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  1. Yesterday,I asked at,what the status was on hemp legalization.They said it passed last Thursday by a wide margin,so though my post was a bit premature,it turned out to be legalized. I live about 5 miles to the S Carolina State line,they have had legal hemp a couple years, as has Virginia on the N Carolina Northern State line...
  2. This just in ,over at,it seems hemp is not fully legalized ,in a article there today.So.may be I was mistaken 7 it only passed the house ,included in the newest farm bill...Still to pass Senate?
  3. Just so you know,FEMA quit handing out Mobile homes a couple yrs back.Weekend campers can be searched for in newspaper classified ads.Sometimes trailer parks have used ones up for sale...someone died,or left it for unpaid lot rent...maybe New Mobile Home Sales lots have or know of some for sale.Someone bought a new one,looking to sell the old one,etc.Online ,I was looking at a few singlewides over the past yr.,use search engines,see Ebay,Amazon. Ive lived in a 12x50 ft for the past 30 yrs.@ yrs ago,I had to replace the furnace,I wanted a electric one.I read articles off the internet,said they try & put one like you had as replacement. So ,I m back on a heating oil furnace,but its more efficient.Cost like 4500 for a 83000 BTU unit,& could have gone to 7 grand if I had not shopped around. Last year I put roll roofing on,with about 35 gal of roofing cement/tar for glue.20 yr limited warranty on roll roofing/It all needs maintaining... California wildfires,record disaster yr last yr,hurricane season at height at the end of this month.I saw a article about Oakland CA saying they were putting mfg singlewides & campers in warehouses,for savings on living expenses. I told the Red Cross they needed to convert shipping containers into singlewides,add electric,plumbing,doors windows,insulation,just like regular singlewides & 2 together for doublewides.ThaT MAKES SOME JOBS...
  4. i need to add,Tarps for covering Semi Trailer loads are sold online/Use search engine like to find them. My valuable piece of intel with thisis,sewing circles could make 40 ft diameter TeePees ,out of tarps used to cover semi trailer loads like for gravel,wind resistant & tough material tarps...Im thinking 2x4 s ,2 nailed together to make them 16 ft long with a small piece of wood a ft long, to join them end to end,covering the joined sections, cold be used when poles cant be found,or sapling s/young trees... To use for the homeless/Im thinking of sending this idea to the Sioux reservation,for another sewing circle idea. Previously,I said sleeping bags would be a step up from blankets.I use sleeping bags for worn out furniture covers,& instead of blankets on my bed,especially in winter.I just got a new 45 degree rated one last month,& have 2 over 2 sofas in my living room,hung over the backs.2 more comforters over the seat areas on the sofas ;works good... I mentioned Las Vegas had habadasheries/ie,clothing stores to get dressed up,around casino areas.& maybe they could make clothes to sell around Indian Casinos/I sent some 4 leaf clovers with my Health & Longlife Resource pages to sell around Indian casinos,& fund sewing machines & a builders co op... I also mentioned German Infantry made sleeping bags with snaps & s;eeves,so they could be worn as coats,when not used as a sleeping bag /as 2 in one survival gear. I also need to repeat that Hemp is a non getting inebriation cousin to marijuana;& medical marijuana is mostly in the west,& NEast,while I live in the bible belted south where the evangelists/baptists, don t have any medical or otherwise pot in the south....
  5. eReally;I was window shopping a tweed winter sportscoat,& it listed the tweed jackets ingredients. is a search engine we all may use to ask anything... On the other comment about hemp oils medicinal properties,I believe it has medicinal contents.It was part of jesus and moses anointing oil & healing oil.People in the desert need oil on skin as it gets dry ,doesn t it. The American Indians believe in putting oil on skin, also animal fat. I read as a kid that Indians would save rancid stinky fat like from a bear on ,as a mosquito repellant in the Everglades Swamps ,too... The the bible mentions sackcloth ...That's made from hemp,& the poor used it to keep from being naked.The Salvation Army was started off the philosophy to feed the poor & clothe the naked.... Matthew25/& Colonel Booth that begged surplus uniforms from the English Royalty to be worked into clothes for the poor,a good place for Ladies Sewing Circles,not just making blankets to sew....
  6. I have been having eye troubles the past few years myself.Last week .a ABC News article said 1/4 to a third of even young people are having eye troubles. I Joined the Alliance for Advanced Health last November.They had a article that said 20 mg Lutein,& 4 mg Zeazanthin are the core formula to feed the macula for eye troubles. They were selling a premium formula big price,so I had to shop around & find a bargain basement price supplement on my SSec Check,thats 1/4 lower than the avg,lucky to have that. Most larger health food stores sell such a formula,which may have other things that help in a nutritional formula,ie,patent formula that may take 10 days to start kicking in.You have to keep taking it,maybe with a one a day type vitamin. They say all the LED s are using blue spectrum light,wich is the hardest on eyes,in flat screens,night time ,& latest tech style lighting including power co street lighting.They need to get the light out of different spectrum light ,other than blue spectrum.The former president bush pushed flat screen tech to save on electric power costs.Our eyes make it too costly in the long run. The rabbits thump their feet for danger to the other rabbits,so this is like their thumping thus.... Be Blessed,Rev KHBostic
  7. St Benedict meaning, 10 commandments,EDC= Every day Carry Items that may make you more prepared...
  8. I figure reading & praying these that follow are like a sermon & devotional.You may find these on ebay & amazon if you look up catholic devotional cards in the search engines there.Be Blessed ,in the name of the Father,Son & Holy Spirit.Amen Rev KHBostic ,non denom of the ULCh.
