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  2. Well, I took the test, and filled out my profile. My results are attached.
  3. Do only that which is right

  4. Why did I become ordained? I first heard about the ULC when I was homeless, back when it was 'fashionable' in the very late '60s and very early '70s. Remember "Steal This Book"? I'm no longer homeless, and I'm now married (to a real saint!), and a father and grandfather. I never stopped thinking about the church, and my place in the universe. Now that I am jobless, I've had more time to think. I've become more political, and wanted to be more spiritual. I became ordained on Feb. 5th this year. I was Catholic, and my maternal grandfather converted from Judaism. I became disillusioned with the Catholic Church, partly because of all their problems with pedophilia, etc. The main problem I have with Christianity is that. I have a problem with any oppressive behavior, actually. This partly explains why I am becoming more political, and why I am seeking spiritual guidance. I believe the Church's doctrine is inline with my personal beliefs, as it should be. "Do only that which is right" is more than a doctrine, it's a way of life. I hope to be helpful, to grow, and to shed light in the darkness. Help me to be.