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The time has come for the biggest wedding of my life, tomorrow, Sunday Feb. 1, 2015 at 4:00. Y'all are invited! wink1.gif

I am officiating the ceremony of my daughter's wedding in the Bay Area city of San Lorenzo.

In all the other official duties I've overseen, this one is the most difficult so far...I'm not sure who is more or my little Pump-ka-nut, who turns 30 in April.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let y'all know as that is part of my scattered brained shenanigans as of late, getting everything ready and polished. My goodness, I'm even going to be all gussied up in a monkey suit, spit shined sandals and all. lol.gif (It's not even spring yet and I gotta take a bath and declaw m'sef)...tellin' ya it be a terrible thang these youngin's pull on us! shades2.gif

Any and all prayers and/or good energy works are greatly appreciated!

Blessings Be,

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Thanks for the support Folks and yes, everything went far batter than expected without a rehearsal or a whole lot of involvement from the Mom and Dad. I did have one person question my credentials as a ULC Officiant, but oh well..."Who are you again?"

My Sara Nicole (Kjono) Schroeder and husband Michael Schroeder and they are in Las Vegas as I type this celebrating their nuptials!


Blessings of Peace,

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Sara and Michael just left a bit ago and are "adjusting" to their first week of marriage. Honeymooned in Las Vegas and evidently several "secrets" were indeed left in Vegas! :rofl:

It is a strange things knowing my little girl is now the responsibility of another man and, well, ya know, things do change. They seem to be very happy and after 8 years of dating, a year engaged...they do seem very happy! Is good to see!

Blessings Be and thx for the prayers,


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