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On the top right of the forum where your username is, the pulldown menu gives an option to go to your Profile. --> If you go to edit your profile, you will see new "poll questions" available to fill out, and there is an opportunity to upload a cover image.


Why fill out the profile questions?


The new questions in the profile are relatively "simple things in life" that give a glimpse of what you find meaningful, shared within a limit of 140 characters. If you find that answering any of the items prompts you to write or start a topic, even better!


And here is the purpose and reason for this: On a site where discussions about personal beliefs and experiences are taking place, the information available to fill out on your profile offers us all a few things: an opportunity, a reminder / perspective that any person we are communicating with is a human being regardless of any opinion or any attitude we may have about them, or what anyone believes or how anyone behaves.


When moderators and admins have to handle reports and issues, we look at someone's profile. The person reported, and the person doing the reporting.  All hoping for some insight! It is so important for us on the staff to remember we are dealing with a person first, and then we can address behavior. This information is very helpful for those reasons.


But even more so, in general for all of us, just that simple info gives a little bit more insight and sense of connection with the people we are spending our days (years!) with. I am sure the same thing goes for anyone who sees someone new, or a member who is posting alot, or posting "interesting" things...we get curious! We look at profiles! We might even respond differently by being given perspective from what we see in a profile.


Most all questions are optional, so it is a matter of comfort level to opt-in to answer the questions. We hope that you do! :in_love(1):


From the Forum Staff Link can check out my profile, Brother Kevin's profile and Senior Lightworker Lucas profile and our cover photos. (I still need to update mine. Pardon the blurry grass.) The info on those accounts are all filled in. (I think!)


~ For the MBTI question, there is an interesting and fun site to take the quiz at located here. To begin to take the actual quiz the link is located on the top left of the screen. And if you don't subscribe to MBTI that's 100% fine. We on staff who have our MBTI filled out feel our results are accurate. It's all about your comfort level and maybe some discovery...


Note: With the updated changes if your listed interests went over 140 characters you will have to shrink it down. Regarding cover photos, guidelines will be added soon. In the meantime, please consider alignment with the church doctrine when choosing to upload your photo. - Do that which is right. - This is a public forum with no age restrictions required for access.


Questions and comments are welcome, and especially when you get yours filled out and a cover image uploaded please post a reply, because I love reading profiles. lol. :twohearts: Have fun!




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Aww! Hugs! :kiss:


I am having trouble believing you are introverted! It's close! ^_^


I was telling a friend who took the test recently and was also about 50/50 there's a word called Ambivert to go with Introvert/Extrovert and when I've mentioned it, nobody seems to know what it means!

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