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  1. I see that many like Rumi`s words Thank you from my heart! --so I shall post my most favourite one that rules my life--the minute I heard it , I made it my own According to Rumi--the time one has connection to God is between 3 - 4 am, that is when one can hear God`s voice in one`s soul within the stillness. That is when one is the most receptive to one`s "higher self "-or God voice. That is when we are most creative, most receptive and most connected. He says if you wake at that time do not go back to sleep but search within your soul for whatever you may question. Seek for answers from spirit, for you will receive the answer-all you need is to ask. “The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you Don't go back to sleep! You must ask for what you really want. Don't go back to sleep! People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch, The door is round and open Don't go back to sleep!” Rumi blessings, love and light, Suzanne
  2. Have you been ever regressed? Any stories of past lives? Can you remember or think you remember anything? Please tell. I will tell mine, as I have some. No, I was not the Queen of Sheeba But I believe as I have a few proofs, not much, but very relevant. Maybe I am wrong and it is a coincidence that I call proof--however I do not believe in coincidences! I do not believe that others can tell you anything, only we alone can, when we connect --and do know, that our "higher self" knows all if we ask the question. Thus, I do not believe in psychics telling strangers things--only myself. True--some, like Rev`d Rattlesnakes wife may have the gift, but that is very few and rare. But as he pointed out she is often right --the Romany have the genes or whatever it maybe. My sister is half Romany , and she has it too. But seeing, feeling and knowing has more to do with the personal aspects of self and close loved ones--where there is a spiritual connection to one an other--not strangers, unless there is a soul connection like"twin souls or soul mates". blessings and love, Suzanne
  3. All who know me know I love Rumi above all poets-- Define and narrow me, you starve yourself of yourself. Nail me down in a box of cold words, that box is your coffin. I do not know who I am. I am in astounded lucid confusion. I am not a Christian, I am not a Jew, I am not a Zoroastrian, And I am not even a Muslim. I do not belong to the land, or to any known or unknown sea. Nature cannot own or claim me, nor can heaven, Nor can India, China, Bulgaria, My birthplace is placelessness, My sign to have and give no sign. You say you see my mouth, ears, eyes, nose – they are not mine. I am the life of life. I am that cat, this stone, no one. I have thrown duality away like an old dishrag, I see and know all times and worlds, As one, one, always one. So what do I have to do to get you to admit who is speaking? Admit it and change everything! This is your own voice echoing off the walls of God. – Rumi, Admit it and Change Everything (1207 - 1273) blessings and love, Suzanne
  4. Be like a river in generosity and giving help. Be like a sun in tenderness and pity. Be like night when covering other's faults. Be like a dead when furious and angry. Be like earth in modesty and humbleness. Be like a sea in tolerance. Be as you are or as you look like. Rumi blessings and love, Suzanne
  5. Thank you Scott and Rev` rattlesnake!--appreciated, God bless. love and light to you, Suzanne
  6. Well., the truth of the matter of life is that it is fluid. It's like Sinatra`s song"Cycles"--I'm not exactly happy with this philosophy as I hate change.This what probably prompted my post. I think , or hope everything is to be forever--well as far as possible, especially when it comes to human connections. But as the Chinese say "nothing is permanent but change" sadly. Though I am often told -and as Crzyme pointed out it is good and the natural progression of life. But it is hard, especially for likes like me.--and for Kay and yourself. When we lose people that we loved, or they no longer love us or things we used to do we are no longer able to do is a tough situation. The thing stare us in the face telling us that we are not as we used to be and nothing will ever be the same. That sucks big time to borrow a teenage term to date--but it does. Here is some hope for all of us--my mom and I were involved in an accident 2 years past August--she broke 2 vertebra and was in a metal cast for over 3 months. Prior to the accident at age 83 she started painting--she always has been an artistic person. She did stain glass, embroidery and such things--never ever painted before. Mind you she has good genes, she looks much younger than she is and has always followed a very healthy lifestyle, She has no medical problems apart from a little blood pressure--she looks great as you will see in her picture. A long story short--she picked up the brush 4 years ago and has never put it down since--she has at least 200 oil paintings to date--tomorrow she is opening a major exhibition here in Toronto in one of the most re-known international galleries, with an opening party on Thursday So--Kay, Al there is major hope for all of us if we find our mission which is why we are here and it can be evident even at age 83 she was 87 past June. It is all in the mind!--think it and it will be so! --"change the way you look at things, the things you look at change", great philosophy of Wayne Dyer. Here is my mom`s website, please have a look--hope you like it! http://rohninspiration.weebly.com/ also under- Katalin Rohn http://www.artiststo...stsToronto.html blessings and love, Suzanne
