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    To minister to the sick and those in need.
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  1. God does not need to feed his spirit! He is the almighty, he IS! And yes it is free will when people suffer at the hands of others not the free will of the person suffering but it is certainly the free will of the person causing the pain and suffering they have the will to do it or not they chose to do it their free will and the person suffering also has the free will to lay down and take it or stand up and fight against it.
  2. You have to feed the spirit, God just doesnt protect you especially if you walk a crooked line you have to try and follow in Gods path and in that way he will protect your spirit, things happen on earth that God has no control over, he does not get involved that is why he gave us free will. Thats why people ask how could God let that happen it really isnt God that lets it happen it is man's free will and God does not interfere with our free will.
  3. I want to pray for all those who lost a love one due to the storm and for those who have become homeless. Amen
  4. Well I lost power monda when the storm hit CT but it just came back on at 11:30 am but everything in the refridgerator is spoiled power was out fo too long oh well it could have been worse and it still is for may more folks out there will pray for them all.
  5. I doubt there will be any halloween around here we have alot power outages allready with gust averaging 55 mph but they expect gust upto 90 mph by our next high tide thats when the power will go out in many many more places. I still have power for how long I dont know ill just pray we dont loose it or if we do not for long.
  6. I am here in connecticut and live right near the coast so I would like to say a prayer for all those in hurricane Sandy's path that there won't be any injuries or worst, she is knocking on our door step as I write this but still have power for now.
  7. Welcome to the Forum. We're glad to see you and hope to hear more from you in the future. Blessings of Peace,