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  1. Welcome to the forum! We're pleased you decided to join our growing family of friends and ever so look forward to getting to know you. We're always happy to have new perspectives that give us all something to ponder. Blessings of Peace, Al

  2. Fraternal Greetings: It is my great honor to be officiating at a same sex couple ceremony soon and I have a question. I appologize if I missed the answer in my search. In the state of Colorado the law provides for a same sex couple to enter into a "civil union" which much like a hetero wedding involves filing a license and obtaining a certificate. The couple I will be officiating for have already been leagaly solomnized by the state and are hiring me to do a ceremony. My question is this: Can I supply them with a ULC "Marriage certificate" or am I limited to another type since the state doesn't oficially recognize same sex marriage. Am I being overly legalistic here? I question because the state of colorado considers it a misdemeanor to improperly "Mary" a couple. Thanks for your help. Respectfully, Rev. E.D. Jones