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  1. Hmm the ULC Seminary has a good start on this - I missed that when I was researching this.
  2. Now I have reviewed the 'pinned' topic of marriage laws outside of the United States. I have also read some other posts that say that ULC ministers are unable to conduct marriages in Ontario. Now I am slightly confused by this because upon further review of Ontario's Marriage Act I see nothing that would prevent a ULC minister living in Ontario from being able to perform said marriages. Of course, I'm no lawyer - but the language seems clear. Here is section 20 of the Marriage Act which describes who can be solemnized to perform marriages in Ontario. Okay, so far it states that the person needs to be authorized/registered to solemnized to perform the marriage. This is done by the Minister of Consumer and Business Services in Ontario. So far that means that I need to register with the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services in Ontario. What are the conditions to register? Read on.... Okay so the person has to be ordained or appointed - so far so good. Seems clear, ULC recognizes me to solemnize marriage under its rites and usages. ULC would meet section C as far as I know. Section D. From what I read into this is simple. If you are a ULC minister residing in Ontario you can. They have worded it with 'or' conditions, not 'and'. My understanding would prohibit a fellow brother from the United States or another province from solemnizing a marriage in the province of Ontario. I welcome any further comments or experiences from any ULC minister in Ontario, Canada. ** Please do not take my comments as legal is merely my interpretation of the Ontario Marriage Act that can be found here: