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  1. It would be a boon for all the countries of the world to grow hemp,and turn it into bio diesel,as it makes jobs is renewable energy,and feeds the livestock,a good self help program... They ve been turning burn t deep fry vegetable oil into bio diesel,so just turn oil from hempseed into it the same way...Amen
  2. A best seller is "The Ministers Manual"edited by James W Cox Jossey-Bass Pub ;its a annual has sermons for every week of the year.I own a half dozen from the past yrs,got them on sale sold them.I got a copy of Martin Luthers sermons from christianbooks .com as well .They sell books of sermons ,you may be on a budget,& get the title at a used book store for a better price.They have various lectionaries at Christianbooks .com is a used bookstore resource,SO IS ABESBOOKS,COM use the search engine for resources like books of sermons;check out local libraries and college libraries.I never saw any church handing out copes of sermons at any church I went to in my is a good search engine to ask questions,,,Be Blessed Rev KeenanH Bostic
  3. Im sorry for your loss. From the Book of Common Prayer:Unto Gods gracious mercy & protection We commit them.The Lord Bless & keep them,the Lord make his face to shine upon them,& be gracious unto them The Lord lift up His countenance upon them,& give them peace ,both now & evermore.Amen For as much as it has pleased Almighty God of his great mercy to take unto himself the souls of our dear brothers & sisters here departed,we therefore commit their bodies to the ground/or alternately unto the deep for burial at sea or taking the cremated ashes out to the river,lake ,or sea;;earth to earth,ashes to ashes,dust to dust;in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life,thru our Lord Jesus Christ;who shall change our vile body ,that it may be like unto his glorious body,according to the mighty working,whereby he is able to subdue all things to himself.Amen The Lord Bless & Keep them,& give them eternal life in Heaven Forever more Amen God be with you Rev Keenan H Bostic PS maybe you could get a copy of the book of common Prayer at if you have a credit card or If you dont have a credit card they sell debit cards you can load up to use as a credit card,it helps establish credit history Some big box stores sell loadable credit/debit cards or ,use search engine for one...May the Good Lord Be with you.Amen Also,you may find prayer books at the Public Library,ask the Librarian for hjelp ,maybe zerox prayers you may want ,or copy them by hand...Peace /
  4. So,Im hapy to have the example of Christ ,as a Christian.Thats where the WWJD =what would Jesusdo? comes from.The world could be a much colder place without the Christianity,even though we are no where close to being perfect.We have ideals therefrom Thanks be to God Bless your holiudays Amen Rev Keenan Henry Bostic of the Universal Life Church,non denom Have a Great Holiday Week Everyone/
  5. The Govt needs to make E90 fuel from it,and mandate cars be mfgd to use it ,to :make america great again...
  6. Thanks for the prayers,gay minister.I opted for the EPA/DHA/ and DPA fish oil capsules as a substitute for the statins...the statins I feel killed one of my cousins a few yrs back.Online sources are saying statins are hazardous to your health and fish oil does your body more good ,without the harm.DPA is another omega thats good for the heart derived from menhadden,sardines and mackerel/fatty fish thats found online from ,out of the dakotas,& one of the largest supplement stores...BE Blessed All...
  7. I joined a health revelations newsletter last nov,to get a copy of dr mark stengler s book,natural healing encyclopedia. 702cathedral st,baltamore ,md 21201 they gave me a senior citizens 50% discount.the book was 552 pg encyclopedia trade paperback.,what I was really after. Anyways ,the newsletter over the past 2 weeks stated that about 40 % of doctors,and about 60% of nurses share info on supplements with patients that would help them... Thats as opposed to a nazi police state thats trying to treat health food stotre supplements as outlaw contraband like dangerous drugs like opiates... PS.,The greying of America is with us.All the baby boomers post war are all at retirement age now,the biggest group of senior citizens the country has ever seen///God Bless Us .Every One Amen As if the country didnt have enough people in prison as it was,they are trying to ass more by outlawing health food store supplements.....eeeeck???
  8. i feel like adding a couple nostrums like,sometimes ,mowing the lawn,or having it mowed will make you feel better ,when its gotten unruly;Also the same for running the vacuum;also genl cleaning the living area,& spraying everything down with Lysol type spray,the kind that says kills 99.9% of all germs...I even spray the mattress when I change linens,from time to time... The Life Extension is a non profit.They said apx 90% of the rest of the world use the health food store supplements as mainstream medicine,for a world view thats not taught mainstream in the USA...They are a non profit group with 20 doctors on their advisory board of directors as well as 20 world class scientist I think its important to repeat the co q 10/Qinol is good for the high blood pressure they said I have,as well as the heart troubles I have,& its also good for the kidney protection,too... Milk thisttle extract is a super anti oxidant thats also good for the liver,kidneys,heart and brain,as are other anti oxidants like the quinol/co-q 10/Ifound a super grapeseed extract at a online health food store type outlet, at,good price as well ,just for ed purposes,I don t work for them,dont get paid by them,someone else may benefit from the information,a crackerjack addresss... My 2 yr major was Mental Health Tech ,with a minor of social work,and a Social Work Technician Rating went with the 2 yr para professional degree for life from a Detroit suburban /Oakland Comm College,The latest I heard about my old College was that they sold 400 acres to the Detroit Pistons Basketball team for their new stadium,up there/Oakland University set up the Comm College,so it takes all the credits at Oakland University,same as if I went to Oakland University;The University is part o the fUniversity of Michigan...My dad had a Education major out of Wayne State Uni,part of Michigaan State Uni...He did a specialty of Art for his EducaTION/tEACHERS major
  9. I see some celtic influences in yor sign here.Thanks for all your good sentiments,prayers ,& positve vibrations,on behalf of me & all the rest here that haven t posted.... I thought I d mention Ive bought incense &
  10. i LIVE IN A MAJORITY bAPTIST AREA,DADS FAMILY ARE IN THIS RELIGIOUS GROUP AS WELLI was informed 2 aunts and a uncle died over the past 18 months months.Back when I got divorced in79,my Lawyer said til I got divorced,I needed to publish : I am not responsable for any debts ,public or private,for anyone else other than myself/ This ,is also beinbg done now for any unlicensed roadhouse type plainclothes ops my relatives may have been involsed in as well.They like to put their heat off on handicapped old folks like me ,in the LEO world ,my aunts and uncles were involved with ,they cant stay off my back.

