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  1. nar luvs heres wot im workin on you mite like it 1 B cool if u do tho!
  2. Lookin forword to my Smart Clergy Collar bein released soon

  3. No luv thas (i am) from wigan int lancashire/manchester

  4. Please see this page
  5. hopeful on most fronts !

  6. sorry thought you wanted me 4 summut !
  7. Chris - jon corbert - northern exposure! tv serise it why i got a comp!
  8. tar luv would have said so on day but time n date line against it ere
  9. Illst join simplicitys-brother and say whitch lifetime
  10. you could try this as well go out to your grassed area crouch down and put your hand flat on it and say:- I feel the earth its circle turning I feel no wants and have/feel no yearnings
  11. Cool Murph Can't wait to see your ground breaking animated embelum b it a flag or a shield luv
  12. I think on an Honorary basis but not sure
  13. nar mdtaylor luv I just went n signed up 4 it didnt tick T&C box nor were there a link nd all went well i think so just a slight bak office tickle nd it be reet (gud) nd the link to T&C i ave sum if you want i can send em to you luv ave fun LN