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  1. On Alladin s Lamp,Best Wishes For All,Peace on Earth.Good Will To Men...
  2. Merry Cristmas and Happy Holiday season back to you,& everyone else as well... I sent a set of my Health & Long Life Resource pages with a Talisman Set to be mass produced for a Charity Fundraiser,to ABC News Desk in Charlotte NC,as well as to a Retardation State Institution in Michigan,where I worked my way thru my 2nd year of College in 1978/79....In the past ,I also sent it to the Red Cross in Falls Church ,VA where i sent apx 3 1/2 million in 4 ,5,6 Leaf Clovers,with the Health & Longlife resource pages as charity fundraisers over the past 30 yrs...I ended up putting apx 1/2 a million into the Detroit area Institutions,& a 1/2 million into the ABC News /Charlotte ,over the past 30 yrs...Moms last name was Kinshella,a offspring of the Kavanaugh clan near the capitol Dublin Ireland.//.a ethnic thing.
  3. i SEE A COUPLE MORE HAVE PRAYED FOR ME IN THE PAST WHILE WHICH i SAY THANK YOU ,I APRECIATE IT. ive been taking the vitaminD3 at about2000 IU daily ,its a super vitamin.They say it also works as a steroidal type hormone,as well as being a immune system stimulant.Works for depression,and seasonal affective disorder too.I saw a article in a medical e mail I get,saying the vit d3 was good for kidneys and heart too. In the ie,life extension foundation s material,they say if you suspect cancer,take 2000 i u s of D3 per day its a helpful treatment for cancer patients.I get another medical newsletter,The Daily Dispatch,with /dr Marcozzi.Recently he said vitamin D was effective against psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia as well as the depressive mental health issues, besides neuro troubles like multiple sclerosis and arthrititic types of problems/// Old timers like myself could save their own lives by keeping some vitamin D3 around and using it to make it thru a sifficult spell they may be going thru ,lije flu and cold and winter ailments...Elderberry ext is another to get from the health food store to fight viruses like the flu ,deadly for senior citizens ...also the one a day generic vitamin...
  4. Over the past month,I watched a program on the bible code,different from Drosnan,s ,I think it was the History channel .Ive read a couple books on the bible code by Drosnan as a sidebar... Anyways they said North Korea is predicted to be Nuked,what they found in their studies,So ,I thought I d share that and where I saw and heard this.That is all...
  5. Well,Im somewhat physically challenged.So,I started buying the self propelled push mower.When I get at it,I usually go for a half hour to 45 minutes.Then,I will hit the couch for some recline time..Then,I will do the same the next day,for the back yard.If I find myself out of breath and my heart racing,I will turn the mower off,and go limp rag on the ground,laying down for 5 or ten minutes .I also take health food store supplements to help this kind of workout.Heart issues here.Co Q 10,a one a day/1/2 a 25 mg of DHEA or pregnenolone is real helpful for those over 35 yrs old.Thought Id share my experience,and chime in/Be Blessed /Ive got the A fib which makes it 5 or 6 times more likely for strokes or heart attacks,65 these days So,thats my philosophy where and when it needs doing. Religion,Ive been using a Episcopal Book of Common Prayer,modeled after the Ch of Englands book of common prayer,The English modeled their church after the Lutherans saying they believe the same way ,but they are in a different country...
  6. I thought I should also mention the Japanese gave us the Pearl Harbor treatment in response to our embargo on their oil supply/it could be in our future ,but the veggie oil turned into fuel could circumvent the 3rd WW .
  7. I might also mention that China moved on 2 or 3 of our top 10 countries ,that we had long term oil leases on & bought the 30 yr leases on Iraq & Iran s oil fields,compromising our fuel supply.So,putting 10 to 30 per cent bio fuel made from henp ,soy,genl veggie oil would be a wise long term move. As well as modify new cars to be flex fuel vehicles to burn the bio hybrid fuel/Also,it would make jobs here keep that much more cash here too Amen/ Sun zhu s Art of War said to get rid of what causes the war conflict ,so this is part of the solution...