  7. Prayers kept up most definitely! love, Suzanne
  8. Truly Scott there is nothing to apologize for--I honestly from my heart appreciate your insights. It is by seeing different views that we may have a glimpse of `our truth`--Yes--there is a `Universal truth` but I doubt that we know what that is--we simply call it `GOD the GODS` and numerous variations of that one that we really have no human concept of--as I have said we are all `right` providing we truly believe it. No right/wrong way--that is why no matter what no one can be offended by any one belief or concept. We each have our compass or guide of various sorts--it all depends on the depth of that faith. There are many roads to Rome. "Call me what you will, imagine me as you want, describe me as you like, imagine me as NOTHING or as ALL--however no human concept can comprehend who or what I AM--so call me what you will all is just as acceptable"--the Blessed Mother. I would tend to think that this above statement dosn`t simply apply to the names of `GOD/GODS` but to all the other manifestations and actions of `GOD/GODS`. blessings and light, Suzanne
  9. Thank you Hermano for these beautiful descriptions of God. I hope you don`t mind , I would also like to add a few more descriptions of God as told by God ; "You are a fractal of all that is seen, that is unseen. I AM Supreme energy, I want to be called- Universal Mind. The unimaginable, the Unfathomable, the Incomprehensible, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent, the Awesome, the Ever Expanding, the ever Contracting. All that is IS , form and all that is formless, I am the ALL, I am the None, Of worlds and universes beyond imagining of the human mind. I am All that there is. Mother/Father/God/Goddess/Source, the Eternal-- and all and everything in between. I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who know this perfectly engage in my devotional service and worship with all their hearts. I Am, Universal Mind. Listen to me well- I AM --God " blessings and love, Suzanne
  10. I often feel trapped when my faith is shaken, though some will say religion is different,but for me it is the same thing--I agree with you Hermano. For me it is the path to the heart of "God", and the spirit gets tested far often. When this happens, I lose all sense of direction momentarily. blessings, Suzanne
  11. Why is it that man`s spirit is so fickle? In my life there has been so many people, events, stuff "in-and-out" of my life. Things I held more dear than life itself, swore eternal faithfulness, would have given my life for the person or situation, yet looking back I have totally lost them. Held ideas, philosophies and beliefs with passion, yet now I feel guilty, sad and remorse of whom I have become and all that I forgotten. Made promises I coudn`t keep, betrayed loved and followed mirages. Was it all for nothing? Yes, the wise will say--you have learnt from it, the intelligent will say, you have become more wise, the spiritual will say, it is the path to the Divine, the religious will say, it is the price of sin, the atheist will say, it is life, the ignorant will say, it was of no use and I say --as in the movie "what is it all about Alfie"--for no matter from whichever way I look at it on some days it makes absolutely no sense at all. blessings, Suzanne
  12. A few years ago there was a contest on CNN or some other station as to what man`s greatest achievement was--# l spot was taken by the `Printing press`-though today I would say the computers/internet, but this could not have come about without the infant`printing`-- but the what about the wheel, fire? I suppose it keeps evolving. When I think of things like this--, it makes me wonder how very little we really know about anything within creation--so the greatest achievement of man has to be recognition of spirit/of soul--self awareness and the connection to something bigger than ourselves peace, Suzanne
  13. Dear Lord God, Divine Physician and Healer of the sick, we turn to you for help in this time of illness-- for the healing of Freyra. O dearest comforter of the troubled, alleviate her worry and sorrow with your gentle love, and grant her the grace and strength to accept this burden and giude her towards health. Dear God, we place all in your hands. We place Freyra under your care and humbly ask that you restore your servant Freyra to health again. Above all, grant her the grace to acknowledge your will and know that whatever you do, you do is for the love of her. And please heal her--we ask you in humility and gratitude. May Your will be done. Amen. blessings, love and light, Suzanne
