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Now this I find funny! Personally i think walmart was created by evil and ITS number is 666. I would have been even worse and invited her to the goat sacrifice we were having later!! Wonder what color she would have turned then?? lol!!!!! :rolleyes:

I think she would have screamed and ran to the nearest church to pray for your soul. lol. I have no doubt she did pray for my soul the following sunday. :rolleyes:

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I used to complain about the smiley face stickers, that walmart employees put on children at the entrance, as being the mark of the beast.

Dont you know thats how walmart recruits its demons.... I mean associates??? And to think, I spent 5 years of my life in that place ....... i think i need to light a candle and pray for my own soul!!!!

And my best friend is still there busting the shoplifters, maybe i should pray for her too.

Honeslty, I dont believe in the christian devil any longer so the 666 means little to me. I really like friday the 13th though, as all kinds of wierd things seem to happen on those days so I usually think well of them and have fun.

My lucky number would be 5 though I think in numerolgy I am a 7 so I like that one too.

I am not an overly superstitios person either so i dont put a whole lot into numbers.

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"The number 666 contains hidden within it exalted and lofty messianic potential." - Rabbi Elijah ben Shlomo Zalman

"The names of Nero, Napoleon, W.E. Gladstone, and any person that you may happen to dislike, add up to this number. In reality it is the final extension of the number 6, both because 6 × 111 (ALPh =111=1)=6 and because the Sun, whose greatest number it is, is 6." - Frater Perdurabo

"Six is the number of the central sephira of the qabalistic Tree of Life, Tiphereth, which is attributed to the Sun, while 666 is the qabalistic number of it's Kamea or magic square. The numbers six hundred, sixty, and six are the equivalent, by qabalistic Aiq Bekir, of the spiritual phallus, the letter Vau imaged forth by The Hierophant of the Tarot." - Oliver St. John & Sophie di Jorio


666 is only as evil as the Sun. :devil:

For more information: The Number 666 - God's Secret Place

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666, the incomplete number as I remember it.

Mind, body, soul, all in 7, so a complete mind, body and soul will be signed as 777 (Complete and in Balance). The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, again 777 (Complete and in Balance). The 666 is a sign of incompleteness and not balanced.

It could have been 222, where 333 is the complete number. In the end it's just a digit indicating incompleteness. For those who are interested in numbers etc. Have a look at the Book of Hermes. Think the author was Eliphas Levi, but could just as well have been Franz Bardon or even Lob-sang Rampa. Very interesting stuff if it's your cup of tea

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To find your 'Lucky Number', check out this sight and enter your birth date. It gave me a lot more information than I needed to know. Astrological Calculator

Nothing lucky about 666, it is the Mark of the Beast. Or for those who saw the film 'The Omen', it was Damien's number smile.gif

Thanks was dead on about my lucky number being 2 but was dead wrong about my Chinese Zoological sign.

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