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  1. Oh, good stuff. Next time I am home in the US I shall have to try that. See, that's what I'm talkin, about. An idea and advice on how to go about it. Much appreciated. Oh god no. Donations will be uberminimal. Mostly by me, and three or four other individuals, on a small scale. Essentially, I want to be able to buy holy books (for dissemination), pamphlets, know, stuff like that, and be able to write these things off on my taxes. Nothing huge, and certainly not paying myself a wage from it (I mean, 90% of any monies will be coming from me, right? Wouldn't do me much good to pay myself a salary from my already-taxed secular wages) This seems the most feasible way to go about such a thing, especially as the state of Michigan (my legal residence) requires only one incorparator for a NPO. ...incidentally, if there is a better way to do that that I have overlooked, please do share. I'm not trying to scam anything, just to make it more economically feasible to do what I do anyway. Well thanks.
  2. Thanks! I'm proud of it. See that's my main change info is easy to find, but I don't want to legally change my name, as this ministry will not be anything CLOSE to supporting me full-time, thus the need to continue to use my secular name in daily life. If there's no solution to this, I mean, I can survive. I just thought that if there was a solution, this would be the ideal place to look for it. - Reverend Smeg the Kilted Episkopos, Flying Squirrels on Fire Cabal Hail Eris! ---------------- The noise in my head is: Pigface - Bring Unto Me
  3. So, about to file my articles of incorporation as a nonprofit with the state of Michigan, with plans to apply for tax-exempt & charitable status. That's all well and good, god knows there's plenty of help to be had there online...but I have a question that I've been able to find next to nothing on... I know I can open a bank account, etc, in the name of my newly created church. Thing is, Discordiansism is one of the many religions big on religious names (what, you thought John Paul was the son of Mr & Mrs "the Sixth?). Is there any way to register my holy name as some sort of legal alias? Or is there some solution to this dilemma that I'm overlooking? - Reverend Smeg the Kilted Episkopos, Flying Squirrels on Fire Cabal Hail Eris!