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  1. The Book of Common Prayer, Episcopal,has Daily Morning Prayer Service. It starts off with a bit of scripture,then the confession of sin/a General confession as opposed to" I did this n that n the other thing",specifically, as in Catholic Confessionals. The General Confession,& can be used as Last Rites: "Almighty & most merciful Father, we have erred & strayed from thy ways like lost sheep, we have followed too much the devices& desires of our own hearts, we have offended against thy holy laws,we have left undone those things which we ought to have done, & done those things which we ought not to have done, But thou, O Lord,have mercy upon us, spare thou tose who confess their faults, restore thou those who are penitent, according to thy promises declared unto mankind, in Christ Jesus our Lord; & grant ,O most mercifu Father,for his sake, that we may hereafter live a Godly,righteous,& sober life, to the glory of thy holy Name.Amen. Absolution,: The Almighty & merciful Lord grant you absolution & remission of all your sins , true repentance,amendment of life,, & the grace & consolation of his holy spirit.Amen." [you should make a good act of contrition to the best of your ability ,where you may have harmed someone...] This is incorporated into the Episcopal Morning prayer service & can be used as a abreviated form of last rites,as found in the Book of Common Prayer, Seabury pub co.. You can obtain a copy probably,at alibri . com,a a used book store or some other used book store ,great book. 20% of our U.S. population is moving into Social Security age years right now,the greying of America. So,this can be referred to,with so many heading towards the hereafter in the near years to come... As part of Last Rites:.Communion wafer may be given,expedient communion can be administered with just bread or a piece of pastry ,IMO...
  2. Im sorry for your loss,instead of :my condolences.After my dad passed with cancer,I felt a degree of depression=grieving.Its a time ,I believe one must look after themselves,as it causes stress in ones life to a greater or lesser degree. Stress in the medical/mechanical model,generates cortisol,a stress hormone,for fight /flight reactions. This in turn,gobbles up the neuro -transmittors our brains run on,leaving our brains running on empty,which is why we feel bad. Personally,I don t like feeling bad,so I leaned into walnuts and pecans to raise my seratonin levels a few times a week,after my family member passed .I also took a one a day vitamin,which ive been doing some 31 yrs now,on the one a day. I wrote a term paper on transient situational disorders back in college .It had roots in battle fatigue/shell shock.It stated a duty expectant atitude was therapeutic.Extra sleep,even with sedatives,3 square meals a day...being treated at the front .I was plagerized,someone used it as a doctorate paper,not too long after I wrote it,& I happened to see my work in psycology today...believe it or not. So the difference is,this kind of stress can hit us when we lose our loved ones,natural disasters,diagnosis of major diseases...,,thus putting the extra stress on our lives,besides PTSD. Over the ensuing yrs,I incorporated some of what I learned in my health & longlife resource pages,coupled to my 4,5,& 6 leaf clover sales,as a charity fundraiser for the past 30 yrs,mainly for the red cross. In the past 20 yrs,I told the red cross ,they could just hand them out ,where appropriate,& put them on the bill as therapy. I recieved a AASc in Mental Health Technology,with a minor of Soc Work,up in the Detroit Metro area.It was a para professional degree,& I can do therapy under psychologists,& masters of Soc Work,as well as psychiatrists .So its alsogood for pastoral counseling for chuch types like here. Personally ,I have a low regard of prescription anti depressants.I believe the health food store supplements are kinder and gentler to our bodies.Whey Protein powder is one of my go to s for stress ,depression,mental fatigue....It has 4 or 5 amino acis that can be taken separatley for this,,phenylalanine,branch chain aminos,glutamine,gaba,...I like 1/2 a scoop,for dose,the other 1/2 can be taken 4 to 7 hrs later... Saint Johns Wort extract is superior to prescription tricyclic anti depressants,its also called hypericin.In Germany ,they use it as a prescription drug,here ,it a OTC item. The Wanuts and pecans boost ones seratonin level in 24 hrs,same principal as zanax,,zoloft,SSRI s/Prozac,.Avacadoes ,boost seratonin levels too.Turkey boosts the amino acid of tryptophan,but Ive had the Wicca flamin Frost say,it will ruin ones sex drive,Turkey will,&so its best left to those that are sex offenders,& celebates.... There is a supplement called 5HTP,for depression,best taken at bedtime for a good nites rest...anti depressant of the tryptophan type/anti depressant. So,if you don t like one,try the next,is my philosophy;The Whey protein powder tho,has a combination of 4 or 5 in it.The B complex 50 is good for stress as well,with the multi one a day vitamin,& the whey protein smoothie,extra rest,3 squares a day,& try to keep extra stress out of ones life. As for cancer,its said it likes to ffed on sugar,take extra anti oxidants,theres a new immune stimulant called beta1/3,1/6 glucans,which is 50 to200 times stronger than japanese medicinal mushroom s,like maitake,reishi,&**aki. Most remissions occur in those that go on a veggie diet.I like meat,myself.There is TVP ,& one can add it in with meat to stretch the meat out. Extra fber carries some of the extra fats out of our bodies tho So,all that read this,I hope youll take this to heart,& know I m trying to keep some others from some extra hard time,,and allieviate unnecessary suffering.Be good to yourselves,I ll be having Chicken for Thanksgiving,in substitution for turkey,which I try to keep out of my diet.Be good to yourselves & be blessed.RevKHBostic,Soc Work Tech& Mental Health Technician.God bless us all Amen.
