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  1. Have now done 2 weddings, a renewal of Vows, and a Baptism.

    1. Rev Joe
    2. Fawzo


      Save something for the rest of us!

  2. Perfomed My first Wedding on 10/03/09!

    1. Kim


      Did My first Baptism, that was way harder than a wedding. I actually really felt like a Minister.

  3. Your ULC Bro's and Sisters ( I hope I can speak for Us all) Pray for You and Your Family
  4. I don't know if I actually fear the 666, but I will tell You this as heavily tattooed as I am I WILL NOT be getting 666 on my forehead or hands!
  5. The unstable trilling of thousands of displaced parakeets who were somehow under the impression that they were the key to the location of the Golden pencil box, when suddenly....
  6. Realized that in Her drug induced haze She and Marty had been Married by a ULC Minister! So they decided to continue the quest for the golden pencil box together, and off they went to.....
  7. The trouble with tribbles was that once their Wool was removed it morphed into a strange substance that was not only repulsive but....
  8. She put Her clothes back on, but she was busy writing a recipe for tribble kabobs with curried worms and suddenly the vision of a Golden pencil box made her.....
  9. An enormous rift in the dimensional time-space continuum appeared to be looming toward Her so she opened her purse and took out her cell phone and called....
  10. Unthinkable horrors that would boggle a sane man's mind, so He looked to the Heavens and said...
  11. He dashed into the nearest phone booth (You ever try to find a phone booth in this day and age?) and tore open this shirt and lept from the booth and into.....
  12. Who are You, Why did You do it? You're old, you're ugly and Your Mom dresses you funny. he was so frightened that he.....
  13. Keeled on the ground and prayed, Dear Father what should I do, I am lost! and The Heavens thundered, the lightning flashed and....
  14. Was widely known to deal in illegal mojo, (but not pencil boxes) crawled out from under a rock and....
  15. He ascended into a higher plane of existence where golden pencil boxes abounded, and peace was everywhere! He was so overwhelmed by it that he.....