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  1. st john of god is a patron saint of thos with cardio/circulatory conditions,From the middle ages,spain/portugal,gotb out of the army,as a mercinary for the pope,started the hospitaler movement.So,hes also a patron saint of medical personnel as well ashospitals and nursing homes,as well as thepoor,sick,old ,and dying... he s the one carrying a sick man above...
  2. the pope of the catholic church declared the yr of st joseph,step daddy to jesus this yr...jesus had a great grand dad named Joachim,his mom:marys DAD,WHO WAS A CABINETMAKER,AND aNN ALSO KNOWN AS HANNAH,was mother mary s mother...grandma to Jesus on his human side of the family...
  3. look up some books at your local library...I saw a couple books ,at, like prayers for deliverance around 10 bucks...The old roman catholic church has such classes and said business was up...use your search engine for addresses of occult supply stores...go to a roman catholic church and get holy water to be stretched outby 2 or three photo enclosed, a occult supply site ...check out .com has stuff like jinx removing oil and soap,and occult bath salts/washes...the has a basic white witchcraft correspondance course,Igrtaduated
  4. Heres a money alter we all may want a copy of in our photos
  5. St Dymphna,patron of Mental health is also a good intercessor for being nervous as in anxiety,stressed out,burned out,depressed?try 3 oz of walnuts to raise Serotonin levels/one of a half doz main neurotransmitters your brain runs on.... in 24 hrs time,2 or more days in a row,it brings levels back up/also for loss of loved ones ,break ups,stressed out,and try to take a one a day type multi vitamin/ without the iron/if you figure you need the iron,try the B12 sublingual as a substitute instead,it builds the blood,like from mail order houses like,Swanson .com , Amazon
  6. There are religious medals one can buy of the holy family,as in the above picture,a 3 for the price of 1 .Joseph is a patron of workers having trouble at work,as well as those looking for a job;Mary is seen in many medals of our lady of succor,our lady of charity,our lady of wise council,a universal mother type,the above patron saint to North and South America continents as well as lots of countries and surrounding territories;Our Lady of Guadalupe ,where she manifested as a Spirit in Mexico...Our Lady of Fatima...Portugal;Our Lady of Lourde;France Our Lady of MT Carmel.The Miraculous Medal of
  7. St Dymphna is patron saint of mental health/ helps with stress,depression ,all mental illness... patron st of mental health establishments/ also for those who work in them.. St John of god,born about 1493 Portugal is patron of hospitals and those who work in them,also the patron saint of the sick and those with heart/cardiovascular conditions,not to be confused with the apostle john.He is patron of burn victims/St Sebastian is patron st t0 atheletes,pe0ple needing t0 be m0re athletic...
  8. St Christopher is the patron Saint of safe travel ;St Raphael is the arch angel of healing and als0 safe travel,and patron saint of the blind St Valentine is feb 14 th guy,also patron saint of friendships
  10. This evening I read that the most popular st medals for males ,!. St Misheal,2.St christopher,3.,St jude,4.St Anthony of padua,5,st Peregrine,6,at gerard,7.,At joseph, 8,st francis of assisi,9st Sebastian patron of athletes,10,st thomas aquinas,11,st florian,12st benedict patron saint of all of Europe continent;13st valentine patron of friendships; 14,st nicholas,15,St patric,16st peter;17st thomas more 18st Maximillian Kolbe patron of families and people with substance abuse issues;19st Camillus,a patron of Drs ,nurses,hospitallers 20,st Thomas the apostle...Top number 1 female
  11. They make and sell religious medals at catholic gift shops ,you have to shop the sales if you are like me, on a limited fixed income, is a site to check out,I ve got some stuff there this yr...You might write down , they have some stuff like st rafael medals on a budget,might save a few bucks if you are in the market...I dont work for them or recieve money... just saying ,it could save a few bucks for oldsters like me on a budgst...and possibly provide some spiritual comfort/