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  1. The Upanishads Translated by Juan Mascaro The Hermetica Translated by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy The Baghavad Gita Translated by Juan Mascaro The Rig Veda: an Anthology of One Hundred and Eight Hymns Translated by Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty and... The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brad Sanderson
  2. My cousin Rich and I created Rictameter in the early 1990's when we frequently engaged in regular poetic contest during the weekly meetings of our self-invented order, The Brotherhood of the Amarantos Mystery, which was inspired by the movie Dead Poet's Society. It's a cyclical form that represents life expanding from birth and returning to the beginning again at death. I enjoy centering the justification so that it makes a diamond or circular shape indicative of this continuity, however, it is not required of the form. The first examples of the rictameter form to be made public were submissions made by myself to the website www.shadowpoetry.com in 2000. These are the first two poems created by Rich and I, so many years ago. Satin As your lips are Pressed to mine as velvet Soft and full with rounded sweetness Two gentle petals alive with the night Misted in the summer beauty Of rains that shower love 'Pon your lips of Satin submitted by Jason D. Wilkins Treasure Placed in your view So close but out of reach Torturous to all your senses For they each cry aloud to possess it Their desires forever unquenched For the things some want most They cannot have Treasure submitted by Richard W. Lunsford, Jr. I'd like to see what everyone else can do with the form. I have truly enjoyed reading so many gifted poets push this form towards perfection over the years. Its acceptance worldwide has been incredibly humbling and awe-inspiring as well.
  3. May the world find peace today. May India be saved from hatred and violence. May we each seek compassion and faith to lend our share of energy to the greater salvation of us all. God Bless. Peace, Love, and Good Journey, Jason
  4. It is very vulnerable to the argument because God cannot be understood simply. In order to understand God, you must first understand yourself and your place in the universe. While knowing God and experiencing God can be quite simple, understanding completely the full extent of a universal consciousness that is both Creator and Creation is a bit much for our limited minds to fathom. As soon as you name and describe an aspect of the whole, you simultaneously create the opposite. That is why it is said; The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal Name. The unnamable is the eternally real. Naming is the origin of all particular things. Free from desire, you realize the mystery. Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations. Yet mystery and manifestations arise from the same source. This source is called darkness. Darkness within darkness. The gateway to all understanding. ~Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching - Stanza 1 Peace, Love, and Good Journey, Brother, Jason
  5. May blessings of abundance, success, and joy pour upon you and your family. May your every undertaking find its path and keep you well.
  6. Mi Hermano, Tu hablas verdad. Gracias por este regalo mas hermoso. The only thing we need do is recognize God in everyone and love one another. Even the tortured soul that commits heinous and vicious crimes is created of God for a purpose. We can not always see the purpose for the failings of our self-centered fears and prejudices, but it is there regardless. "...And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest. of these is love" When we love God truly, we will love each other completely When we love each other completely, we love God fully.
  7. James Oliver Rigney, Jr. October 17, 1948 - September 16, 2007 "May you shelter in the palm of the Creator's hand, and may the last embrace of the mother welcome you home." a.k.a. Robert Jordan a.k.a. The Dragon His wife Harriet has all of his notes on paper or tape. She has edited his novels since the beginning and no one knows his world better than she. She will complete his masterpiece. All the more heartbreaking will be the scene where Rand must die upon the slopes of Mount Doom knowing that it is Harriet who must pen this tragic ending. She will have to say goodbye twice.
  8. Save the Light of Outer Worlds for CHILDREN And The People Less Affected by Youth
  9. Sunshine on my face Broken through the rain at last Brightening my day
  10. I love that line. It's so, "mimsy were the borogoves" Lewis Carroll-ish. strange
  11. We are all as one, God's Grand Imagination. The eternally spiraling motion of evolving wonder.
  12. 666? That's not haiku! That's SATAMETER!!! Sneaky evil number Hiding behind your words Winking at those who see...