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  1. Tiny green-eyed kitten camoflaged by stripes and spots and colors of the elements. Asleep beneath my chin soft purr against my skin. A small ribbon held a bell 'round her neck to warn big crushing feet. I even tied a balloon to her once but it wasn't there for long. Green-eyed cat now naps in the middle of the street. A muck bucket was once her home when we were too long gone. Fearlessly she leapt too far for any kitten. Now running straight up and straight down To heights of fifty feet I swear in cypress trees so tall grown in a swamp where many critters lurk unafraid of snakes an
  2. Nothin' to debate here RevRB. You're awesome.
  3. I think spirituality can only be measured in amounts of freedom.
  4. I can guess who the actors are by the sound of their voice. I'm a movie freak. I also do great impersonations.
  5. Qryos is way to cool that way. She breaks my brain.
  6. That was more like R-etards A-ttempting P-oety.
  7. I follow the thoughts I have that lead me into the freedom from sacrifice and death... because they are good.
  8. But I must stop for now or my poems will get corny for I find no more words to rhyme well with horny This pie is a goody it's making me cry I wish I could share it it's better than woody.