  8. It would be a boon for all the countries of the world to grow hemp,and turn it into bio diesel,as it makes jobs is renewable energy,and feeds the livestock,a good self help program... They ve been turning burn t deep fry vegetable oil into bio diesel,so just turn oil from hempseed into it the same way...Amen
  9. A best seller is "The Ministers Manual"edited by James W Cox Jossey-Bass Pub ;its a annual has sermons for every week of the year.I own a half dozen from the past yrs,got them on sale sold them.I got a copy of Martin Luthers sermons from christianbooks .com as well .They sell books of sermons ,you may be on a budget,& get the title at a used book store for a better price.They have various lectionaries at Christianbooks .com is a used bookstore resource,SO IS ABESBOOKS,COM use the search engine for resources like books of sermons;check out local libraries and college libraries.I never saw any church handing out copes of sermons at any church I went to in my is a good search engine to ask questions,,,Be Blessed Rev KeenanH Bostic
  10. Im sorry for your loss. From the Book of Common Prayer:Unto Gods gracious mercy & protection We commit them.The Lord Bless & keep them,the Lord make his face to shine upon them,& be gracious unto them The Lord lift up His countenance upon them,& give them peace ,both now & evermore.Amen For as much as it has pleased Almighty God of his great mercy to take unto himself the souls of our dear brothers & sisters here departed,we therefore commit their bodies to the ground/or alternately unto the deep for burial at sea or taking the cremated ashes out to the river,lake ,or sea;;earth to earth,ashes to ashes,dust to dust;in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life,thru our Lord Jesus Christ;who shall change our vile body ,that it may be like unto his glorious body,according to the mighty working,whereby he is able to subdue all things to himself.Amen The Lord Bless & Keep them,& give them eternal life in Heaven Forever more Amen God be with you Rev Keenan H Bostic PS maybe you could get a copy of the book of common Prayer at if you have a credit card or If you dont have a credit card they sell debit cards you can load up to use as a credit card,it helps establish credit history Some big box stores sell loadable credit/debit cards or ,use search engine for one...May the Good Lord Be with you.Amen Also,you may find prayer books at the Public Library,ask the Librarian for hjelp ,maybe zerox prayers you may want ,or copy them by hand...Peace /
  11. So,Im hapy to have the example of Christ ,as a Christian.Thats where the WWJD =what would Jesusdo? comes from.The world could be a much colder place without the Christianity,even though we are no where close to being perfect.We have ideals therefrom Thanks be to God Bless your holiudays Amen Rev Keenan Henry Bostic of the Universal Life Church,non denom Have a Great Holiday Week Everyone/
  12. The Govt needs to make E90 fuel from it,and mandate cars be mfgd to use it ,to :make america great again...
  13. Thanks for the prayers,gay minister.I opted for the EPA/DHA/ and DPA fish oil capsules as a substitute for the statins...the statins I feel killed one of my cousins a few yrs back.Online sources are saying statins are hazardous to your health and fish oil does your body more good ,without the harm.DPA is another omega thats good for the heart derived from menhadden,sardines and mackerel/fatty fish thats found online from ,out of the dakotas,& one of the largest supplement stores...BE Blessed All...
  14. I joined a health revelations newsletter last nov,to get a copy of dr mark stengler s book,natural healing encyclopedia. 702cathedral st,baltamore ,md 21201 they gave me a senior citizens 50% discount.the book was 552 pg encyclopedia trade paperback.,what I was really after. Anyways ,the newsletter over the past 2 weeks stated that about 40 % of doctors,and about 60% of nurses share info on supplements with patients that would help them... Thats as opposed to a nazi police state thats trying to treat health food stotre supplements as outlaw contraband like dangerous drugs like opiates... PS.,The greying of America is with us.All the baby boomers post war are all at retirement age now,the biggest group of senior citizens the country has ever seen///God Bless Us .Every One Amen As if the country didnt have enough people in prison as it was,they are trying to ass more by outlawing health food store supplements.....eeeeck???
  15. i feel like adding a couple nostrums like,sometimes ,mowing the lawn,or having it mowed will make you feel better ,when its gotten unruly;Also the same for running the vacuum;also genl cleaning the living area,& spraying everything down with Lysol type spray,the kind that says kills 99.9% of all germs...I even spray the mattress when I change linens,from time to time... The Life Extension is a non profit.They said apx 90% of the rest of the world use the health food store supplements as mainstream medicine,for a world view thats not taught mainstream in the USA...They are a non profit group with 20 doctors on their advisory board of directors as well as 20 world class scientist I think its important to repeat the co q 10/Qinol is good for the high blood pressure they said I have,as well as the heart troubles I have,& its also good for the kidney protection,too... Milk thisttle extract is a super anti oxidant thats also good for the liver,kidneys,heart and brain,as are other anti oxidants like the quinol/co-q 10/Ifound a super grapeseed extract at a online health food store type outlet, at,good price as well ,just for ed purposes,I don t work for them,dont get paid by them,someone else may benefit from the information,a crackerjack addresss... My 2 yr major was Mental Health Tech ,with a minor of social work,and a Social Work Technician Rating went with the 2 yr para professional degree for life from a Detroit suburban /Oakland Comm College,The latest I heard about my old College was that they sold 400 acres to the Detroit Pistons Basketball team for their new stadium,up there/Oakland University set up the Comm College,so it takes all the credits at Oakland University,same as if I went to Oakland University;The University is part o the fUniversity of Michigan...My dad had a Education major out of Wayne State Uni,part of Michigaan State Uni...He did a specialty of Art for his EducaTION/tEACHERS major