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    Vampires, Reiki, spirit mediumship, cartomancy, crystallomancy, Gothic Rock, New Wave, Alternative Rock, horror movies, horror novels, fast food, junk food, Southern cooking, seafood, Coca-cola, sweet iced tea, tropical drinks, Halloween
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  1. Hi Jonathan, There is nothing wrong with a little boasting I'm sure you learned some useful things from your training even if a lot of it no longer seems valid. I have still been able to find some few gems lying amid the piles of "dust" Umbraedeus
  2. Hi Jonathan, Yes, the Radiance Technique was what I had in mind when I was talking about 7 levels. I took an online/distant attunement course in Karuna Ki by Vincent Amador which uses the extra symbols that Karuna Reiki does and was supposed to be more "advanced." But at least I only spentd $30 on that instead of hundreds of dollars on Karuna Reiki (TM). I enrolled in Celtic Reiki by Martyn Pentecost but never received the follow up email to schedule my attunements. I studied Druidism along time ago and knew enough about the Ogham alphabet to see there wasn't much to it after reviewing th
  3. Hi Jonathan, I agree with you about the Reiki/energy healing thing. I have been a Reiki master for 9 years and the number of new and supposedly more advanced systems has grown exponentially. Reiki only has 3 or 4 levels (depending on if level 3 is split into separate levels for master and teacher) but I have seen people claiming to have discovered new, "advanced" levels making anywhere from 7 to 12 levels. People also claim to be discovering or sometimes "channeling" new, more powerful Reiki symbols all the time. Its also amazing how many new non-Reiki systems seem almost identical to R
  4. Hi Cuchulain, I guess many feel, sometimes myself, that if something has been around for a long time it is considered "tried and true" where new things are an unknown. Of course it depends on the situation. People are all the time seeking new medications or medical procedures but are not interested in having maggots introduced to their wounds to eat out the infection or having leeches applied to them for bloodletting Yours in Darkness, Umbraedeus
  5. I have fallen for the same lie twice, although it was wrapped in different paper. As a teenager in the 1980's I studied Wicca, and I believed the then current party line that Wicca was descended from an unbroken line all the way from the ancients, starting with cave dwelling shamans, and carrying on in secret since the Middle ages right up to Gerald Gardner. In my twenties I studied with a Rosicrucian order which claimed to go back in an unbroken line all the way to Ancient Egypt. Now that I think of it, I actually fell for it three times, because I also studied with a Druid order that claimed
  6. Hi RevDeCo, Sorry I didn't respond sooner; I was a away for a few days and had missed/overlooked your reply. I usually feel energy immediately and automatically. I can see energy and auras, but I have to intentionally decide to do it, to look closely at someone's energy field. I have been a Komyo Reiki shinpiden (master/teacher) for about 8 years. This practice has enhanced or refined my innate skills at energy work, although Reiki energy itself is not useful in the same way as the energy I acquire through vampirism. The first time I intentionally astrally projected was when I was about 1
  7. Hello RevDeCo, I am a psychic or energy vampire. I have drank blood from my boyfriend, but on a lark, not as a recurring practice. I would classify myself as an "incubus" in that I typically draw in the energy created during sexual encounters. I don't have a label for my path other than energy vampirism, and my beliefs are not always consistent with others in the vampire community. I do not have a need to feed; my pranic body has no leaks and my chakras/energy centers function properly. But I have the drive or desire to feed. I believe I am a god (eternally existing spirit of nonhuman ori
  8. My spiritual path being what it is, not to mention being homosexual to boot, I have found the board to be quite fair. I know there are those here who snicker at the thought of Vampires, but just because they may choose to believe in an invisible sky wizard instead (and I don't) doesn't mean we can't get along. In a place like this there are going to be a lot of differing viewpoints, and there is no reason to take things personally or attack others personally. Believe it or not, I feel more welcome here than places within the Vampire community. I was kicked out of The Vampire Church online comm
  9. Hello All, Tonight is Walpurgisnacht (the name for May Eve which Stoker used in "Dracula's Guest"). May Eve was celebrated accross Europe in many guises; for many Wiccans and Pagans it is celebrated as the festival of Beltane. I'm spending the night working at the mental hospital, which I guess is an appropriate setting for a night devoted to ghosts, vampires, witches, and goblins. I hope everyone has a great May Eve followed by a bright May Day (though not too bright for myself; hopefully with my curtains drawn and sleeping the sleep of the undead after working all night). Yours in
  10. I do not believe that prayer should ever be used in place of standard medicine, but I do believe that sometimes prayer has a beneficial effect. Being a psychic or energy Vampire, I have sometimes (but not always) been aware of subtle energy exchanges taking place during prayer or faith healing, similar to Reiki or shamanic healing practices. I believe there are hidden forces that come into play, and an individual or group can send out positive energy resulting in healing or perhaps the acceleration of the healing process. I also believe an individual or group can send out negative energy resul
  11. Ethnicity is not a factor in my belief system. I was born in Florida and raised in a family with its roots in the Deep South. I am a mixture of mainly Western European ancestries. But since I believe that my spirit is pre-existing and immortal, I think of my physical form more or less as clothing and not really important as far as my "true" self is concerned. I believe my spirit predates mankind itself, much less modern ethnicities. Yours in Darkness, Umbraedeus
  12. The only god I worship is myself, however a few of the places where I feel a "spiritual" connection or atmosphere are: cemeteries, Gothic nightclubs, driving down the highway at night with the radio on, watching music videos in my room with the lights off and the air conditioning turned down low, at seashores or near rivers, outside on Halloween night, and in the intimate company of a lover