~ What Happened To The Poets?

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Keep a pet & hear it purrr...

What, you don't find it is sure?

The placement here is what is pure.

So, you don't believe this is the cure?

Go ahead, call it all manure,

Toss it all into the sewer.


I enjoy playing!

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~ Oh, how I enjoy such wit,

You two so obviously fit!

Though it's easy to see

The comradery

I'm sure that you're both in a snit.

{Yes, I'm crappy at limericks. Sorry! :blush: }


watching art crafted

I laugh and am amazed

at poetry made


typed words

on a blank screen

a good one


... OK... An American haiku?

playing with a line

following another form

a classic is made

... OK. Veri & Phil got their kudos. :biggrinthumb: {Especially Veri, that was very Veri! :cool: }

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What happened to the poets?

They were here, and now they're gone

Just like the sun when it wakes up -

For a moment, it is dawn

But then that sun keeps moving

Never staying in one place

It seems to dash across the sky

A solar-heated race

And poets, just like good ol' Sol,

Have need to move along

Before their verse becomes too stale,

A never-ending song

New audience, new thought-process

New places and new things

The poet travels constantly

To find where their heart sings

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