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  1. Little Nicky

    Welcome To The New Crafts Area !

    nar luvs heres wot im workin on you mite like it 1 B cool if u do tho!
  2. Lookin forword to my Smart Clergy Collar bein released soon

  3. thank you all have good day lisabellini

  4. thank you nicky my friends trader135

  5. No luv thas (i am) from wigan int lancashire/manchester

  6. Hello Nick,

    I just read one of your posts...

    Was it perchance written "in Cockney"?

  7. Little Nicky

    Uk Law

    Please see this page
  8. hopeful on most fronts !

  9. Little Nicky


    sorry thought you wanted me 4 summut !
  10. Chris - jon corbert - northern exposure! tv serise it why i got a comp!
  11. Little Nicky

    May 17th Birthdays

    tar luv would have said so on day but time n date line against it ere
  12. Little Nicky

    The Distant Past

    Illst join simplicitys-brother and say whitch lifetime
  13. Little Nicky

    Pagan Daily Devotion

    you could try this as well go out to your grassed area crouch down and put your hand flat on it and say:- I feel the earth its circle turning I feel no wants and have/feel no yearnings
  14. Little Nicky

    A New Saint

    Cool Murph Can't wait to see your ground breaking animated embelum b it a flag or a shield luv
  15. Little Nicky

    Open Question About Clothing

    casual BLACK