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  1. As long as you perform the wedding under the authority of the ULC in modesto, I can write you a letter. I am not sure how it will work if you perform it under the auspices of your own church, because technically, I am not a part of that church. See the difference? thank you to all for responding! yes, that is the problem. that very few are part of my church and a letter from a ULC member may not be enough. thank you for your offer to write a letter. i may be contacting you one day soon...
  2. hello! i have been asked by my friends to officiate their wedding this june in wisconsin. i am a resident of illinois. reading the wisconsin legislature is making me think this may not be possible: i have created my own church. there is one other clergy member, he lives in seattle. according to the link, i need a letter from a wisconsin resident who is a member of my clergy. would receiving a letter from a fellow ULC member be sufficient? thank you!