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  1. The above,Virgin Mary,patron Saint of The North & South Americas,and Jesus,patron of Mankind...
  2. St Cajetan is a lesser known Saint , I ran across,you could look up....I believe the article was saying he was called upon to help with obtaining employment,use & type him in...Patron Saint of the Unemployed ,also patron Saint of Argentina,etc Archangel Micheal is the head angel that warred with satan to keep him from throwing out God the father & taking his,a great guardian angel... 3.The State Line sign between North & South Carolina,I live 5 miles north of the State line,49 miles west of Charlotte,also within 5 or so miles to the State line. Some random stock of a church from a photo site online for a archtype ...
  3. I joined the back about 1992 or 93 the 1 st time,& it stands for the Life Extension Foundation ,for under 100 bucks a yrs dues.I ve been a member a few more yrs,but let it mostly lapse.Im on a fixed income.

    They give it back in media that is layman language oriented,concentrating on things you can do for self help programs,mostly using supplements you can pick up from Health Food Store Supplement suppliers from mail order.

    The first yrs protocols book I got was a lot smaller than the current ones and the one I received a few yrs later.

    One mainUniversal theme was that 95% of the rest of the world use over the counter supplements as  mainstream medicine in their pharmacopia..

    Being as this is Church oriented,I thought I d share this ,as in helping others for Urban and Foreign Missionary themes ,as well as those less foetunate economically.

    My Dad grew up on a farm rented/leased from the county where I now live,because his dad lost his less established Country General Store to the Great Depression.However,his Granddad also had a General Store,so they raised meat ,& Butchered it out as a main cash crop,keeping his granddads meat dept stocked,as well as looking for customers hosting events like weddings,funerals ,parties Christmas,Holidays,etc like Church events,reunions 4th of July...My Great Granddad was also a County Mounty ,as well as a GenlStore proprietor.

    My dads other granddad was a baptist Preacher ,his moms father name of Lowry.During the Depression,people would donate food from their farms,instead of cash for the collection plate.So theyd trade and barter som,with the Genl Store to get by in the Great Depression.

    To make a long story short,they got by for the ,ost part on supplements from the General Store for most here as tradition goes,patent medicine from over the counter stuff was the mainstream in the old farming communities.

    So,I put together nostrums in my Health and Longlife Resource pgs ,coupled to 4 Leaf Clovers ,as a Charity Funsraiser over the past 30 yrs,and sent a half million ea to ABC News Charlotte NC,& Institutions around the Detroit MI area as well.

    Mainly,I sent about 4 million in stock to the Red Cross Falls Church VA Gatehouse rd chapter,which is next door to the Arlington Natl Cemetary to be a fundraiser for them.I  also put apx a 1/2 million in to the red cross in my extended familie s name.

    I got a Allied Health Associates in Mental Health /Social Work back in 1989,in the Detroit suburbs.A Social Work Technician rating for Life came with the Associates in Applied Science.Then I moved to Miami,where my dad was on a disability,got a job at the State Hospital,/Then took some Nursing inservice classes,Took the finals and passed with a 93%.They said it was the same test LPNs& RNs have to take to get their licences.I got a Medication Asministration Certificate that was only good for State Govt Facilities...images.jpg.18187f2f0e0bc87e3b52f912d3b8ada3.jpg

