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  1. I have the requirements, and I'm just afraid I don't have the resources to get the ULC recognized myself. But I think that I will contact my MPP. Thank you.
  2. I personally don't care about the tax exempt... But being able to preform marriages, is a big part of being recognized as a religion. Do you know some of the other people who have tried to get recognition? Perhaps together we can achieve the goal.
  3. Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here. We hope to hear more from join in the discussions and let us know what your Journey has shown you thus far! Blessings of Peace,

  4. I've just found out a few days ago that the ULC is not recognized in Ontario as a Religious Denomination. As such our (those of us in Ontario) ordinations are null and void. Has anyone started the process of getting the ULC recognized?