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  1. Good question. I feel like the answer is Secularism, trust in a more relativistic spirituality, something akin the UUism or humanism, or perhaps mysticizing the state or science, as they did under communism. But who knows...maybe it will be militant new atheism when it's all said and done.
  2. Allow me to pose these questions in reponse to the poll above: 1.) Should we be allowed to intentionally harm others who are not dependent on us? 2.) Should we be allowed to intentionally harm others who are dependent on us? 3.) Are your answers consistent?
  3. I feel like taking a little trip to Kansas!
  4. Methinks atheism and nonreligious are not same. Some nonreligious may be atheist but not all. Some just have no specific institutional membership. In other news, I saw this article from across the pond. It appears Jediism is a Force to be reckoned with...badump ching! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/9737886/Jedi-religion-most-popular-alternative-faith.html
  5. Answer #1: Yes, with restrictions. (the restriction being that, in the process of hurting one's self, one may not hurt anyone else) Answer #2: Yes, with restrictions. (the restriction being that, in the process of hurting one's self, one may not hurt anyone else, including her preborn baby) Answer #3: Yes
  6. The only experience I have felt that I could call a flashback to a past life, was a very brief flash of myself on top of what looks like a golden step period with a platform about 2/3 of the way up. The whole structure emanates its own pale whit light. I think I am a high priest wearing an ornate headdress and a purple robe sort of like those worn by priests right when they start to bless the Eucharist where it just drapes over him. Underneath I have on a short shimmery white tunic and ornate gold belt. I am very dark skinned. I am chanting loudly in chorus with attendants behind me and looking out to a mass of worshipers below. The environment appears to be desert. But here's the thing, I don't this place is on earth. I believe there are 2 distant pale turquoise suns in the sky, a rich royal purple and the air was filled with the haze of a pinkish purple fog. I've had this image ingrained in me since I was about 9 years old. I even remember when it came to me. I was in the shower about to get ready to go to school in March. I got in trouble for drawing it out instead of doing classwork. It lasts less than a second but is extremely vivid and sensory.
  7. Awesome! This is exactly what it sounds like when I play my harmonica...alone...with no one around...every third blue moon....otherwise its just 'O Susanna'
  8. Thanks for your interest in my signature Bro. Hex. I am glad to know that others also find comfort from the truth of christian universalism. The 5 points come from the historic 1899 Westminster Declaration, as a way of crystallizing the witness of Universalist churches and societies in America at that time. I don't consider it dogma, nor did those who declared it. As they put it, the points were "commended not as tests but as testimonies in the free quest for truth that accords with the genius of the Universalist Church." The historic Universalist Church was nondgmatic, considered the bible it's only creed, and even that was subjected to individual conscience. I fell in love with it the first time I read it as it communicated more than I have ever been able to in so short a space. As to your issues with it, I'm sorry they do not ring true to you the way they do to me. Here is how I see them. Point 1 says that God is the spiritual and physical source and sustainer of all creation in all it's wonder. No one is left out of God's family nor ever will be. Point 2 says that christians find their unity and truth not in books or dogmas or clergy or institutions, but in the person of Jesus Christ and the truth he revealed to us: A god who is love, a god who is our father, a god that would stop at nothing to save those of his children who are lost and will never give up doing so until each one is safely back in his loving arms. Point 3 says that the gospel can be trusted, not because of it's human origin but because it is a witness of the Holy Spirit to those in need of good news, I also see that it clearly recognizes that while the bible is indeed a revelation from God, it is by no means the only one. God has spoken, and still speaks, in a variety of ways to a variety of people and no book could ever hope to contain his fullness, since the universe itself cannot do so. Point 4 says that while theosis is constructive, it is also purgative. Sins, the evil that we do out of malice and ignorance, leave marks or stains on the world, on those harmed, and on the sinner. Purification is needed to wash away those stains. Perhaps another way to characterize it is that sin creates a (karmic) debt, which will either be paid for or forgiven. I turn to Jesus for forgiveness but see that wrong's must be righted and that which I haven't been forgiven for, I will pay for, either in this life or the next (or maybe even the next). Point 5 says that all will be restored, that the wrongs will indeed be righted and all that was once broken will be made whole. I look forward to that day and hope for God's words to be fulfilled: All shall be made alive in Christ! Perhaps you see it a different way. I'd love to here your testimony as to why you are a Christian Universalist. Maybe we can learn something new together.
  9. Hello and welcome rpavellas! I hope your ordination is just the first step down a wonderful new path.
  10. What an amazing story...and talented mother. Her works are beautiful. I especially loved 'Solitude' and 'Healing Waters'. This has made my morning! Thanks so much Q for sharing this. God bless her exhibition.
  11. I enjoyed reading a take on metaphysics from normally very earthbound economists and political theorists. I was also very surprised how much I agreed with these guys...not a phenomenon I get with most of the conversations these two guys usually engage in.
  12. I just read this ans got a kick out of it. So, I submit it to yall to see if you get similarly kicked. http://lewrockwell.com/casey/casey140.html
  13. So much or life seems like a late-night infomercial convincing us that there is this secret ingredient to life and that if we just pay $19.95 and waith 7-10 days for delivery we'll have nothing but days of happiness and satisfaction ahead. Against our better judgment, we jump in...and then comes the buyer's remorse when what we get is not what we were sold. Turns out a food dehydrator is just a food dehydrator and not the ticket to easy street and fine dining we were promised. Like others have said here in so many words, the problem is that our expectations for life are not properly alligned with what life has to offer....or as the great Lynn Anderson put it... The problem with diamonds in the rough is that it takes a lot of sifting through the rough to get to those dern diamonds. That's also what makes them so precious.
  14. Of all of life's paradoxes, none is more enigmatic than the vegan chilidog...nor more tastey :P

    1. Atwater Vitki

      Atwater Vitki

      To wit, I've always wondered....if vegies are such a wonder food and so good for you...why then do veggans always make "substitute" meat products?

      I've never heard of anyone trying to make a Big Macâ„¢ taste like broccoli! :P

  15. We should all--ahem--"Count" our blessings. Make it a sober one too. As for me, I never drink...wine. Mwahahahah (oh yeah, I just did that)
  16. Do you think your sense of appreciation would still be as keen?
  17. Absolutely, meditation is imo primarilly a spiritual practice that trascends and embraces all religious paths. Recently, my wife talked me into doing a 21 day meditation program through www.chopracentermeditation.com. It is somewhat guided, which is not something I've ever done before as I prefer to "live in the silence" and go within each day. But I must say it has been an extremely rewarding experience. The meditations are on abundance. Some may ask, "does it work?" meaning did I get more material abundance. To that I would say that the meditations have helped me become more aware of the abundance that already exists in my life, help me recognize the fullness of the definition of "abundance in a way that goes beyond simple material acquisitions, and help me to realize that I have all the tools inside me that are needed to manifest whatever bliss that I perceive I desire at any given moment and to find contentment in any situation. In that way, I have been able to invite all sorts of abundance into my life. Meditation is a powerful way to connect with the eternal spirit (the "YOU") that masquarades in your body. I recommend it to anyone who is stressed, fearful, or yearning for something more in their lives.
  18. Tsk tsk tsk, Forgiving sins is what Tiggers (and the Christian God) do best!
  19. Very beautiful emalpaiz! I'll have to give it a try. I love meditation.