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  1. Legally it was 18 (or 16 at that time - mid 1960's -if you declared yourself emancipated). Emotionally I have to admit I was not equipped to make decisions until about 21 or 22 years of age.
  2. How do I load pics from my PC downloads file or from my Witchschool page?
  3. I don't think there would ever be a universe or state of being where humankind will remain stagnant and satisfied to gaze upon the distant hill without wanting to venture there. This is one of the facets where I differ from mainstream Christianity in thought. An unquenchable hunger to go beyond the normal trodden paths is an indelible part of the human psyche. It is what has produced miraculous discoveries and inventions, and is what has spurred us on to new frontiers. To deny this yearning would be to snuff a very large part of our nature. I don't believe a rational Spiritual Path will seek t
  4. Be yourself...let those worthwhile come to you and please be careful in your selection/choices. I like Freyja Worship/ Gwydion's response...
  5. You as well..Sorry everyone, for having been away from ULC for a while (again). I have been extremely busy with database at work. I hope everyone's holidays are great.
  6. so what's the deal with black kittens and puppies? I know black cats are familiars ( I have 2, but got them from the animal shelter for companionship - last June, by the way- not even a holiday or ritual thought was considered, although I think providence maybe brought them to me. I also got 2 gray cats at the same time. both spayed. Anyway, back top the people get the black cats during Samhain and All hallow's Eve for the novelty and them ditch the cats/dogs or not care for them- is that what you are referring to? I hope not. If it is done, it must be by very crude people, and n
  7. so here we go...let's go to the Walmarts, Targets, etc., buy one each of a Santa, Frosty, Witch, Hobgoblin, Turkey, and Easter Bunny doll or garden statue, etc and superglue them all together then place them at the entrance...or in our front lawns
  8. ...I too tell people I am Wiccan when they ask for the same reasons as you, although I do not really identify completely with Wicca. It is, in my estimation, a substitute for Witchcraft, -in my instance, with origins in Druidry and Celtic traditions of Old England and Scotland. Welcome to ULC...Brightest Blessings
  9. I agree completely...I have 4 cats and a dog. I live in the country, so they have plenty of space to roam and play. I would never dream of giving, and hope no one will give me an, breathing, with needs and a need for love and companionship for Christmas. I spent $280 dollars spaying 2 cats and neutering my dog. The shots cost another $174. I do not begrudge at all the money I spent on them; it is definitely a huge consideration, however. The food costs (dry food for all, + treats) runs around $80 per month, and flea/tick medication and heart worm medication rums another $50 per
  10. back to the "why can't people get along like animals" question...uh maybe we oughta define which animal??? We seem to get along amazingly like wolverines, badgers, Tasmanian Devils - all who hate everything that crosses their path...
  11. Likewise; I am a live and let live person - if we can mutually exist with peace and respect for one another's rights, that is the way I like to live. A friend once put it thus: "I am a mirror - project kindness and you get kindness returned. Project hostility, and that is what you will have returned". The only difference is I will try to avoid fighting or war. It is when it becomes apparent the aggressor will not accept peace that there becomes a problem.
  12. No harm meant...I don't think either party (actually any of the parties of the last 30-40) years could honestly claim to be progressive in outlook.
  13. I will pretend to think that was tongue in cheek (regarding progessivism having the best interests of human existence...
  14. Orcs...childhood...socially crippled adulthood - pretty much the same.
  15. I read the steps AFTER I tried to look up the Ga laws- should have read the steps 1st. Ga specific, Ga Pacific, I dunno. Irony? although I was at one time a Student Minister in the UMC, later a lay minister there, and now an Ordained Minister here at ULC, I would feel like a hypocrite performing Christian functions because I am Wiccan. My best wishes for Guidance and the other Christian ministers- I will help any way I can- been there, done that. Depending upon the state and regulations concerning religious functions, it can be daunting.
  16. I looked up the 1st site you listed, and found it to be immensely helpful. While I couldn't find anything specific in Georgia's laws regarding Churches specifically, The steps as listed in the site would be a line by line check off for setting a Church's bylaws and charter, and submitting to the State. I do not believe any state would be able to deny a Church's charter if the steps are adhered to carefully, insuring they follow each aspect of the state's laws regarding incorporation, taxes, member acceptance and termination, requirements for a physical location, etc.
  17. I am sure the various mentors here can help you: Look up the sections on legal issues - I do not know where you live, and whether your church has a physical location: You can do an online search for the laws in your state. I do not know what your philosophies are, but one hint is to try and garner friendship and trust, rather than be a rebel if you are seeking legal acknowledgement cooperation from the authorities. Myself, I am a rebel, but live close enough to Atlanta where there is so much diversity, any Spiritual path can gain a following. I am sure some of those here at ULC with far great
  18. This link and its contents are so intriguing I saved the webpage to my documents. I definitely gives a good perspective on early religious- or Spiritual though and practices. many thanks...Blessed Be
  19. There is a great juxtaposition with this and another conversation thread. I believe the thread is "is Christianity the only right way?" In it a couple of us have espoused our views that the Creator does just that-create, then does not interfere with the creation. I do believe in Karma, and that what one does is re payed 3 fold. I do not believe it to be just or moral or ethical to stand by and watch or do nothing if one witnesses a murder, rape, etc in progress or imminent. I agree that this life is not meaningless- only a lesson for an afterlife (paraphrasing a reply by Hrodebert's earlier p
  20. no words of wisdom- just congrats! Weddings are of the most special and pleasant ceremonies....Atwater and Murph gave the legal and ceremonial advice, so again, congrats! and good luck...
  21. I like the follow through and perspective you bring to the discussion. It is unfortunate that in general, people think of Europe and Christian church of the day as being the world's center. Many of the advances and discoveries were-before and since- by Arabic, African, and Asian peoples. The perspective opens us to events and cultures far removed from that most studied, and brings a crucial element to the perspective of history. After reading your posts, I explored those cultures and their gifts to mankind more in depth and found the study enlightening and refreshing...isn't sad that people
  22. ...So, the Dark Ages, so to speak- is a matter of perspective: There was certainly a slowing of inventions and discoveries, but by no means was it nil. The 1st mention of a handgun was in the 1400's, glasses for nearsighted people, movable type for printing presses, golf balls, oil painting- to name a few-were all discoveries and inventions of this time. Here is my reference-it is pretty interesting -
  23. It is interesting that the term "Dark Ages was" 1st co-opted by Petrarch, who used it referring to the lack of literary developments (particularly Latin) and the lack of written history and cultural achievements both just before and during his time - 1300's. The Protestants, during the Protestant Reformation, referred to the Dark Ages as a period of Catholic corruption. Expounding on your above observations, it can be argued that inventions and scientific developments are largely due to necessity and response to environmental conditions. IE- heating and warmer clothing, etc. for cold climate
  24. well...I don't know about the picnic part of crucifixion - a movie that burns in my memory is The Christ- which gives a much more disturbing image of crucifixion than the milk toast version we were fed as kids, but I have to say... scaphism...oooppphhh! the rack....unnhhh! Mankind can only be redeemed one by one- and that by himself. It is nice and comforting to think of man's atonement as a group through the actions of Christ, but I don't buy it. To respond to an earlier insertion (from Pater), It was man that began the Dark Ages-largely through the Roman Catholic Church and its suppression
  25. look at he 14th spec from the right, 8th from the bottom-near the saucer shape: I think there is someone over there...