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  1. if there was any way for me to restore it, or for Kevin to restore it, please believe that we would do so. Kevin worked for a long time today to get us what we have.
  2. Kevin stated that he needed to use the backup from 3/14 to get past all of the problems. Unfortunately, anything since then is lost. It's a bad deal all the way around.
  3. or if you want to keep our records updated, too, since a lot of people actually get ordained here...
  4. We forward record changes to Modesto.
  5. yes. I am a ruthless dictator. ask anyone here.
  6. I met her, I got her autograph, and she's a very very sweet person. That's why the smilies
  8. Oh yeah. I forgot to post here. I'm now at 154 days. 5 months and 4 days without a smoke 2314 cigarettes that I DIDN'T smoke. $757 saved. Next month, I will be half way to the "Heart Disease death risk reduced to half." So..after a year, my risk of heart disease is half that of a non smoker. and I'm at 8.45% for "risk of developing lung cancer at same level as a non-smoker" which is, I guess is 15 got a ways to go there. Check this out.
  9. So I was working tonight, and our Weather Channel TV had a commercial on about Anne Rice's new book, "The Wolf Gift." I hadn't been payin much attention to her work since her last Vamipire novel, so I wasn't aware that she went back to the supernatural. I pulled up her website ( and went to read the preview on Amazon. I looked at her "tour" page and she's gonna be in town Wednesday, about 5 miles from where I work, doing a signing! How awesome! I'm all excited, and I make mention of this to one of my coworkers. "Anne Rice is gonna be here next week signing her new book!" "Who the heck is that?" she asks me. "I'm sorry, we're no longer allowed to be friends."
  10. yup. 17th Infantry. I was in 1st battalion when I was up in AK.
  12. A few days ago, I passed the 4 month mark of quitting smoking. Again, I will be the first to admit that some days it's really, REALLY tempting to go out and buy "just one pack" or even "just one quick cigar." But I know that if I do, it'll be down hill from there. I'm a third of the way to the "Heart disease death risk reduced to half." I gather I'll acheive that once I'm quit smokin for a year. the last achievement "Risk of developing lung cancer at same level as a non-smoker"....yeah, that's at 6.93%. that'll be a while. But it's good, you know? I've saved $621. I have NOT smoked 1900 cigarettes, based on my avg daily use.
  13. This forum holds several posts that deal with questions we see in our support center on a daily basis. We have decided to put this forum in place to help answer some of the more commonly asked questions. While we welcome you asking questions here, please do NOT request your ordination date, or post any personal information, in this forum. This forum IS PUBLIC and if you provide your personal information, it WILL be seen by everyone! Protect your privacy, please! This area of the forum is specially designed for questions regarding the store, and the Universal Life Church. For questions about the the ULCOnline forum, please visit here:
  14. With the exception of shirts, you may return any non-personalized item within 30 days, in new condition, for a full refund. Shirts may not be returned for refund or credit. They are sized accurately, so please check your measurements before ordering if there is any doubt. Items which are personalized or used, and shipping charges, are not refundable. We will replace any item which is defective. If the fault was ours, we will replace it without charge. If it was due to an error on your end (typo, etc.), we must ask that you pay for shipping and handling for the replacement.
  15. ULC ministers are ministers everywhere in the world, and authorized by the church to perform all functions of the clergy worldwide. However, religious freedom exists to varying degrees in the world, and there are some places in the world, such as some Muslim countries, where even simple preaching can land you in jail! In the U.K., a ULC minister can officiate the rites and ceremonies of the church, but marriages will not be recognized by the government at this time. For more information and to communicate with other ULC ministers in the UK, I would suggest that you contact the ULC in the United Kingdom.
