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  1. Because we have free will--and a very highly untamed ego which disconnects us from --well for me it is called God--for others maybe called reason--to you, well you only know. blessings, Suzanne
  2. --ah, but sometimes covers do reveal how interesting the book maybe and we become very curious , not judgmental. Well, I anyway! To me judging by the cover is rather a shallow approach--as with oysters, some of the least expected ones have the greatest of pearls peace, S
  3. --True,many have a lot of revelation about themselves on their introduction page!!!!! I did too, I will later--I have to admit I was angry, and took it all off some days back. peace. S Yes, yes, yes--you are right,--but a picture speaks more than a thousand words though in conjunction with the written words. I was not implying that it is only the picture, that is but a small part. It just makes it a bit more personal. blessings and peace, S
  4. Now--this is really off topic here: Some while ago, I can`t remember who asked a question from whom in the hot-seat--`are you the same in real life than on line`. I thought that to be very profound. If we are genuine, honest about our feelings, responses then why be it in secret--or if we are a then we are being dishonest, ashamed to be where we are--in this forum or wherever-- with ourselves and others. That is why yesterday I asked about the `photo` question--very few in the area that Dorian Gray suggested, but some. Most--like myself have a face book page--and most can access it. Secrets t
  5. I did say``different religions`` seems to encompass all I would think--it wasn`t simply Mormonism discussed on this board, but a few others, however that is neither here nor there.When one looks at history--99% (not an exact # Yes I could google it!) of all were were due to religion--some say--ban religion entirely. Most counties have a separation of state and church, but even that dosn`t work--this is an impossible situation because the human soul yearns , or want to feel that they are simply not a heap of clay and that there maybe some higher reason for our existence--we have an innate ne
  6. This kinda fits here, for to me it is philosophy and purpose for my existence. At my convocation, eons ago--I recited this poem to my fellow graduates--It has been a meaningful compendium of advice, thus now I share it with you. Though I wasn`t as good as Hopper, but close --joke!--and I do love poetry. blessings, peace and never lose your head!--even IF..... S
  7. Cute--the dancing even better, and those legs--and I am no man were I--she would be my pick!-- But here is a song of old--I was introduced to when I was 25 by a special person that taught me all about what matters really in life--many things, one being; What matter often the most is what is between your ears, and the other that the body is merely a vehicle to cart our soul around,--well what can I say I grew up in a convent, and what did I know. So--off went the clothes on with the lights... -- what does it matter he said is not how one looks, but how we function, feel and act--and more. Bu
  8. This is the point Blades,--right on-- they--the philosophers think they know it all, meantime, no one knows anything, except their version which is in a language that a few can read, even less can understand--well some make sense, but few.....for me!!! Please, before I get beheaded!Yes--we all get threatened and aggressive about our --so called `right way`--where all is right for we no nothing. You--are truly the wisest of men, I mean it with all sincerety--!! It is always what is in the heart that counts--not philosophers, religion or gnosis- or grammar or whatever--but for maybe but a few,
  9. Friedrich Nietzsche (1874) from Schopenhauer as Teacher The Challenge of Every Great Philosophy Source: Schopenhauer as Teacher, from Existentialism from Dostoyevsky to Sartre edited by Walter Kaufman. short excerpt. A traveller who had seen many countries and peoples and several continents was asked what human traits he had found everywhere; and he answered: men are inclined to laziness. Some will feel that he might have said with greater justice: they are all timorous. They hide behind customs and opinions. At bottom, every human being knows very well that he is in this world just once, as
  10. Yep you are right on--this is in the catechism exactly just made official!--at different times by the councils. If you read the Vatican site I posted . blessings and peace, S
  11. They are absolutely correct correct !! --as you know all you need is go from left to right--I get post a few more--I was good with it as a child--in school , I am very rusty and have to check each one. Go to ` magyar rovas iras` and go to images--you will find them there. You don`t have to speak Magyar--though it is only for Magyar language--there is even a site. Thus--what I wrote, like my name--and my signature you can check --but start with . On my home page ther is my name Zsuzsanna in runic script--also correct! There is a site that will convert anything into Magyar runes--if you want-
  12. True, you are right!!--but to a certain point--but have you considered that sometimes one can express their views in a more tame fashion. This has nothing to do with being right or wrong, for I don`t think that the purpose here is to convert anyone to their way of thinking, but just listening and saying one`s piece in peace. I doubt if we were even remotely close to being demi-saints we would not be around here any more then--I mean in this life.So, I am presuming--as a quote from Illusions--By Richard Bach. `Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished; If you are alive it
