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  1. Yes, because God made and set specific days and He called them as moedim or in english appointed time. So what's the essense of worshipping Him on a Pagan Day if God, Himself, actually set a righ time for His feats. If we will read Exodus 12:24 God said that: " You are to observe it as a law, you and your descendants forever." And in Exodus 12:49 "The same teaching is to apply equally to the citizen and to the foreigner living among you!"
  2. I was once a practitioner of magic and divination.My fascination with the occult and mythology and my love for nature led me to Wicca and Hermetic Kabbalah. But after practicing magic for over 4 years...
  3. For me, mixing Hebrew God's instructions to Pagan customs is a BIG NO, NO. Why dont they just continue to follow the original Feast of the Hebrews? Constantine Romanized Christianity with Paganism and it must never meant to be. In my opinion, the Hebrew God doesnt like to be worship in pagan way . Yet people are celebrating on a wrong date! They are celebrating the Birth and Resuurection of Yeshua on a wrong date so their praise and worsip are still useless... I agree He didnt destroy the old so we are still expected to obey the Torah (Old Law). I do not want to speak against the Torah howe
  4. Yes! The origin of Easter did not begin with Yeshua. There were many celebration like this even before Jesus Christ/ Yeshua was supposedly born. This celebration has its roots in ancient and pagan mystery religions. In other words, Christianity had a pagan origin. And it’s not original at all except for one thing. The ancient pagan people did not think of the story of their dying and resurrecting God to be a real person, but was accepted by them as a myth or symbol. Christianity, however, insisted that Yeshua actually lived as a real and historical person, and Christian theologians took labori
  5. Well according to the article I read way way back, Molech was the first version of modern Santa Claus. It was Canaanite Deity and history says that sacrificed children in ancient times were ritualistically placed on the hands of the idol of Molech same goes in modern times where parents let their children sit on Santa's lap. *Creepy*
  6. Actually as far as I am concerned, Jews have three Harvest Festivals every year namely: Pesach (Harvest of Barley) Shavuot (Harvest of Wheat) Sukkot (Harvest of Fruits) But when it comes to the American's Thanksgiving day, I am aware of the theory that it's origins may go back to the biblical Feast of Tabernacles. But I doubt it because they celebrate it in a non-kosher way. I actually dislike when people proclaim that their BRAND/LABEL of faith is the ONLY ONE that represents the truth! Well, in my opinion, it didn't matter at all what religion/church/sect one follows and what one believes
  7. Well as far as Mayan Propehcy goes, I dont believe on it either but I beleive that there is growing awareness that we all belong to this one planet. If this planetary consciousness accelerates, and the Mayan Prophecies really point towards that direction, then the message of the Mayan calendar is one of hope and a beginning of a new era, as we leave the destructive nature of the past.
  8. Okay this is the complete set of the video: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 Thanks for watching!
  9. Halloween, Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving are just Christian versions of Pagan Samhain, Ishtar, Yule and Mabon. Christianism, even though they bash and criticize the pagan wiccans, also has Pagan practices which really originated from the ancients. Unknown to them, they are also doing what the Wiccans, Druids and Traditional Witches do every year! They only have renewed ones. Now, if you will tell this to some conservative Christian followers they might say,... " Ahaa, oh are you sure? if then.. why dont we know this?" Well, of course, the early Roman Catholic Church did everything in its
  10. Part 2 of the video:
  11. Well, I dont celebrate Christmas because I choose to stay away and not to practice man made rituals and holidays. I do not follow doctrines, dogmas, rules, regulations, rites, commentaries, teachings and studies formed by man . While we cannot deny that "some" of them have amazing information from the ancestors, sages, wise men, Church fathers who were doing their best to try to understand the Truth, it is not the Word of God, I believe; they are merely man's opinions. And God warned us against them!
  12. Welcome to the Forum. We're glad to see you and hope to hear more from you in the future. Blessings of Peace,

  13. Christmas was a Christian holiday originated from a pagan winter festival called Yule or Yuletide. This feast was been initially celebrated by the Early Europeans, though the rituals and practices was later absorbed by Christians. The pagan pratices and symbols include: gift-giving and merrymaking from Roman Saturnalia; Yule logs and feast foods from Germanic and Norse Feasts; and Christmas trees and Santa Claus from Ancient Babylonian Festival. The said holiday was originally celebrated from late December to early January. In 350 A.D., Pope Julius I decreed that from the time forth the Decemb