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  1. I also have a kimball le petit grand piano. my mother left it to me but I never even touched it. which is weird, since this and my organ are both keyboard instruments
  2. weird. when I get hammered I cant play the dulcimer at all
  3. when I eat at taco bell after like 1 hour I can sound like Louis Armstrong, but stinkier
  4. this is a copy of the huge book a priest has on the altar. also the last version per rome. about 60 megs zipped. around 1600 pages.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s617_HpFGbo
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GODXHZFT3rs#t=79
  7. Puddles has a good voice too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBmCJEehYtU
  8. yep, to change it would be against Kirbys ideals, we wouldn't be ULC anymore, we would be something else. that's why you see offshoot ULC churches thou, they can operate as they wish. like that "catholic" group in FL, he said Kirby was a devil worshiper. which is weird cause I read most of Kirbys books and never seen that. I became catholic because they was no catholic ULC branch, yet. well, none with verifiable apostolic succession.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O163ogpOI7k
  10. and us catholic also use chasubles. different colors for different times. plus we can wear rose and black for funerals I would hate to work naked. sir, are you cold or just happy to see us.
  11. unless you take lessons you just have to play with it until you get good. that's what I did. just sat alone in my house playing with my organ. p.s. it helps to watch videos and listen to music.
  12. ha, he said futhark. be careful, he will rune you.
  13. Heck, as a ulc ambassador, I have a legal paper saying I can speak in the churches name. with no expiration date, signed by Kirby and lida and the church seal on it. I could ordain in the churches name and send my ordination records to be added to the main database. and I could use ULC in my churches name too. they even used to let us buy blank certificates once. until too many were issuing them without registering them with hq. so I could run my church as Kirby wanted or run my own version as a catholic group or whatever. I don't like that one group in florida, he once told me Kirby was a devil worshiper and that's what he said in his books. which is not true. his views did sort of get metaphysical thou.
  14. I was ordained into the priesthood with a RC deacon. he felt the roman church was not doing it's job anymore and wanted to become independent.
  15. like archie bunker used to say, I love young kippers
  16. the RC church is just a old boys club. tons of catholic groups told the roman popes where to stick it. look at the english church, women can be priests and all can live like normal people. not to be confused with the gut feeling you get with cheep food.
  17. just buy the old ULC books. some are still around. one good one on history was the BufferZone. and all of Kirbys old books. I think HQ still has copys. and maybe most of the ULC offshoot churches too.
  18. i bought books of marian rites years ago incase someone wanted the marion mass.
  19. I was ordained with ULC in 1984 and was a trained church ambassador. then I found a catholic path.