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  1. What we have done for ourselves alone, dies with us what we have done for others and the world, remains and is immortal


                                                                                                                                     - Brother Albert Pike -

  2. The problem we have is people pick through the book and only use what is useful to them at that moment just like I am about to do. In the bible it tells us not to judge yet people judge homosexuals, drunks, and people who are just all around different all the time saying they are going to hell. In the bible it says to obey the law of the land and again if you go by that then it is legal for same sex couples to get married and is alright through gods eyes. Your body is a temple but people kill there bodies everyday by drug use and alcohol and smoking. I see this different than most I feel like until you get your life right and perfect then you shouldn't worry about everyone else. We have judges and law enforcement to police people who are doing wrong let them do their jobs. If you don't like someone because they are gay or they are always high or drunk then you have the right to stay away but to publicly ridicule someone for their own beliefs even if in your eyes are wrong is not your job. I get a crazy response because I am a Christian and I don't believe in the trinity which in most people's eyes that I talk to means I don't believe in Jesus which is false. That is a story for another time but I get judged due to my belief and again is wrong. As far as a violent religion yes it is and has been from day one but we also have lived in a violent world as well. We cant expect a book that is based of the worlds history IMO to be roses and rainbows this is not how the world is or was so the book tells the story (which some stories are not violent by the way) of how the world was viewed back then. I just realized I could of shortened this comment by just simply saying I live by the old saying if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say nothing at all. Sorry for all the miss spelled words I didn't proof read before I posted. Å
  3. A brother is a brother no matter what.

  4. Scientist have a end of the world timer and I think I read that they have had to reset it 4 times. I don't think we will see it in our time but I also don't like the way things are picking up like storms I am from Texas and tornado's have been really bad for a few years now and even around the U.S. Â
  5. You can tell who your true friends how long they will stick by your side even if your wrong. All the other fake friends will run at the sight of trouble.

  6. Studying is the hardest part of any test. Learning to put to use the things you have learned is the second hardest part. Seeing the finale result after the time and effort you put into that test makes all of the work worth it. I am going to stay focused because as of now I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Reverend V

      Reverend V

      Seeing the light is not enough. Are you willing to apply that light in order to let it make you a better person.

  7. So I am sitting here thinking if someone commits a sin that I would personally consider unforgivable and the person ask for forgiveness will that person be accepted into God's kingdom? Â
  8. Show me the light and I shall break out of the darkness.

  9. If you can let a book, game, music, or a movie make a change to your life where you can go kill someone I think you should get what you get. I play many games on Xbox sorry I am a gamer not really nerdy except those few months I played WoW but anyway I don't go get my ghille suit and lay in a field shooting people in the head screaming head shot waiting for them to respond. I am throwed off but not that bad so really a weak minded or someone on drugs human being must be operating on the least amount of brain juice you can have. Â
  10. Its time to hit this little blue book hard and finish what I started.

  11. The harder you fall the faster you need to get back up that goes with anything in life.

  12. Friendship is easy to throw out the door but only true friends work to keep it that is when your friendship goes from friend status to a true brother.

  13. In reality I have been a good friend because not only does a certain person have a reputation with mutual people we may know a rep that is not very desirable and may be false if you get to know him I looked pass all of that and still came and talked to this person and got to know him and then on top of that when people talk crap about this person I often defend him and make sure that it is known not to talk about him around me at least. So I think that out weighs me not showing up to a few practices even though when we are at work most the time I go to were ever he is working to make up for the practices that I have missed due to situations that I can not avoid as a family man and due to money issues. So I think my friendship is not trash and that I have been a pretty good friend but I could be wrong. Â
  14. Trash I think not maybe what you think is trash is not what it seems there are always two sides to every story so before you label you should find out the other sides view on things. I am the one that V is speaking of and yes I have failed to show up to appointments that I did make. Sometimes I said I may be there and there where sometimes that I said I would be there and did not come but I live a distance away and finacially I am having a difficult time even trying to get to work and I have told V that. I consider a friend someone who does not send messages saying hateful things and even though I have slacked in my ways I would not throw a friend to the curb for a few instances. A true friend sticks with friends like you would a wife through better or worse. That being said V just want you to know that I might of got upset with some of the text messages but trust me when I say that I took them alot better then I would if you where someone else because I might have blown up and said things that I shouldnt have because we both know I am trying to work on that filter problem I have. I still consider you a friend and I still want to go through with what you are talking about I am just having my own issues right now that is effecting the progress. Â