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  1. The bible says vengeance is the Lord's, he will repay. I just want to get out of his way. Jesus taught to not resist evil and to repay evil with good. When an apostle tried to defend jesus in the garden on the night of his betrayal by drawing a sword and chopping off the ear of a temple guard, he told him to put it away. In Isaiah, one of the most beautiful prophesies he gives is the vision of future generations beating swords into plowshares where no one will learn war anymore. Jesus in called the prince of peace, I don't think its just a pretty name. My point is that while god may not be a pacifist, he wants those called in his name to be nonviolent. "If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live at peace with all men." Like Rev. Rainbow, I, for my part want to be a peacemaker.
  2. I believe in nonagression, but I do not go so far as to say self defense and defense of others when life or liberty is at stake is wrong, even if violence is used. I once thought about joining the libertarian party but they make you affirm an oath that you would nor support violence in order to achieve any political end. I thought about that and realized that it would negate the American revolution and the declaration of independence. If that policy were followed, wed still be subjects of the crown. Defensive violence,when measured and for good cause, is ok imho.
  3. Amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Yep Bro, I live about 8 minutes from the park. My kids go hiking there all the time. But this is my first concert there. It's truly one of God's little jewels. Next month they'll be hosting Mumford & Sons, Dawes, and Slow Club. I don't what divinely inspired planets aligned that my three favorite bands would all join together and perform but I am oh so so grateful. If your a fan, Crosby Stills & Nash will be there on August 21. Definitely worth a road trip. What an experience it would be.
  5. At the end all of em got up and sang and played together. One of the great moments in my life. As I watched them from my place snuggled in the great outcrops of rocks that carve out the amphitheater, I stared out at the plain beyond, the distant twinkle of Denver's lights, and the huge night sky above. I remembered why I had to move away from my home in GA. I thought of all the folks who told me what a terrible idea it was and how there's nothing out west that wasn't right there. I thought how they'll never get to see what I've been blessed to see or walk where I've walked. I felt incredibly sorry I couldn't show them that there are special places in this world. There are things, sacred and strange and wonderful, that are worth the journey. As I listened the the chorus of Deportees, I looked up and I saw 3 shooting stars and I thought yep, God's a fan. It changed me Grateful. (but it could have all just been a contact high, the air was unexpectedly herbal for a an audience so...ahem...otherwise mature and upstanding. But then I remembered this is Colorado and it is arlo guthrie)
  6. Last night I got the amazing opportunity (thanks to my thoroughly awesome wife) to see Arlo Guthrie, Steve Martin, and Emmylou Harris live at Red Rocks. It was the stuff that should make it into the history books. One fun song by Steve Martin tickled me and I thought y'all would enjoy it
  7. Beautiful Br D. Here's one that I love. http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-fool-s-prayer/
  8. It is a wonderful testament to the human spirit. I remember having to memorize in 10th grade. I think its one of the reasons I fell in love with poetry. Great work!
  9. Jesus didn't say he was sorry for the sins of the whole world, he took upon himself the punishment of sin, overcame death, and opened the door to eternal life to all mankind. I think there's a big difference between sayin"my bad" for things you didn't do to people you don't know and atoning for the world's sins through personal sacrifice. Now if the pope was going to stand trial for all the past crimes of catholics and take on te sentence they deserve, that's not empty that has a real consequence to it.
  10. And here's an awesome video featuring a marionette love affair between the living and the undead. Very romantic in a kooky kind of way
  11. Hello all, so here it is the middle of summer and I'm thinking about my very favie holiday: Halloween! What I love most are creepy animation movies. My lids and I gather around and watch the nightmare before Christmas and corpse bride and the Addams family etc. Submitted for your approval, a short film from the early nineties based on a folk tale...the sandman. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UjgHbRrnjhU
  12. I never really got the point of apologizing for the actions of others. Seems like a very hollow gesture...but if it makes folks feel good....
  13. Still hoping for some input...Is AV an Asatruar?? Anyone else? I've been learning about runic divination over last month, seems very interesting but I came across something that said divination was considered a woman's vocation by the norse. I even read that vikings would kill men who practiced it. Is this true? If so, why such a fatal reaction? I'm very interested in all this.
  14. But seriously, all great things are made up of a series of small things practiced faithfully with great love....spirituality is no different. Therefore, as mother theresa said, be faithful in small things for therein lies our strength.
  15. I heard it had more to do with the motion of the spiritual ocean...
  16. Lol. That beats my experience with ancestry.com. I traced my family back to my ggg grandfather, Devil Jim, named such by the Indians he fought in the Seminole wars. He lost his arm and later his leg in the civil war. Prior to that all anyone knows is that he left SC with two wives just ahead of a hanging possy. We think he assumed his name since there's no records of family or birthplace. He was buried in an unmarked grave in the family plot. Although I have heard many stories of a less than flattering nature about him, I can't help but admire the man. He may have been mean but it took mean men like that to settle and tame the swamps of Florida. Whatever else he was, he was a survivor. And because he survived, he left a legacy without which I would not be here. When I look at my own kids, I remember to thank Devil Jim. He helped make them possible. God bless you Devil Jim!
  17. God bless you, Saved....sending you many prayers.
  18. In the gawkier days of my youth I was often mistaken for the Doogie Howser guy. Now I just see my dad when I look in the mirror.
  19. I was hoping someone here could give me more detail than what you normally find on a google search. I know it's a native european reconstruction religion based on the Norse pantheon. What drew you to the religion? How does Asatru ply into your daily life? What are the rituals like? What is your faith like? Many thanks for any insight.
  20. Monsters & Men and White Stripes...
  21. Sadly, a number of co-workers and even my boss have lost their homes. Praying hard for them
  22. "Dreams are the messengers of the gods."--King Halfdan, Viking Tales