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There are quite a few still here. I check in quite often and peruse via "Unread Content" selection on the forum page. I'll usually have it set for new content within last 24 hours or within last week, depending on my anticipation on time away due to other influences.

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The thing to remember about the ULC is that there are no membership standards, so a cross-section of ULC ministers is not going to be very different than any random selection of people. You might like a few a whole lot, most will probably make no real impression on you, and a few will definitely rub you the wrong way. It is going to sometimes be tempting to throw the baby out with the bathwater by avoiding everyone to avoid the few.

Personally, I think patience and tolerance are virtues worth nurturing in myself, so I put effort into trying to give others the benefit of the doubt when they might mean no harm- or to forgive them when they are clearly just being mean. In both the digital and non-digital world, that has led to friendships with people who had been downright hostile to me when we first met.... Your results will vary.

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It's what the forum gets for over-moderating. I've stopped posting long ago until today. The forum was then very active. I guess the moderators themselves were more interested in creating a ghost town than a lively forum. Normally it's the controversies that create lively discussions. Reduce participants to just giving curtsies and the result is this. Oh well....:mellow: 

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