    My brother repaired police elecronic equipment whom also dies over the past couple yrs,& none of my relatives left me anything,& I don t assume any debts either of theirs...Consider this a legal notification as well please,maybe this is where some of my troubles are comi9ng from lately...I put 400 000 of my charity fundraiser 4 leaf clovers with my health & longlife resource pages in my extended families name over the past 30yrs as well as 4 million in charity efforts total,^& it was all out of pocket,none came to me,I figured it was a good thing to do as Im chronically handicapped myself.Amen

  11. Welcome to the forum ,Tina.I ve lived in NC since 1981.My DAD was born & raised here,mom was born in Detroit area... im about 45 miles west of Charlotte in Shelby/charlotte is the biggest city in NC,growing leaps and boundaries...I just live humbly in a singlewide on a acre lot with my cats...Unincorporated county area is where singlewides usually don t violate building codes....I learned about them as affordable housing while in basic army training for the reserves in 1975,They have parks around most military installations,a few platoon members had family in them... The problem with Charlotte and most big cities is affordabble 900 a mo for avg apts rents...I told them they needed to do mfg home/prefab single & doublewide lots in multiple parks in the unincorporated county areas for affordable housing. They tore down the old govt projects to build new ones ,instead of overhauling the old ones and putting new ones somewhere else...
  12. 33 or so years ago,I took the basic wicca correspondence course,before they moved up to Hinton WV.Lots of practical ancillary stuff went with that. they were saying mail 2 pieces on a monday clears a lot of Jinxes,dont mail stuff on Fri &Sat cause thats a jinx too.I think I may have posteed a utility payment,not knowing it was Friday,so I went & posted 2 pieces a couple Mondays later,just to be sure...Based on their knowlege of what the govt is doing to the public like this... Another thing I heard was to take the trash down to the dumpsters,garbage substation, when your feeling jinxed,& don t have regular garbage truck services,likle me in the countryside.... One more nostrum was a tblesn of Dill seed against evil like they use in dill pickle s/ swallowed///Curry powder was said to be good against evil as well a couple nostrums to write down. They like the solomon seal talismans against evil,& find the cross to be protective,too,even tho theyre pagan/So,Im Christian oriented but thankful for their guidance of anything that works....
  13. I ve also been studying more,& found a doctors formula for high blood pressure has Omega 7 in it with gooseberry extract from India,&grapeseed ext, as main parts of his formula with co Q 10 100 mg,& went to ebay & found the omega 7 turned out to be sea buckthorn extract 300mg dose ,& 200 cap bottles for apx 20bucks & think I will try that.The doc wanted 40 bucks a bottle of his compound & I live on a SMALL PENSION CHECK APX 900 A MO/ssec/
  14. Thank you for your well wisshes & prayers.I recently replaced a pane of window glass, that had cracked,& all the moisture from torrential rains had caused it to separate this week.Thats besides a newer window air conditioner I replaced this year,maybe vibrating it loose.Just in case it may contribute to my condition in some strange way.I was looking for anything out of place and saw that ,& corrected it. also took the old air conditioner to the dumpsters,& heard if ya don t ,that that could cause troubles.. Now /Im seeing water leaking into back floor of drivers side of this used car I bought,had been in a wreck & fixed up////Im thinking car port on that...just in case thats contributing...
  15. i FINALLY WENT TO URGENT CARE.WHO SENT ME TO THE EMGCY ROOM WITH BLOOD PRESSURE OVER 200.i FELT LIKE I HAD A STROKE ON MY RIGHT SIDE.IT IS STILL FEELING LIKE A STROKE ON MY RIGHT SIDE,ALMOST A MONTH NOW. tHEY DID A CATSCAN & THE TECHNICIAN SAID WE SEE EVIDENCE OF A OLD STROKE ,BUT NOT ONE NOW.i GET TINGLES FROM RIGHT FOOT TO MY RIGHT ARM & HAND,FEELS LIKE IM LIFTING WEIGHTS IN RIGHT ARM & HAND,SHOLLDER,and aybe kidney... Anyone had anything like that hapen in family,& know anything that helped?I woke up like my arm & hand went to sleep.... I figured Id give it time to right itself,but not much improvement. I ordered a new supplement called nattokinase,its supposed to disslove bloodclots,& Im taking it daily,its available at health food stores,its from Japanese fermented soy.honestly...