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  1. Hello! I wrote here a few weeks ago about a wedding I was going to do (which was a wonderful ceremony, I'm very proud.) The day of the wedding, I had somewhat of a calling sensation...that I should be more involved with helping others spiritually and emotionally. It felt like I truly belonged in the process of what I was doing. So I then asked myself, "Whats next? Where do I go now?" I noticed ULC offers courses....I cannot help but be some what skeptical...are these courses worth it? What are their purpose? What can I do with any of these honorary degrees, or certifications that I couldn't already do?
  2. This poll reminds me of a situation I've encountered last week actually My mom and I were at a gas station waiting for our turn and the next attendant (I'm from NJ). Anyways, as we were pulling up a pick up truck with a boat on the back cut in front of us and laughed. My mom honked the horn and said, "Hey! I was next!" What happened next I would of never guessed... He gets out of his truck, over to my moms side, and attempts to open her door. He succeeded once, and reached his hand in, my mom slammed the door on his hand and wound up locking the door.... I am a five foot four (now, a little round in the center due to a poor work schedule and delicious fast food.) however, I am an ex field hockey (semi professional) and lacrosse goalie, so my arms, stature and legs are built so....not to brag but, I can be a bit intimidating (not that I want to be) Anyways, this crazed man, comes around to my side of the car, I got out first (which is stupid in hind sight.) and simply said, "Go back to your car. this is enough." He then comes to reach around me to grab the handle of the passenger side door, which was left unlocked due to my recent departure.... A look of urgency and need to defend my mom came over me, "You need to get back to your car." I don't know if it was the sternness in my voice, or the equally crazed look in my eyes, but he began to back off. I opened the rear passenger side door and slide out a baseball bat, the eerie sound of the metal bat scraping against the concrete was fuel for him, for he attempted to open my moms car door again... I rushed to meet him again on the opposite side of the car holding the bat to my side, and simply said, "You're making a stupid mistake." he saw my white knuckles, and i began to slightly raise the bat he backed away quickly and sped off. I'm not proud of initiating violence but I felt the need because, I felt my mom to be justified. Anyways, point being, if I were alone....I would of never even mentioned about the man cutting in front of me rudely....and in the event I had, I would of never met him face to face. Perhaps, my solo pacifism is due to nerves, or just the inability to fight...even for something that is mine. Sorry it was long!
  3. Oh yes, I've been practicing. I'm also from Burlington Co. Myself!! How neat! Thank you!! I'm very excited!
  4. Thank you Windwalker! It's an honor to be in this position. Dorian: The wedding will be in New Jersey. I'm aware of the laws, I just wanted some tips to maybe get over of jitters, or even just some advice. Thank you Atwater! Yes, the ceremony is in New Jersey. I had already written some sample vows to share with them. But I guess I'm just doubting myself. I asked about the dress code, and was told that it was "Summer Dress/Casual" So I'm guessing a shirt and tie? Again, thank you all, this is really a privilege.
  5. Hello! I'm not sure if this is where this topic goes. If not, I apologize. On the 18th I have my very first wedding for a dear friend's father. I'm not too sure on the details except it is a backyard casual wedding. So, what are some things that I need? How should I dress? (I was thinking a shirt and a tie. since I can't afford the clothing in the ULC store yet.) What information do I need? My mind and heart are both racing! I'm excited but very nervous. However, I cannot help but think that maybe, I was meant to do this. Please! Any advice/information would be fantastic.
  6. We've missed you since your last post! I hope you'll find more topics to be of interest and share some more. Blessings of Peace, "Al"

  7. Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you come aboard. I hope you'll check out all the site has to offer and join in when you can! Blessings of Peace, Al