  14. I do believe there is a tremendous difference between the German Armin Meiwes in 2006, who put an ad up on the internet looking for apparent volunteers-- killing and eating the willing victim--is murder. Though the mindset of the victim is highly questionable also. Meiwes, had a `fetish for human flesh` and did it for sexual pleasure--however it is apparent even to a non-professional that he is not normal. How could he? When even at trial he had admitted that he still had fantasies about devouring the flesh of people.So, I do think that anyone doing that has serious mental aberrations and is not normal. The ritualistic consumption of human remains-- like in some parts of Borneo that still exist today, for me that is acceptable. The amounts are very little--though it is not a great feast, but even if it were I could accept it. Even in the Catholic church we--eat the body and drink the blood of Christ. Maybe ritual only, but it does mean we become `One`, part of God through the action--and the actual idea, instuction is there from the mouth of God for me being a Catholic. In that sense,consuming minute amounts --eating human flesh would be for me quite acceptable morally and ethically, though I doubt if I could do it. If we believe that the body is a mere vehicle carting our souls around, then it is even less of a problem for me. Now the story of Martin J Hartwell is different. How would you feel? Me--I don`t think I could do it for survival even. `On November 8, 1972, Hartwell was given a charter to fly from Cambridge Bay, N.W.T. (now Nunavut) with three passengers who had just arrived from Spence Bay; a pregnant Inuk woman named Neemee Nulliayok, a 14 year old Inuk boy named David Pisurayak Kootook (who was suffering from appendicitis), and an attending government nurse named Judy Hill.[1] Hartwell was not flying a normal scheduled route, but happened to be in Cambridge Bay after dropping off prospectors on the Barrens. His aircraft, a Gateway Aviation Beechcraft 18,[1] was chartered by the nurse and doctor in Cambridge Bay to fly on to Yellowknife where his passengers could receive medical care at the local hospital.[2] Some time after taking off from Cambridge Bay in bad weather and low cloud, the plane crashed into a hillside near Hottah Lake, just south of Great Bear Lake. The nurse, Judy Hill was killed on impact. The Inuit woman died during several hours later.[1] Hartwell and the young boy survived the crash, although both of Hartwell's ankles, his left knee and his nose were fractured.[1][3] For weeks the two survived the brutally harsh weather where the average temperature was −35 °F (−37 °C). Kootook was instrumental in the pair's survival by erecting a tent and making fires. He died after the 20th day whereupon the pilot survived by eating part of the leg of the nurse.[4]` http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Hartwell I think I have the most problem with this one--because of moral and ethical issues because this is not a religious, traditional, ancesteral, sacrificial beliefs--simply survival. Could you do it? blessings, love and light, Suzanne
  15. Al--Rewards , if that is the way we look at it, are not in this world. Are rich people happier than poor people? Are there less diseases amongst the well to do? Do people who have more actually have more, or have less? I always tried to live with gratitude and whenever things go wrong I am reminded by a saying of my aunt`always look down never up for things are so much worse for many`. Your sister with her attitude and gratitude is far closer to God, far more blessed in her life in many ways than most of us--especially being more so that she accepts it. If we rebel against it we add more fuel to the fire IMO.The material is simply that--material. Peace has to come from within, not without. Once more I have to get back that we don`t know the mind of God. We also --don`t know what lives we have led, how we behaved in previous lives. All debts have to be paid, all action has a reaction Isn`t good or bad a concept of humanity? How do we know what is good or bad especially for us. We may think it is bad, but overall it is needed for a purpose? I think everything God does is good, but we have free will to do as we will, including probably choosing certain paths before we get here--as ways and means how to proceed towards the infinite. I think we get too tied in with the world and think it all begins and ends here--but it is only a halfway house. Everything in this life is temporary--it too shall pass be it good or bad. blessings, Suzanne
  16. Prayers for all that are affected--. I hope and pray that somehow life can return to normal for everyone. blessings, love and light- Suzanne
