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Hi All,

My name is Maureen Thomson and I run a wedding officiating business serving California, Colorado and Oregon.

I'm looking for officiants to contract with in the following areas:

Colorado - Vail, Breckenridge, Winter Park, Grand Lake, Aspen and the Western Slope (Glenwood Springs or Grand Junction)

Oregon - Oregon coast, Portland, Salem/Eugene

California - Monterey and Big Sur

All of our officiants are contractors--not employees. We provide training and handle all client contracts, money, marketing, etc. Please visit our website at and poke around. If you think you'd be a good fit,, then post here or message me.


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So you walk into the club, for a headhunting mission, and then, not knowing anyone in the room presume to set the terms on which we can speak? Pushy. Tacky.

Here's a nifty thought... why don't you actually get to know some of the members before you go trolling for recruits for your enterprise.

You might actually have better results making contacts if you talk to people instead of posting want ads on a forum.

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A preist, a rabbi and a minister walk in to a bar...

and the bartender says, what is this, some kind of joke?

While I appreciate all this jocularity, I really am seriously looking for officiants to serve in the above areas, so if we could limit this to those kinds of replies, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

sorry, thats just how they are on here.

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while I don't condone BrDevons response ( I think it was harsher than appropriate for a new member who seemed to genuinely present an opportunity for some who might be interested) I think he has a point. This is a community, with its own cultural mores. I would encourage you, if you have not already left, to continue to follow, and participate in the topic, understanding that some who are here may take umbrage of your approach. There are a lot of people here, many of whom don't ever post at all, but only lurk, and some of whom may still be interested in your offer, and might meet your expectations. We are a complex, diversified group.

Still, I think his point is valid, in that it would have been much classier, in my opinion, if you had entered, engaged the community, learned a bit about us, made relationships, and then sought out potential contractors. Yes, a more cumbersome process, but it would make me feel less like a human resource you were looking to harvest, and more like a peer with whom you might be interested in collaborating. Directing me to your site to learn more about you is simple, but lacks any personal commitment to the relationship. Now, I am not your target audience - I neither live in your area, nor like to do weddings - but one or the other of those factors probably applies to most here.

At any rate, I wish you luck.

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