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  1. See, I knew I didn't describe what I was attempting properly I wasn't trying to claim superiority of one emotion (pattern of energy) over another. Quite the opposite, I was just stating the possiblitly that our universe may be a particular one of them. And your views of sadness, anger, and despair are false in my mode of thinking... your are judging them when you should be judging their misuse. They are not intrinsicly 'bad' and do serve useful purposes in their proper domains even if we usually are not aware of it. Consider that anger can be justified, and its how you use it and focus it thr
  2. So love is the most powerful force/energy in the universe, and the universe is also the most powerful force in the universe(greatest energy and most complexity), then the universe is just the concept and/or expression of love. And given the fractal nature of everything i can perceive, I almost have to think that our universe IS the concept of love or perhaps the actual expression of it in another universe or the multiverse? And it seems to follow that to mathmatically model the concept of love, you have to model our universe, including alllllll those parts most of us never see. Including not o
  3. This is a great thread you have going here. I've seen most of my favorite authors mentioned and also several books I have on the shelf waiting to be read. I will list a few authors I didn't notice though. Carol Berg's Rai-Kirah trilogy and The Bridge of D'Arnath series, great fantasy. Steve Perry's Matador series, sci-fi with a great martial arts twist. Stephen Gould's novels are excellent. Tim Powers is simply one of the most amazing fantasy writers ever, right up there with Neil Gaiman, imho . The Thieves World Anthologies are enjoyable, at least through the 6th or 7th. Jim Butcher's Dresden