  3. My sister Joanne...

    Theres a program her doc can prescribe ,its called hospice.Its when a patient isn t expected to live more than 6 mo,so they quit giving chemo,and treatments.Then the treatment is to make them as comfortable as possible.This is called palliative care ,til they pass on as peacable as possible.They also may want to get their docter to write a do not resusitate order,as a living will kind of thing... under hospice its usual to give painkillers til they pass on,and the insurance will cover costs of it/
  4. My sister Joanne...

    Im sorry for your family troubles may be a place you d want to check out.My dad checked out with cancer in 1987,after struggling with it for about 7 yrs.It started as skin cancer,metastasized thru liver, lung,colon rectum...He d have to use the enema bag and the drug store fleet enemas to have movements,his last 4 or 5 yrs,passed at the age of 62 ,a month before his 63rd yr... I told him to just reload the drug store fleet enemas bottles with warm soapy/handsoap ,to cut expenses and do the same with enema bags. Im a male ,and passed the State of FL nursing exam in Dec of 1980,while working at the S FL State Hospital as a Unit Treatment Rehab Specialist ,with a Assoc in Mental Health,minor of Soc Work.I wasnt into so much health food store stuff back then,but advised him to eat cabbage,& cole crops,and drink cabbage juice made by cutting up cabbage and boiing it.It has a lot of glutamine in it,and before they had tagamet ,they used glutamine for ulcers. pepto bismol /bismuth helps discomfort in belly.He never got cancer treatments,but took motrin for the inflammatory symptoms/like arthritis/ that are about the only warning signs... I told him patients that I had dealt with were bedridden,so they needed enemas to move the bowels,& walking some helps keep our bowels moving /peristalsis. Walking some is good for everything...He had a broken back30 yrs beforehis death,I think that contributed in the long run...They gave him a spinal fusion for it.... What Ive read is that those who get remission go on a mostly vegetarian diet.Mexican food I fed him flour tortillas,no corn ,corn is bad for cancer as is sugar & hi fructose corn,freholes and chili salsa,salad stuff...tomatoes are good against stomach cancer,extra vitamins especially a one a day,extra 2000 IU of vitamin D3,its a immune stimulant...calcium is known to lower risks of stomach cancer ,so snacking on tums is good to canned tomato sauce,water it down by half,throw extra onion,garlic,and italian spice,mabe a couple sweetener packs in for a' virgin mary'.... herbalhealer .com had archives of news stories and one article under breakingnews said 18% of cancer is caused by viruses so anti virals could be helpful especially during flare ups.cats claw herb is anti viral...probiotics could help with cats claw too,like acidophulusat 1 to 5 billion units not the measly 3 or 4 hundred million capsules,swanson vitamins dot com/ is one of the biggest mail order/check em out is a free has free support groups...have a blessed day....PS,my dad showed me a article in theSunday paper,& said I don t need help right now,but towards my end I ll need you to help me.The article was on skin cancer,which said its metastatic if a parent had cancer in90% of cases,& he d had a couple skin cancers froze off at that time.He d also had a lot of exposure to herbicides like roundup,around a nursery/landscape business he worked a few yrs among other things....& may God be with us,everyone.Amen