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  1. yes thank you tried all your suggestions the phone number is no person just message service and Kevin who has emailed me said they would send it never got it still just wandering anyone else have this issue? plus another thing. OHIO sent in to get my minister license and showed my minister certificate and they wouldn't give it to me. In part what do we need to show them of our ordained status?
  2. I bought a degree paper for my office and paid over $26 on april 6 2021 and contacted Kevin and you 100 times please give me my degree respond anyone else have trouble with them sending your orders? or store always in maintenance
  3. Okay totally disrespectful taking peoples money and not giving them their order or even responding you are supposed to be kind and spiritual in the divine sense, I want my order asap I bought it april 6 2021 for my training and degree master in divinity NOW