  17. Yes--I agree with you ! I think that as in everything balance is the key--one has to use judgement nothing is black and white, often there are shades of grey. blessings, Suzanne
  18. I think self protection, self preservation or fighting to protect one`s family is within all of us as in all animals, that is life--I don`t think that has anything to do with pacifism. One can be a pacifist --yet defend oneself when the need arises. I interpret pacifism being more opposing aggression, violence, war and killing when other options have not been explored. Most wars are of aggression not of defence and are waged for political reasons--and material gains. Life is far short to be killing each other mindlessly-very few animals do that. blessings, Suzanne
  19. Thank you Hermano for your explanations! --there is only One God, names are irrelevant. blessings and love, Suzanne
  20. I see there is a lot of agreement to what seems to be the right way of being in this forum A mutual admiration society is better than fighting, disagreeing and demeaning each other--woudn`t understanding be a better alternative?I am a bit stunned at the response of some as this is ULC, but it seems it is far from universal. --well I still think that the world would be a much better place perhaps if we did live the meaning of `kumbaya`--but the meaning seems to have taken on a rather cynical interpretation which is rather sad. But then we are mere mortals--with free will and chose our paths.--so keep on disagreeing,- everyone has a free choice. blessing and peace, suzanne
  21. Thank you Hermano, it is exactly how I feel and think--in my heart. Always have. May you be blessed, Suzanne
  22. --oops (my emoticons are out of commission for some reason--God is punishing me..LOL)one thing, just a thought; Maybe we should be a little more spiritual and less religious!--and maybe this will be the model group for coming together of different faiths. They say there is always an exception--perhaps, maybe this is it! Of the groups that I was a member--one is still going--but they are `new age indigos--lightworkers` group--and are doing very well--and they do have very few religions on board--but some. I am the resident Catholic...LOL! That is my original group, there has never really been a fight--they just send out the light--the `reiki energy workers`, or some protective spell, or crystal energy or some chant--LOL and all passes. I really learnt much there through the years. But really--this is the only group to have succeeded to some degree. namaste-love and light, Suzanne
  23. Well I have to say that the problem present here is generally present everywhere. I was on a mission to make a difference. My way was to bring different religions together--like in Assisi way back. --so I joined, one or two groups, where different faiths discussed and got to know each other.. Went well for a while then in almost all cases all hell broke loose. I even had my own group--it went well for a year or so--then the Catholics started preaching to the Baptists, the Hindus drew back, the Muslims started fighting the Jews--the Buddhist just kept trying to keep the peace. We had no atheists--but one agnostic a number of pagans, native Americans, lightworkers and that was it. We had close to 180--it was great in the beginning. People just left, got bored and tired--of fighting. The place is still standing--I have even forgotten my password--it still has close to 50 people registered. Sadly it is hard to put ingrained ideas aside--but to tell you the truth--though I am a Christian, it was the Christians that caused all the problems.Also I approached a number of Catholic prayer groups to join--they banned me, and from many I got nasty e-mails....LOL. All I asked them to come and discuss and pray together at a specific time. --so this is the legend of my crusade. To tell you the truth--there should be some kind of law as not to preach an exclusive belief--all should be inclusive-. You`re a --a theists , agnostics, pantheists, pagans of all deliberation...LOL, a Vodoo doctor, a Wiccan, a gnostic, Scientologist or a Zen monk--kodoos to you lets help each other deepen our own belief systems--we don`t have to abandon our own faith. We say we are open minded, accept all--but do we? Really? I always have tried--and a number of people in my group--that is why he wrote`Wildflowers`. When I said a few words about Hermano--a few people were a little offended that I said `he was a true mentor and a holy man`--well the truth is --he is .And I am no Hindu--but I respect and acknowledge his faith as well as all the others--and I have learnt a lot from him in a little time, each time he writes a paragraph. All faiths, religions are all equal in the eyes of God--it all depends how we live that faith. I respect all the fundamentalist Christian as well as the pious Jews or the atheists--but if one is in a plural faith group, it