  16. In most cases, the reason that a previously created listing is no longer appearing in the directory is that the listing is either newly created or has been recently edited. Please be aware that whenever you create a new listing or modify and existing listing in our directory, the listing will not show up until we have a chance to review it. Usually, this delay is less than 24 hours, although depending on available staff and other priorities, it may take longer on occasion. Although this extra step adds to our workload, we feel that it is important. Without such a review, the directory could become infected with spam or ugly postings that would diminish the credibility of legitimate users who wish to be listed with other real ministers, and not amidst ads for mortgages (or worse!).If you have not recently added your listing or made changes to it, and if you are sure that you previously created a listing here, it is unlikely, but possible, that your listing was deleted. This has on rare occasions occurred as a result of a server problem or corruption of the database. If that is the case, you may simply add your listing again, as a new listing. Please remember that your directory listing has nothing to do with your ordination record. You are not automatically added to the directory when you become ordained, as the vast majority of ministers prefer not to be publicly listed. Also, when you update your directory listing information, it does not update your ordination record (and vice versa). If you have not taken the step to intentionally create a directory listing, your information will not appear here.
  17. We cannot provide you with specific tax advice, for which you should check with a tax professional. The purchase of ULC products and supplies can be deducted against income generated from your work as a minister. If you are employed, you will deduct such purchases as employee business expenses, or request reimbursement from your employer. There are limitations to how much you can deduct for employee business expense, check with your tax preparer. If your work as a minister is self-employment (wedding ministry, for example) you would deduct such expenses on Schedule C (report of profit or loss). Purchases are not considered charitable contributions. Free will donations made to the church, where you don't receive anything in return, are deductible as contributions, subject to any limitations imposed by the IRS on contributions. An excellent source of current information, tips, and guidelines for filing taxes as a minister, we highly recommend the Zondervan Tax Guide for Ministers. This excellent book is written by a leading CPA, who is a specialist in this field of taxes. It is updated annually, and is highly useful for those who earn income as ministers. If you do not earn income as a minister, you cannot deduct the cost of supplies and materials, and you don't need this book.
  18. Ordained ULC ministers are authorized and encouraged to ordain others. In fact, it is one of the most important of the rites and duties you can perform as a minister. The ordination "ceremony" itself, if any, is entirely up to you. There doesn't have to be one at all, or you can have it as formal as you like. Before the ordination is legal, it must be recorded in the church records, so don't neglect this important detail. The easiest way to submit the new minister's name and info is via the web site: By submitting the ordination online, you are able to get a confirmation that the ordination has indeed been received, reviewed and recorded. You are not authorized to ordain others without their permission, however. So make sure each person specifically intends to be ordained.
  19. Be careful. Over the past several years, several scam web sites have popped up on the Internet, which have nothing to do with the real Universal Life Church. They use misleading statements or outright deception to claim they are affiliated with, or even that they are the Universal Life Church. The real Universal Life Church remains in Modesto, California, where it was founded by Kirby Hensley in 1959. His son, Andre Hensley, is the current president. The official web site for Universal Life Church online, authorized by the Modesto church since 1997, is You should bookmark this site, because if you Google search, you will likely be misdirected to any one of several bogus and fraudulent sites. You can use Google Street View to see what is located at the address of church headquarters in Modesto:,-121.002752,192.37h,-13.11p,0.96z You can use the same tool to look up the address of any other organizations and see what exists there. One reason this is a concern, apart from the ethics of deceptively using someone else's name and reputation for their own benefits, is that at least one of these sites, which enjoys a very high ranking in Google, has been found to be doing things that make their entire process of ordination invalid. Including forging documents with the signature of officials in Modesto, and backdating documents based on whatever date is supplied to them by ministers who say they were ordained by Modesto. Outside of Modesto Headquarters, no one has access to the confidential church records, and these other groups do not report their ordinations to Modesto for recording there, so it is not possible for them to issue valid documents attesting to ordination with the genuine Universal Life Church or for dates that precede a person's ordination with their (confusingly similarly named) church. So any such documents are invalid and subject to legal challenge. If you are unsure whether you were ordained with the genuine church in Modesto, simply submit an ordination application at If a duplicate ordination is found for you, the new application will be merged to your existing record. It may not pop up immediately, because the ordinations are done manually, involving cross-checking by at least two different people. But that way you can be sure you are legally and ethically ordained! Edit: Original Post was edited 02/17/2017 by Brother Kevin to update information and remove a dead link.
  20. Please note that the directory ( is NOT a comprehensive listing of ministers, but instead is an "opt in" feature of the site where you may list yourself if you so choose. Only those who have asked to be listed publicly are included here. If you are looking for your name and don't find it, you may click here for additional information: