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    Pastoral Thanatologist/Funeral Officiant

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    The Best Bible for Minister's 

    Thomas Nelson KJV Minister Bible.  It has Weddings,Funerals,ordination of Ministers and Deacons,Lords Supper,Baby Dedication,Baptisms,House Blessings and more.

    Every minister needs one.

  2. A pastoral thanatologist is one who is very knowledgeable in the area of death and dying, specifically with a focus on working with dying clients and their spiritual, sometimes social needs, and works with clients and families experiencing normal & typical grief reactions. A pastoral thanatologist specifically works with the dying, while a grief counselor more often works with families/loved ones of the dying patient or the patient who is deceased.
  3. Hi there,I am a New Member here. I am a ULC Pastoral Thanatologist. I serve the Central Kansas Region, work as a Volunteer Hospice Chaplain and conduct Funerals in Central Kansas.