Hello from a returning old timer

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12 hours ago, LyndaRosencrans said:

Hello and Blessings my brother's and sisters.


I've actually been a ULC ordained minister since 1996 and used to be very active on the forums but could not seem to log into my old account so just created a new one. Instead of trying to write a biography here, I'll just say - got questions? don't be afraid to ask :)



Welcome back.  I'm looking at your name.  Is there a connection to the Rosecrucians?  


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6 hours ago, LyndaRosencrans said:

Because the ULC is accepting of all people and I have quite an eclectic theological belief system.  I guess the best way to describe it would be the parable about the Elephant and the 3 Wise Men


First of all: welcome back!


Second: is that the same parable as the one about the Elephant and the blind men...? 


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8 hours ago, Mikec3174 said:

It’s seems like you are not the only one who is having issues with logging it. I tried to log in with my user name and password also. When I do it tells me my user name or password is incorrect. But when I log in with my mobile phone it works? Just do not understand it! 

Sounds a lot like problems I've had with sites that I've removed cookies from. Cookies are often used for a site to recognize a returning viewer's or user's device. Could be it, but am no techie, so not certain.

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