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    Reverend Aaron J. Bendavid
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    Auburn, California

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    Wildlife, The Environment, I am legally blind and I have an interest in the problems of the disabled.
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    cats, dogs, chickens
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    Being alive.
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    Never give up, always fight to the end.
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    Druid (Ovate)

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    Wildlife Biologist, Television News Cameraman, now retired.

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  1. Thank you. Please feel free to critique my work. I appreciate your input. Blessed Be.
  2. Thank you. I am just following the instructions in the lesson which states to post on the ULC Seminary Discussion Forum Page which I got to through their website. I appreciate your comment and if I am wrong I apologize.
  3. Good Morning, I have been sending my assignments to the help desk but I'm not sure if that is correct. Which topic should I use to send them. I also completed my master of Spiritual Leadership course and submitted my two final essays but have heard nothing. I just want to make sure that you received the info. Thank you and blessed be. Rev. Aaron