  13. Perhaps Dan--as I have transformed to someone else--we go though many transformations, transmutations, metamorphoses -like a caterpillar to a butterfly. I changed my forum name, my avatar, my outlook, all of which is far more positive--for some weird reason Nestingwave`s post seems to haunt me--the first one . I would love to say much more to you Hyper --I already have, tried, but you may interpret it the wrong way--so I shall zip it up! Though I am by no means a `lightworker`--truth or fiction I am still inspired by the story of `Etu and Amor` and more so the word it embodies. I think th
  14. I truly always believe there is a reason for everything--God works in mysterious ways. I think for some--including myself It has been an important lesson what transpired here. I certainly won`t list them all--but certainly many . blessings and peace, S
  15. Thank you for the explanation--very enlightening. II. THE REVELATION OF GOD AS TRINITY---from the Catholic catechism, where and when....... http://www.vatican.v...sm/p1s2c1p2.htm blessings and peace, S
  16. One of Freddie`s great songs--what a loss. I love his music--how sad to have lost him far too soon. My favourites are`Bohemian Rhapsody` and `Somebody to Love`. Thanks for the reminder of this great artist +Bp Corey! peace, S
  17. Heartfelt prayers for all the victims and their families on this sad day. It is the one`s left behind who have to cope with the pain and suffering of this horrendous event, knowing far too well how innocent their loved ones were. May such terrible thing never happen to any nation, and may the world one day have peace. blessings, prayers and peace, Suzanne
  18. Yes we all do , for we all keep changing--I found Nestingwave`s post very meaningful to me, and has said all that I think or now am reminded of.--I am sure he will not mind if I re-post it here--I think this message is not only for Hyper--for most of us are constantly in hypertension, stress mode,--and I do mean the condition! **There is no need to be so miserably unhappy with yourself Hyper Tension. Change is the very nature of the Universe and it will happen again -- and again -- and again as long as you draw breath -- and beyond. Yep -- its an endemic part of the growing up process. Th
  19. Perfect--great to see you! Why? Well we don`t pray to her,--by saying `Hail Mary`--is simply the angelic salutation of Gabriel. We just ask here to pray for `us sinners` to the Father!--You see maybe we just think she has more clout with the Father of Her son, an advocate --maybe we want more bases covered --but of course we pray to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit--the Holy Trinity. Hail Mary, full of grace. Our Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
  20. The Alchemy of Love You come to us from another world From beyond the stars and void of space. Transcendent, Pure, Of unimaginable beauty, Bringing with you the essence of love. You transform all who are touched by you. Mundane concerns, troubles, and sorrows dissolve in your presence, Bringing joy to ruler and ruled To peasant and King. You bewilder us with your grace. All evils transform into goodness. You are the master alchemist. You light the fire of love in earth and sky in heart and soul of every being. Through your loving existence and nonexistence merge. All opposites unite. All that
  21. I have read a channeling today--that was rather enlightening to me. I am sure may think channeling is a farce, or some may think there maybe something to it, however that is not the point of my question. It is actually --not a religious one, though it maybe--but it can is rather more of a philosophical one... Yes--I know the universe is unfolding as it should--a rather a flowery, corny hippy term, but in reality there is much truth to it --neither philosophy, science nor religion really has the answer--as to date none of us has caught our God/Gods/ or whomever in the act 1. Why are we actually
  22. I am sorry that this is the way you understood it to be--that is was not my intention at all.And I don`t equate faith with religion but `spirituality` I have no other word for it, maybe you do. Man--always has faith, dosn`t mean it has to be ``God``.Why cannot there be any room for rational thought beside ``God``--or whatever? I don`t think it has to be neither or --it can be both--actually is. No? If one loves nature, appreciates beauty, cares for a loved one, has an awe for the birth of their child, --what is that. What is love , pain, joy, sadness--where does that come from?--from emptiness
  23. Hyper, please Don`t twist my words, I never said that or implied that about you-- nor do I think that of you. I respect your belief system--if you read my post I said `--you see Hyper the seed of faith is in each human soul, but the soil that germinates it is different in each one of us--for many it is religion for others it is something else. Unless we have faith we are simply empty vessels. You have as well, you may just call it something else,`--this is what I said. peace, S
  24. I cannot express the sorrow in my heart enough about losing your beautiful son! I don`t understand rap much, but what I did is very clear to me is that he had great love within him. blessings and love, S
  25. This has to be the cutest pair ever! woof, woof and meeow! S