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    666, the incomplete number as I remember it. Mind, body, soul, all in 7, so a complete mind, body and soul will be signed as 777 (Complete and in Balance). The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, again 777 (Complete and in Balance). The 666 is a sign of incompleteness and not balanced. It could have been 222, where 333 is the complete number. In the end it's just a digit indicating incompleteness. For those who are interested in numbers etc. Have a look at the Book of Hermes. Think the author was Eliphas Levi, but could just as well have been Franz Bardon or even Lob-sang Rampa. Very interesting stuff if it's your cup of tea
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    Cancer Treatment Of A Good Friend Of Mine

    I have lit a candle on your site. Than you.
  3. A very good friend of mine, Ray Johnson, will be going for his first Chemo and radiation therapy today. I ask you too keep him and his family in your mind when doing your prayers or lighting your candles.
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    Marriages Outside Usa

    Thank you for the reply. I will just for interest sake post the procedures on this forum.
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    Marriages Outside Usa

    Just as a matter of interest. I am in Southern Africa, and is a Minister for the ULC. If I should perform a Civil Union Marriage here in South Africa, would it be seen as legal, or do I need to go via our South African Home Affairs department and register as a ULC minister with them before I can do Civil Unions? Is there anyone out there that can give me more information with regards to this?