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  1. I think you confuse the term "minister" with the term "pastor" (or its rough equivalent in whatever religion you happen to deal with.) All are called to full-time ministry. The term "minister" means "to serve" when you study the word's historical roots. However, a "Pastor" is more of a leadership role, which not all can do, and certainly not all can do full time.
  2. That depends on whether or not, I can loudly proclaim "I pooped today!" right in the middle of dinner. If I'm allowed to do this, it will be a full house, and I'll need to get me one of those "take-a-number" machines....
  3. Had a few friends that are attorneys that taught me the down and dirties of practicing law that they DON'T teach in law schools. When I found out how dirty the profession really was, I passed on studying it as a full-time profession. But, like i said, its a "look it up" kind of thing on that- Most of what law schools teach these days is total Bull.
  4. I have an android phone which I did a custom install of linux on.
  5. Well, apparently, he doesn't know the law, evidently. This is really actually rather BASIC theory, if one cares to actually look it up.
  6. To be straight to the point: Apple Sucks, Microsoft Sucks, Android Sucks (as does everything Google owned) - Linux is OK, depending upon version. I particularly like cali.
  7. It may be that your OS version doesn't support the current app permissions. Try finding an older version of the app.
  8. Then apparently he forgot that the separation clause of the U.S. constitution states that congress, under no circumstances, can EVER mess with the conduct of the goings on of the Church, absent applying the heightened scrutiny standard (which copyright law nearly always fails heightened scrutiny.) the only real question is whether the use is "Religious" in nature. if it is, then copyright will NEVER apply.
  9. As I've said, before, there are certain expressions in Hebrew and Greek that don't translate well into English, because English is rather restricted in terms of expression.
  10. Besides the fact that the ancient Romans were very anti-semetic at the time, and hence, anti-Christian as well. (given Christianity's early juxtaposition to the Jews, whom Rome saw as problem children to their government.) Hence, we'd expect the Roman history to be very much contradictory to the history of the Christian church. Yet, we don't see anywhere near as much contradiction between the two mutually independent accounts as we'd expect, since Rome had motive to be antagonistic and therefore lie their ** off. That would have to be more than coincidence.
  11. I find that amusing. Someone has obviously been legally misinformed. Its amazing how many people don't know that Churches are NOT subject to the provisions of copyright law due to the separation clause.
  12. Translated, yes. Altered, No. Two different things. With translation, your always going to slightly gain or loose, by the nature of what translation is, where the languages don't exactly line up.
  13. (Luke 22:36) He that hath a purse, let him take it.—The word translated to the English “purse” is the same as in Luke 10:4. If the words had stopped short of the “sword,” we could have received their literal meaning without difficulty. They would have seemed to counsel the prudence which provides for want, instead of a simple trust, as before, in the providence of God, and so would have sanctioned all equitable forms of Church organization and endowment. The mention of the “sword,” however, introduces a new element of thought. Our Lord’s words to Peter (Matthew 26:52) show that the disciples were not meant to use it in His defense. It is not likely that He would teach them to use it in their own, as they preached the gospel of the Kingdom. True teachers felt afterwards that the weapons of their warfare were not carnal (2Corinthians 10:4). What follows supplies a probable explanation: The Master knew that two of the disciples (Peter and another) had brought swords with them, and with that acceptance of the thoughts of others which we have so often traced, He sadly, and yet, as it were, with the gentle sympathy with which a man speaks to those who are children in age or character, conveyed His warnings in the form which met their fears and hopes. If they meant to trust in swords, a time was coming when they would sorely need them. However, the expression was not meant to be taken with unintelligent literalness. It was in accordance with that kind metaphorical method of expression which our blessed Lord adopted that His words might never be forgotten. It was to warn them of days of hatred and opposition in which self-defense might become a daily necessity, though, in no uncertain terms, not aggression. To infer that the latter is implied has been one of the fatal errors which arise from attributing infallibility to wrong inferences from a superstitious letter-worship.
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    Thanksgiving Day (U.S.)