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Found 2 results

  1. After over a year of research into this subject, I recently decided to attend a meeting of the Omaha Society of Friends. My interest in Quakers began over a decade ago, after I sat down and watched John Wayne's 'Angel & The Bad Man'. It blossumed from there, because their philosophies and my own had much in common. The differences in belief that we might have are always going to be there, but won't ever become an issue. This is partly because of the tolerance I've gained and the lessons I've learned after being a member of the ULC. It wasn't just that I needed a faith to call my own (which I've had, focused mainly on offering Hope). I've also needed a real place to go, where I can pray or worship amongst real people. As of Sunday: Sept. 7th, 2014, I think I've found it. Wish me luck.
  2. I wish to know God, but in a way that I can believe in, and get behind with enthusiasm. A God whose first name isn't Profit. A God that wishes to be worshipped or loved outside, where He/She/It thinks we're going to be happiest and healthiest; surrounded by the sun, and His/Her/Its best works. A God that wants us to both worship and respect the world that He/She/It created for us and the animals. A God wishing that we would care more for His/Her/It's other creatures. A God that can recognize a soul when he creates it for the animals, even if we can't sometimes. A God that does not wish for us to focus all of our love and devotion on Him/Her/It, when so much of it can be offered to our brothers and sisters. A God that wishes for us to adore and care for our bodies, because they were His/Her/Its greatest masterpiece. A God that does not wish for us to continue purposely having babies, when we're unable or unwilling to properly feed, educate, or care for everybody that exists already. A God that mourns every time one of us gets tortured, burned, beheaded, or otherwise harmed during conflicts over Him/Her/It. A God that frowns whenever a child's mind is poisoned by hatred, prejudice, and bigotry. A God that never speaks to us directly, and never performs any actual miracles, because He/She/It knows at least one or one thousand of us might take it the wrong way. A God that has to watch--sadly--as ministers and churches use Him, Her/It to endorse and support their own agenda of hypocrisy. A God that prefers silent worship under our sky, and doesn't have to be reminded of our love each and every Sunday. A God that is pleased whenever two people find one another and fall in love, regardless of gender. A God that touched our hearts and minds, and cared enough about us to give us our Hope. A God that truly exists, because how can he not? I am Scott, and I am One of The Hopeful.