  9. I slept on this & figured I need to add: The Saints passed on to Glory,& leading church members figure God set them up to help address issues from their Earthly lives.So thats the why they are patrons of the various things listed.... On the Saint Francis,the greyfriars & Friars Minor were from the order of Saint Francis,I thought I need to clarify that. My dad got his Ed major from the Michigan State University,Wayne State U campus,Art specialty back in the early 60s.Some of his classmates took him to their singles group,with the Episcopal Church in the University neighborhood. So he converted to Episcopal.He was raised Baptist,his moms dad was a Baptist minister.His other Granddad was a County deputy with a more established Country general store in a farming community.
  10. Saint Jude has been shortened from Judas,so they Added Thadaus to differentiate him from Judas escariot,the daggar man that gave up Jesus to the High Priests. He is Patron of The Impossible cases ,as well as hopeless cases,as well as difficult circumstances.He was noted as carrying staff weapons & a axe,another of the 12 Apostles. St Andrew was St Peters Brother,& is patron of Fishermen,those that work on the waters like sailors,navy,& Singers;Patron Saint to Russia,Romania,& Scotland. Saint Barbara,like Santa Barbara is patron to Armourers/Smiths;Artillerymen,Architects, Builders,Diseases, Mathmaticians ,Miners,Lightning,Fires,& Explosions. Saint John of God:Patron Saint of Booksellers,Printers,Heart Patients,Hospitals,Nurses,The Sick,& Firefighters. Saint Anne,name of Mary s mom,mother of Jesus Christs mother:Housewives,Women in Labor,Cabinet Makers,& Miners. Saint Martha/Patron ofHousewives,Domestic Workers, Cooks,Servants,& Active Practical Women. St/Therese of Listeux /Little Flower,,Patron of Missionaries,Pilots,florists & Priests Archangel St Raphael is patron of postal workers,Angel of Health,Love,Joy ,& Light St Peregrine is Patron saint to help with cancers,& skin diseases.Known as a wonder worker. Saint Rita patron Saint of Those in need,Impossible causes like Jude,Abuse victims,The Lonely,those with marriage difficulties,,Parents,Widows,those with sickness & or wounds. ArchAngel St Micheal,Patron of Grocers,Police,Army,Paratroopers,Mariners,Doctors,Sickness,& those sufferers. St Luke the Apostle is patron of Artists,painters,brewers,Noteries,Physicians & Surgeons Saint Francis patron of Immigrants,Hospital Administrators ;some say of businessmen because his dad was a rich merchant,& missionaries. The Church of England was from the Friars minor or greyfriars who brought Christianity to England.When the went protestant,they kept the same form of the service that the greyfriars use/Same as the Episcopal form of the service,currently used Saint Rocco,patron saint of Dogs & dog owners;Knee Diseases;surgeons,bachelors, diseased cattle,& against cholera.A note here,cholera is a bacterial infection highly treatable with antibiotics,causes violent vomiting & diarrhea// Below,a talisman of St Micheal
  11. Saint Benedict:Patron of many causes;monks;students,farmers,All Europe,intercession against evil,poison,& ,temptations.You could look him up at which said he s pictured usually with a scroll in his hand... How about he had a sister that was also cannonized in the old church, Saint Scholastica of Nursia,Patron Saint of Schools,Tests,Books,Reading ,Convulsive children/Epileptics;Nuns,Storms & Rain.
  12. Elsewhere in Bible lore ,it says there are seraphim & cherubim ,angels & archangels,dominions.These are all different ranks,like in the army,or military,or Government. In our Govt,we have executive like the president,which is parallel to old kings,which above is God/ God tells the rest of them what to do,which is delegating ,while the angels are the closest to mankinds everyday affairs,is what I believe,& the dim understanding I have ,far from knowing it all. Be Blessed Amen Rev KHBostic
  13. Dan56 you are free to beleive whatever way you wish,but it doesn t mean I m not free to do so as well,Freedom of Religion,& freedom of Speech... September 29 is St Micheal the Archangels feast day.He & his angel army put down Satan & his minions rebellion in the lore of the war in heaven... I read thru Asimov s guide to the Bible.It said there wasn t much more than the 10 commandments ,when the Henrews were neaten in battle,Carried off into captivity. When in Babylon,modern day Iraq/Iran,they studied up on their captives religion that had a lot to do with angels. They figured the angels favor had a lot to do with them losing,& so added a lot into their religion from this experience.For a long time for a lot of Hebrews,they started having closer relations with angels,as God wasn t so interested in the everyday lives of man. The Book of Enoch & angelic language is part of the Masonic tradions,along with Cabala ,some middle eastern stuff,& ancient Greek & Egyptian mysteries.The shriners & Rosecrucians ,are mystery traditions along the same masonic path that go beyond the Regular Freemasons 3rd degree.My dads family has maybe a dozen members,including the female Eastern Star lodge for female masonic types...PS,the G is said to stand for God in the Masons Emblem...
  14. & Prayer to sacred heart,devotional pics of Jesus praying... a good luck horseshoe charm... A Prayer to our Guardian Angel: Angel of God,my guardian dear,To Whom His Love, Commits me here;Ever this day[or night]' Be at my side;To light & Guard, To rule & guide. Amen