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  1. ~ Truckers! ... Though I don't know as how I'd announce in a truck-stop " Hey! Let's all Thank Hermes!" { Most may perhaps mishear & misunderstand } Jonathan, quite a few prophets are, well, like dead? Ya have to wait & wonder & dread... We do have recent 'prophets' tho' { Yeah, the yr 2000 folk are still licking that one } The 12-20-2012 appears to be a bit of a 'thang' ... Don't know as it's a phrophesized thing, some seem to think it's attached to Biblical Prophesy. But then again, some folk seem able to attach anything to whatever... Humans are creative I do believe the orig
  2. ~ Seriously, don't most prophets predict about events quite in the future? & vaguely... like a palm reader only evidently with MUCH more charisma. So if they're wrong, who's gonna give 'em grief? The future they predict eventually may have similarities to some phrases & war's a no-brainer .
  3. ~ Yep. Nostradamus probably was one of the early crafters of Walmart... {Explains a lot actually }
  4. ~ I enjoy Starz late-night movies... Watched 'Trollhunter' last night. Norewegen { sub-titles done very well! } & it was really very good Seriously, get a chance, give it a glance . ... Troll-hunting for the government is a sucky job ...
  5. "Long awaited, he will never come in Europe He will appear in Asia One issued from the Great Hermes He will be over all the kings of the East." ~ Wasn't Hermes the winged messenger? Maybe he was just talking about the fast shipping of goods to your nearest Walmart
  6. ~ Hi Veri! Well, if everyone wants to get technical, plants couldn't see any animal, human or other as pacifist... C'mon folks, a pacifist is simply someone that seeks a non-violent solution to a problem before just yellin' "Cowabunga! Nuke 'em!" A peaceful protest like a sit-in instead of a riot. A candle-lit vigil rather than a shouting match. Pacifism doesn't necessarily mean cowardice or running away, it means striving to find a peaceful resolution to a difficulty, one not involving violence.
  7. ~ Sounrad, I understand completely... I will be quiet & sweet & actually run&hide when it's myself, but another person in danger? I jump in too. { Not proud of it. It just needed.} Nice to meet you!
  8. ~ Oh, congratulations! It's a celebration, so happy is the mood & you seem right there already You're going to do wonderfully, Really! As the experienced folk said, practice practice practice & may everyone have a joyous day!
  9. ~ A six-foot tall white rabbit came hopping through Walmart a few months ago... { "And how are you Mr. Wilson?" } Yes, other people saw it also! I was not the only pookah viewer. It's a college town, who knows I don't know, it just feels wrong to place any metal in a tree.
  10. ~ Yes Dan... it seems you may have mis-understood that a 'pacifist' is someone that runs away from any type of confrontation. Conflict happens in everyone's lives. Pacifists strive to keep such conflict peaceful, trying to find a path that does not escalate into violence. Being a pacifist does not involve running away when acts of violence occur, nor does it mean hiding under the table... { well, unless it's my mother! } It means violence is a last resort when other means are not effective. The use of effective self-defense for one's self & others is always acceptable if necessary. Becaus
  11. ~ Sorry tree, you're nailed now! ... put in it's place. Dammm trolls! The trees hammered like that? Just not right.
  12. ~ Let us start discussing books, OK? Anyone got the good stuff?
  13. ~ I voted 'pacifist' because I don't think violence solves much besides the instant gratification of unleashing wrath. As a pacifist I don't believe in 'enduring' evil Dan. Neither am I 'content' to allow evil and injustice thrive. I do believe that there are personal paths each chooses to take and that I prefer a path that does not involve violence in thought or deed. { Not always successful, but as you said, we're all sinners. }
  14. ~ Hrodebert, the site's not available. Does say ya can 'click & fix' tho'. Thought you should know
  15. ~ Since I don't know any Latin at all, perhaps you wisenheimers could translate, oh... "Don't feed the hunting scavengers" or "Ignore the offal depositors" ... Seem like things Romans would have said at one time or many...
  16. ~ Personally, I believe that abusing language is the only way to make it squeal right No, not correct. Because if you're doing it correctly it would squeal left ... OK... All that would be left would be the squeal from the center & that would be where I was right & ... Ahhh... Desipere in loco!
  17. ~ I am grateful to Be. ... So I have the opportunity to be grateful for every day & hug & tree & sandwich & smile & beer & breeze & laugh & butterfly & thought-filled breath....
  18. ~ I'm freakin'. We were just talking about the KFC in Santa Clarita, So Cal. It was sooo filled with dead pigeons & rats & ick they had to TEAR THE BUILDING DOWN & build another KFC... Yep. I'm thinkin' perhaps maybe the corporate environment is perhaps a bit slack in quality standards that should be in place?
  19. ~ Oooh! I've enjoyed this ** Thank you all Perhaps Rev. Rainbow? { just in the joking manner the rest are played... } Christianity: Be good or Daddy's gonna ** Just mucking in the ** doncha know...
  20. ~ Thank you Rattlesnake I relate to that line strongly { It's often my job } ~ Yo Happy, we'll just keep dancing & let those that gloom await their doom & we shall remain to play
  21. ~ Depends I would guess on the condition of the nostril & what ya caught there... Could be muskrat love if ya got seriously funky on a Saturday night
  22. ~ Murph... You are cared for by many! Stay strong for yourself & your children. Don't worry about a few cigarettes if they help you through this! You now know you can quit. You already did it. You can again. Right now you need to focus on more important stuff. :friends:
  23. ~ What ? Just crock pot thoughts...
  24. ~ Pegs is/was a member here & wrote this... " Whatch your thoughts, they are words Choose your words, they are actions Understand actions, thay are habits Study habits, they are character Develop character, it is destiny"
  25. ~ As myself, I do respect all beliefs as true & important to each that holds them. I respect their faith & hope that it gives them strength & comfort. I don't think I've been intolerent. Been impatient with some perhaps because "Jesus was blonde of course! I've seen His picture!" kinda was annoying... Whether someone believes this or that, fine. I can be intolerent of someone's behaviour if it infringes upon other's.