1. This was not TEOTWAWKI most people expected. Adding to my playlist.
  2. I certainly would not knock anyone who can thinking critically see the odds are hopeless and through whatever religion beliefs persevere to make it otherwise. Belief and critical thinking are diametrically opposed but it's our actions for which we are judged not the thoughts that lead to them. Structured Analytic Techniques can only get one so far, in hopeless situations a bit of crazy goes a long way. If sheep were over worked, underpaid, and fed a constant stream bullsh!t, they'd probably slaughter the shepherd in short order. Thank God we're civilized. Eh?
  3. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is becoming a real problem for nation states. OSINT is undermining the official narrative. Everyone is capable of critical thinking however it takes practice to master it. This whole thread is about giving you the tools to undermine the official narrative. Here's another tool, Open Source Intelligence Tools and Resources Handbook.
  4. First up, Intelligent data analysis : from data gathering to data comprehension. One chapter defines a number statistical terms, understanding the language is first step to avoiding the manipulation. Definition seem on point and dead simple. This book is in the wild if you know where to look. Second up, Strategic intelligence : a handbook for practitioners, managers, and users. Strategic intelligence analysis looks at the big picture. Example, the little picture: The US has reach 50% vaccination! The Big Picture: The US represents 4.9% of the world population and herd immunity requires 90% vaccination of the world population. One of these pictures would lead to a much better strategy in the borderless world of globalization. Also in the wild.
  5. First up, A Tradecraft Primer: Structured Analytic Techniques for Improving Intelligence Analysis. Detailed look at individual stuctured analytical techniques (SAT)covering when to use, value added, methods and an example. (Would bet this is written by RAND.) Second, Restructuring Structured Analytic Techniques in Intelligence. There's a couple of useful tables in this paper pairing SAT with the bias it addresses.
  6. Hi, I'm just a member but I did point out your post using the report option to Administration. Might try that yourself. I haven't had much reason to contact the church but it does take them a few days to respond to an email YMMV. They do have a phone number but I never had reason to use it: +1 209-852-6562. Automated system ... ? Hope you can get this resolved.
  7. Structured analytic techniques for intelligence analysis / by Richards J. Heuer, Jr., and Randolph H. Pherson. ISBN 978-1-60871-018-8 LCN: JK468.I6H478 2010 DDN: 327.12—dc22 Not cheap new as it is used as textbook.
  8. A nice read from the Central Intelligence Agency on Structured Analytical Techniques. Tradecraft Primer: Structured Analytic Techniques for Improving Intelligence Analysis
  9. Not easy finding this image from the first video even with the book.
  10. A bit of news, from Janes, about a new USAF "Spectrum Warfare Wing". That's full spectrum dominance speak. Eglin Air Force Base has a couple special operation groups so maybe they won't be operating within the US.
  11. 60% to 70% of young people (<18 years old) are getting less than 7 hours of sleep which makes them prime targets for manipulation. Another video, this one from Janes which is used through out the national security community for their Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) products.
  12. We are bombarded with information much of it designed to scare us or piss us off. If you're one of those that stray from your bubble then you probably found conflicting information too. So you're probably scared, angry and confused ... congratulations! You're a freethinker. So I'm going to collect resources about structured analysis in this thread. Starting with this video from the SANS Institute which goes over some of common mental traps we can encounter in our thinking and number of structured analytical techniques outside of analysis of competing hypothesis. But if you take nothing else away from this video remember thinking clearly requires adequate sleep.
  13. Stefan Molyneux? Closed minded Atheists ... Good example.
  14. Should have used the word "more" ... a lot more breathwork. Though I did have some progress, woke up dreaming the phone was ringing this morning.