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  1. According to our provincial government it is not a denomination. At least not one that they recognize.
  2. I would agree. We make judgement calls all the time. Should I take the umbrella or not? Can I make it through the intersection before the light turns red? Is that person with the waistband of their pants around their thighs an idiot? Sometimes we're right other times maybe not and we need to re-assess based on new information
  3. Freedom of religion must also include freedom from religion. This would seem to be achieved only through a secular govt
  4. If you check the Registrar's website, they will give you the requirements for a "new" denomination to be recognized. You might have better luck contacting your MPP and getting them to change the rules.
  5. You will still be ordained. but.... Each province has their own rules/regulations and I don't believe any of them will recognize the ordainment.
  6. Still trying to get ULC recognized in Ontario so that I can perform weddings
  7. Thanks. Headed out for some turkey and basking in the sunshine.
  8. It is a national holiday. Depending upon their jobs some people have to work just like anywhere. Fireworks, barbecues, adult beverages, flag waving, etc.
  9. I sent in all the paperwork to the Registrar a couple of years ago. Bottom line was that they don't recognize (at least at the time) ULC as a valid denomination. I went so far as to email the minister at the time but didn't get too far. Haven't pursued it since then
  10. Lemon meringue
  11. I'm sorry to hear about the death of Lida. Condolences to the entire Hensley family