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  1. Please, no offense was meant! I was explaining to a response to my post why I was inquiring about whether (and I am aware you had not yet responded to that question). I tend to fish for limits and definitions because there are often hidden assertions (of which i provided an example which was no way meant to be an accusation to you in particular). This is a big topic, studied both within and without of christian theology (mediaeval monks had some way groovy arguments on time travel btw). And the statement regarding my position on free will was more about my own experiences trying to talk on this matter. Again I apologize
  2. Oh, and in response to the presupposition of a something or someone who "knows" the outcome, either a higher being exists in some way, OR the problem does not exist except if time travel is invented, thereby inventing the problem. Weak monotheism (the universe has a will and wants...) winds up accidentally presupposed in many of these arguments, which was why i tried to pry as to if there were some kind of determiner in the original argument
  3. In the time travel experiment, I don't think knowing the outcome is proof of predestination. I have to assume a lot of things (1. A grand unified theory that allows time travel 2. That the past is measurably exactly the same in absolutely all possible ways including quantum level and 3. Travel to the past itself does not introduce any change whatsoever). So simply watching a rerun of the past, whether live or on tape is basically the same thing. Even in this case, the ability to change anything at all in the past (including ambient room temperature) is not addressed, which I think is fundamental to the overall question. I am on team free will myself. If for no other reason than because people who think we don't have free will argue with me as if I had the agency and free will to change my mind 😀
  4. This is for clarification before I respond to other parts of the topic (a topic I LOVE and does not yet have a 100% answer for one side or another imo), but doesn't pre-determined/pre-destined sort of presuppose a determiner? And if there is not, on what basis is a lack of free will argued (the time travel is discussed next). P.S. I am currently at work and cannot view the YouTube videos though I can guess their general content and will likely add to responses after viewing
  5. I've read that article too. The idea of gatekeepers is relevant in many religions but particularly newer and/or less mainstream religions. Paganism seems to have grown up enough o have these kind of franchise wars so in a way, mazel tov! Here in the southern bible belt gatekeeping is an issue too, about who is Saved enough to tell the rest what to do (short version, there are like 2 dozen splinter groups who split over the issue) I remember here in the ULC 15-odd years ago there was a movement by a small group who, after gaining their free ordination wanted to turn around and gatekeep, adding all kinds of restrictions and hoops to new members thereby making their ordination more respectable. It seems to be a pitfall that people who leave some kind of orthodoxy subconsciously bring with them, to redefine a new orthodoxy to defend. It gets more...unsavory when consciously done just to defend one's perceived power. Just my 2 cents
  6. This thread is 7 pages...which part? Lol-ing, but also kinda seriously wondering
  7. How sad after rejoining the Witch's Voice this summer to find they closed at the beginning of this year. I met the woman who performed my wedding there. Problem is, I don't see much of a replacement for all they did-- the articles, the how-tos, and especially the networking. Is there any place like that for networking and meeting? Because I've looked and I can't find it. Witchvox, you will be missed
  8. Welcome back! Seems to be lots of people coming back (myself included). So, why the ULC?
  9. So, what's been happening with the various sites? I see there was a bit of a merger in the stores of here and the seminary, and hq still seems...where it's been do while.
  10. Hello all! Glad to see new faces here along with those who are still posting. It is comforting to know that in my absence the ULC continues in its work and its communities. Although I am not always officially "ministering" I am always on and always teaching. My life takes its twists and turns, and I go along with it. I am in a position to once again begin some kind of formal ministry in VA so I drift back to my ULC roots. And then it makes me think... What about the Universal Life Church today? What is its place? I have been ordained ULC for almost 20 years now and in that time it has changed more than a little. To me it represents the cutting edge of religious freedom (here in the USA anyway) that any man or woman can be ordained, with no one else standing between them and their G-d(s)(ess)(es) or lack thereof. What does the ULC mean to the rest of you? Lots for an introduction I know, so feel free to change where this is posted if deemed in the wrong place I won't get mad. My return to the ULC makes me curious though. It is late, so while I mean what I say it may not be the eloquent-est. Peace and such, Nick
  11. Hello Tina! I lived in NC 4-5 years back, north of Charlotte. Beautiful country there, but kind of sucky for allergy sufferers. Like, I never had an issue with allergies until I lived there. Pollen everywhere! My info is a few years old, but anything I can do to help just let me know. Nick