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  1. comment on my own profile? huh?

  2. I have not been active as I had envisioned-I 1st got my ordination while locked up-didn't realize the scope of ULC. But it is a great forum and site to build a ministry upon because of the diversity and recognition of all Spiritual quests. Whether one's ministry is about a physical church, online ministry, or philosophical debate, the tools are here to carry forth: What a great idea!
  3. for some reason couldn't edit "oops" reply the lady had slept 5 hrs, plus the 1.5 hours it took to get her to her town (60 miles from Atlanta-Buckhead area). when she awoke, we had good light hearted conversation, leading to sex: she seemed okay-coherent, interesting conversation. slept again until checkout time-again, laughing, light hearted- I got a request for interview nearly 2 weeks later ( incident was on june 26, interview was july 7). In my naivete I thought there was nothing to be concerned about-police had asked for a "chat to clarify some time she had lost".I plea bargained because:
  4. sorry-when I take offense, I will endeavor to read an earlier post of mine...paraphrasing-"I appreciate not only the obvious support, but also the comments that make me reflect and take stock..."
  5. Gee, you are such a worthwhile, thinking, and observant person! If only we all had your wisdom and compassion-I guess maybe we would be out of the stone age and walking on two legs.
  6. thank you all for your responses-not only those that are supportive outright, but also those that have caused me to back up and take stock. life is an ongoing learning experience, and I am finding the resolve and ambition to actually live instead of exist. the sharing is for many reasons: foremost, I cannot expect you to care or even listen if I am not forthcoming about myself: I chose to post on this website, so only rightly do you expect to know who it is posting. I only looked today in this forum to see the many responses to "forever..." and not just be aware of the personal replies- duh!
  7. especially on this day, may God's peace and strength let us all join spirits to well wish this precious child, that through our combined thoughts and energies, and His strength, all will be well
  8. done, done, & done-thought, energyshot, & prayer
  9. just want to wish all a blessed day-pray for those in harms way, and for those who are undergoing trials and hardships
  10. I appreciate the help and dialog-just weathering the storm until I can regroup: I understand that it is I who has to turn the corner and be patient until it starts coming back together-support group is enlarging, and that is important-and thanks to you and others in this forum and ULC who are supportive, and who honestly tell me your thoughts, whether it is what I want to hear, or whether it is something I have to digest-and that is important, also. taking the journey: hope I can be of service and help others along the way-for that is the essence of a meaningful life-to make a positive impact
  11. pretty much encapsulated the whole ordeal in last nights (actually early this morning's post) there is a lot more to transcripts, of course, but nothing substantative: The lady's family, and friends were there, her mother made court statement, she made statement, etc. I dont have any recriminations to hurl at any of them or anyone else-they didn't ask for situation to develop, nor did lady involved. I can only hope the best for them: if somehow, someday I were to come into a disgustingly large sum of money, I would ananymously pay for all exspenses they incurred resulting from ordeal, includin
  12. I can see why you wonder about my statements, conviction, etc. I was convicted of aggravated assault with intent to rape. I sent robin69 ( I think that is his username) the story, because he asked for the info. you may read the email I sent him, if he doesnt care. basically, I took a lady home from Buckhead ( I was a taxi driver ), she asked me to take her to a motel, after hunting her house 1 and 1/2 hrs, she didnt have id-got room in my name-sleptabout 5 hrs, woke up, she seemed ok, coherent, etc., we had sex, slept until checkout time, I took her home, several days later police asked me to
  13. thanks for the input-the name is ga dept of corr. that is all you have to type in your browser. as in all browser searches, you will have to scroll to ga dept of corr., because only the browser god knows why it lists everything from peanuts to sassafras when you enter the search title. my name is tommy johns-maybe being all out in the open is not a good thing, but then again, how can I expect you to trust me if I try to hide my past? not that I want to carry a flashing neon sign, but I believe honesty is the best policy. I dont watn to alarm nor upset people-just want to show my character by a
  14. 1st, please excuse me while I learn how to use the features,etc. effectively. Have been on probation 4 months after serving 1 year on parole. Fortunately, I have had good people (parole and probation officer) since being released: that's not problem, and believe me, there are some horror stories re ex-cons with terrible people to report to. The problem is, there is no effective support group for parolees: No one wants to hire us. No one wants to include us in social settings. My idea is to find people who either know of or can help start a database of employers, penpals, email f
  15. It has been 14 months since I was released from prison: you can view my data -at- gadept of Maybe being so blunt about my past is not the best manner of business, but it cuts to the chase-those who wish to judge me based on my demeanor and efforts may, while those cannot see beyond the circumstances will not waste either their time nor mine. I am at an impasse: After being released, it took me 3 months to find employment, and that only because it is a company who had previously employed me, and they know my character. The job is 54 miles from my house. Because of the travel time, and