can only go so far with exclusivity--. Christianity is not a religion--it is a way. Sure--religions if you have one strengthens it, but not needed to be saved. We can all learn from each other--when our new pagan friend joined the other day--a question was put to him; Do you pick and choose what you like, what works for you --something to that affect--well actually we should do that! Everybody has something to teach and everybody has something to learn--that is why we are here--if we weren`t meant to be here then we would be floating around on high with a halo and in white robes --or wherever Nirvana is. The bottom line is in truth all should be banned who are really pushing it, be it whatever religion or no religion.I disagree that people should walk on eggshells--one can state their truth, but it is their truth `not the sermon on the mount`. We should actually have a place in the forum to understand the different sacred books, writing, religions--for truth be told, we don`t know much apart from our own. I would love to learn and understand more about the way of Christianity, of Jesus--we all know the Bible to some degree--let`s try and get more into things we don`t know-- Thomas` Gospel, Judas` Gospel, the gnostic teachings-- the nordic pantheon--as well as the Greek--the Vedic writings, the Koran--, the Tanakh--, Native spirituality, all the latest Universal Baptist views,-about `we are god`, -about the coming age--and some metaphysical beliefs from the darkside- as well as the lightside--there so much more, and there are people here who really know much about these things. We don`t have to accept it, but respect it-- but there maybe an `aha moment` at times. Much can be said by some atheists, scientists, pantheists, I know I have left some people out--forgive me but you are all appreciated.--whomever has whatever to offer--wow we have so much here enough for 20 lifetimes and not be bored. There is much to be learnt from the past as well as from the present--. This is the age of Aquarius, the age of enlightenment yet we are still in the dark ages--no better then the crusades when it comes to accepting each other. And why can`t people just start a thread even if it sounds strange or different--we don`t have to discuss the existence of God all the time, or whether we go to hell or not--you either believe that or you don`t--can`t convince me, so let`s move on. Maybe I am just one ignorant dreamer that we can have peace in the world--and love one an other. Probably said too much and true I am guilty of getting into stuff I swore I would not, and even start threads I shouldn`t. Somebody was getting ready the popcorn the other day...LOL waiting to watch the fight...LOL. I mean is this what we are about?? I hope not.-- I cast my fate at the wind , hoping I will not be banned.--and long as well--and bad , bad grammar!Oh--BTW somebody, I truly forgot whom told me if I want information about different religions I should go on the internet--well we can do that also--or simply fight if that is better choice--but we can also leave and not discuss anything except differences of thinking and disagreeing. blessings and peace,
  24. Not at all--you can reject the bible if it is your belief--and you will not be fertilizer...LOL! Just because I am a Christian, this is my view--that is my whole point!For me that is the truth, for the Hindu it is an other truth, for you it is something else--but truth non the less no one is going to hell...including all the members of different faiths--from Agnostics-Zoroastrians...and everything in between provided they practice truly what is written in their heart. blessings, Suzanne Only one Holy Spirit--YES! There are no other spirits except during Halloween...LOL. However--the Holy Spirit in my religion is the `third person` of the TRINITY, so it is GOD, not just the `comforter`, but the spirit of God that dwells within us. blessings, S
  25. I think --as Rev`d Rattlesnake points out--we are all saved, however--as you pointed out:We are God, for me `part God` or `spark of God`. The salvation part comes in when you accept this notion, and realize this--for we have come to understand that we are sinners because of Adam and Eve--but we are not. For some it is sooner others later--but everyone is `saved`--always has been but have not realized it. Maybe it should be called `enlightenment or realization of GOD`-- a `re-membering= into the essence of God`. That what Jesus was trying to explain--and in a way, there is no sin--as being pointed out, but` a miss of mark`--as a Christian our faith lifts the load of sin, that we carry within our conscience , but it is the knowledge of God HOLY SPIRIT, that is the connector of man to GOD, the ego is the `blocker=free will`. As a Christian: If Jesus died for my sin-and I follow the basis of His teaching-- then there no sin and all are saved, as it has been paid for. I think Br. Hex makes perfect the most perfect sense--regarding the way. blessings, Suzanne