  4. you can modify the prayer with inserting god for christ/christian...christians generally see christ as a part /aspect of the Father God,so we see christ as a part of the Trinity,s new aspect of God the Father,as the messiah...I realize this is not so for the mainstream Hebrew faith...
  5. I want to say the Lysol type spray should be kept around ones home ,at least a few cans in times like these.For breathing ,you could spray your pillow and breathe it all nite to help clear things up.Im on a fixed income ,so I get the generic at Walli s,says kills 99,999% of everything,so,spray everywhere as well/ We didnt have antibiotics in the first ww,but Brittish soldiers used garlic extensively ,to pull them thru as a substitute,no fooling. I broke out my copy of the Prescription For Herbal Healing/by Balch.It says the herbs ,Elderberry,eucalyptus,garlic,ginger,lungwort,rosehips.and nettle are some medical herbs for the respiratory tract/Astragalus is a adaptogen for general healing.also good for the heart and immune system... something I came up with is to take the orange peels and dry ,powderize,and sell this by the pound at health food stores for ,say ten bucks a pound tube/jar/,just like psyllium for fiber,but it also has the spectrum of bioflavonoids thats good against the co vid and other viruses besides vitamin c/,instead of becoming animal feed or compost,or garbage...A new industry and jobs too...Rev khbostic be blessed/S
  6. I still missed some typos ,scuse me for all my typos.forever / Back when I first joined the which is the Life Extension Foundation,they stated that 80% of the rest of the Planet use health food store supplements as mainstream medicine/ Colostrum is something found in mothers milk that revs up the immune system in the first couple days of life.They sell colostrum from cows milk /made from their first couple days after birthing calves/boosts immune system/ Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucans is also a immune system stimulant,one of the best.Japanese have reishi,**aki,and maitake mushrooms that boost the immune system these fight viruses/,sold at health food stores in capsules/D3 vitamin is a immune system stimulant .Amen/RevKHBostic
  7. O God,the Creator & preserver of all mankind,we humbly beseech thee for all sorts & conditions of men;that thou wouls be pleased to make thy ways known unto them,thy saving health unto all nations.More especially we pray for thy Holy Church Universal;that et may be so guided & governed by thy good Spirit,that all who profess & call themselves Christians may be led into the way of truth,& hold the faith in unity of spirit ,in the bond of peace,& vin rightousness of life. Finally,,we commend to thy fatherly goodness all those who are in any ways afflicted or distressed, in mind,body,or estate/especially those for whom our prayers are desired; that it may please thee to comfort & relieve them according to their several them patience under their sufferings,& a happy issue out of all their afflictions.And this we beg for Jesus Christ sake.Amen This has to be a Universal Prayer,as in the Universal Life Church/From the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer,70s version.Rev Keenan H Bost P.S.,may it be so for all who need it,including this Co vid plague debacle/ plague... Elderberry extract ,l Cysteine ,n acetyl cysteine ,Vitamin D 3 @2000 I. U. a one a day vitamin ,plenty of vitamin C,Co Q 10 Quinol form @100 mg dose are available from health food store outlets like, etc use search engine for resources Amazon sells sipplements and too Rabbit feet for lucksee pic
  8. Over this past week,an article stated the Honeybees which pollinate everything /Are loving the hemp and its bringing them back ,on the internet/{ just rechecked/ it was on Feb 1, it was on for the story/ The bees population has nosedived on account of the roundup pesticide produced by genetically altered corn that makes its own roundup.So maybe the hemp is turning on their 2ndary immune system to keep them alive.. Back before Hemp was outlawed,the seeds were sqeezed/extrusion process for the 33% oil content and added to cottonseed oil to make oil based paint instead of trying to get the money they get for /cbd oil medicinal prices...I also feel they could make hurricane lamp oil from it as well as cooking oil like soybean deep fry cooking oil.a more realistic price.,next to what .rev khbostic
  9. I saw a article on the charlotte,NC/ ABC news over the past couple weeks .It said a corporation was going to kick in to rebuild a homeless shelter there.The problem is that they always want to tear down the existing places,and put the new one on that ground,instead of building a new one next to it,or on another lot. They do the same thing with the govt housing projects,instead of putting the new ones on a different lot,they tear down the existing units ,instead of overhauling the old ones. I ll venture to say this is the problem nationwide as well... Incidentally,Ive seen where 2 million are now living in weekend and vacation travel trailers as well as housecars ,like Winniibagos as well. My oldere brother bought a schoolbus that was converted into a travel housecar back in the early 70s.They stripped all but 2 seats which was used for a kitchen table booth,place behind the drivers seat. Plywood cabinets were buit in,as well as a toiet/shower,probably gutted out of a ols travel trailer at the junkyard.It had rudimentary electricity for a countertop electric stove and refrigerator,lights & wallplugs.. Thats so it could be hooked up in a campground/vacation trailer park or State/County /National parks.It also has a septic hoolup and kitchen sink.Bedroom with a full bed in the very back.,behind the bathroom. Florida has a vast amount of singlewides and doublewides in 100 to300 unit parks that rent lots with septic ,water and electric,cable hookups,wgile most own and are buying the living units,though they do rent some of them...Pleaae Share My Info on this as a resource.God Bless UsAll ,Amen.Rev KHBostic of the ULCh PS,.I see people badmouth tents ,but thats acceptable for campgrounds on vacation in big parks,isn t it?Thats also what the military puts its men in as well,in the field...
  10. On Alladin s Lamp,Best Wishes For All,Peace on Earth.Good Will To Men...
  11. Merry Cristmas and Happy Holiday season back to you,& everyone else as well... I sent a set of my Health & Long Life Resource pages with a Talisman Set to be mass produced for a Charity Fundraiser,to ABC News Desk in Charlotte NC,as well as to a Retardation State Institution in Michigan,where I worked my way thru my 2nd year of College in 1978/79....In the past ,I also sent it to the Red Cross in Falls Church ,VA where i sent apx 3 1/2 million in 4 ,5,6 Leaf Clovers,with the Health & Longlife resource pages as charity fundraisers over the past 30 yrs...I ended up putting apx 1/2 a million into the Detroit area Institutions,& a 1/2 million into the ABC News /Charlotte ,over the past 30 yrs...Moms last name was Kinshella,a offspring of the Kavanaugh clan near the capitol Dublin Ireland.//.a ethnic thing.
  12. i SEE A COUPLE MORE HAVE PRAYED FOR ME IN THE PAST WHILE WHICH i SAY THANK YOU ,I APRECIATE IT. ive been taking the vitaminD3 at about2000 IU daily ,its a super vitamin.They say it also works as a steroidal type hormone,as well as being a immune system stimulant.Works for depression,and seasonal affective disorder too.I saw a article in a medical e mail I get,saying the vit d3 was good for kidneys and heart too. In the ie,life extension foundation s material,they say if you suspect cancer,take 2000 i u s of D3 per day its a helpful treatment for cancer patients.I get another medical newsletter,The Daily Dispatch,with /dr Marcozzi.Recently he said vitamin D was effective against psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia as well as the depressive mental health issues, besides neuro troubles like multiple sclerosis and arthrititic types of problems/// Old timers like myself could save their own lives by keeping some vitamin D3 around and using it to make it thru a sifficult spell they may be going thru ,lije flu and cold and winter ailments...Elderberry ext is another to get from the health food store to fight viruses like the flu ,deadly for senior citizens ...also the one a day generic vitamin...
  13. Over the past month,I watched a program on the bible code,different from Drosnan,s ,I think it was the History channel .Ive read a couple books on the bible code by Drosnan as a sidebar... Anyways they said North Korea is predicted to be Nuked,what they found in their studies,So ,I thought I d share that and where I saw and heard this.That is all...