Yeeehaaa! For Once Some Good News!

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I can't believe this past year and a half, almost two has flown by so quickly!

I didn't want to post earlier results only to have them come back later as negative but Kay just return from the doc's and it's conclusive for the third time in the past 7 months....her breast cancer is maintaining full remission!

We'll know for 100% positive certainty in June, when she has her next check up on the one year anniversary of remission date but I just couldn't hold back with the excitement of good news!

Thank you to everyone who offered their prayers and well wishes what seems like an eternity ago and yesterday all at the same time. We really do appreciate everyone who has kept her in their thoughts and prayers.

Blessings Be,

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Thank you so very much... everyone! Kay is actually sitting next to me as I answer so I literally mean "we" when I say:

Yes!, we do indeed believe in the power of prayer, meditation and focused energies. We think this is why things turned around so quickly besides getting an early diagnosis. The doc mentioned just a few months ago (last visit) that he didn't want to get expectations up, but her progress was quicker remission than what normal treatment usually produced by a good 6-12 months.

Kay has also gone to our community "Hands On Healing" sessions started by one the retirees and reiki practitioners. We're fortunate to have such support services available right here in our neighborhood at the Hobby House. The 1-2 hour sessions (depending on how many showed up) would start with pool, (weather permitting) hot tub, exercises and discussion then end with each person standing in the "Healing Circle" while everyone else did a laying of hands.

Funny how the doc will cite "remarkable, unexpected, quick progression" in his reports but was hesitant to mention the reiki works as "that is not proven science"!! Bless him anyway! We're certain it was a combo of it all!

We went for a long drive yesterday, first in a long time and just soaked up some sun, drove about 60 miles of the 49er hiway up in the foothills and checked out many fabulous views of the valley from the many turn outs along the back exhausted, yet refreshed in many ways and slept throughout the night for the first time in many months.

Now, getting back to Maui is priority numero uno!

Blessings of Peace and again, thank you each and everyone for your support, thoughts, prayers, energies and all that other "unproven science" stuff! ;)

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