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  1. You know what, I"m done with you. If you want to continue to try to stir the pot with me, I'm going to take action to block you. Please STOP.
  2. In this particular context it is- the point is that this thread was NOT intended for debate of one faith Vs. Another-- it was intended as more of a matter for the Christian ULC ministers to address, IF you've been paying attention.
  3. Care to clarify? Considering that Christianity (particularly N.T. doctrine) offers powerful arguments of doctrine in support of democracy? Paul taught that the Church should be run as a democratic body up to a certain extent.
  4. Most denominations agree on the doctrines that define "Christianity" as opposed from other religions, albeit perhaps with relatively minor distinctions- but rather Christianity as a whole expresses largely the same thing. The exception would be things like the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons, among others that aren't Christian denominations BECAUSE of the fact that they add to or subtract from the Biblical text, or else have teachings that obviously run counter to the teaching of Christ--- Whereas the majority of the Christian faith is solid in agreement on basic doctrines (being divisive on the more complicated issues where the texts afford ambiguity.) and is in agreement that extra-Biblical texts have no force of Doctrine. Therefore, your notion there is misleading at best.
  5. Here's a painful news flash for you. Grow up. If your not Christian- By all means practice your own faith- But DO NOT ask me to subscribe to it or put my seal of approval on it, because your barking up the wrong tree. It ain't happening. As long as we're crystal clear about that, there won't be any problems. This entire thread isn't even intended for non-Christians to read or reply to, per se. The only reason it's posted in the general category is because there's not a better place for it on the forum.
  6. If you had been following this thread you would KNOW that I'm not even addressing Non-Christians in the first place. Ergo, your post was practically pointless, unless of course your trying to stir the pot- in which case I'm NOT biting.
  7. Which creates a bit of a circular problem- It's illegal to accept donations without incorporating. (tends to run afoul of criminal fraud laws and/or money laundering laws, among other things.) But, in some states you can't even incorporate unless you have an established place of worship. Hence, the law requires "building first" in some states. Unless of course, you want to front your own money for rental of space OR you have a house with gracious neighbors that don't end up complaining about you to the police.
  8. Not So- there's a major exception to the general theory of hearsay- its called the "excited utterance" exception, which applies here. Even courts of law recognize this important exception to hearsay theory. Therefore, this argument is completely without merit.
  9. I'm not going to study your history FOR you. Go do your digging. We're talking about well-established history.
  10. No, I'm using what the religion explicitly says about itself for purposes of analysis as opposed to what might be "implied" from its teachings. Christianity explicitly and flatly states the "tri-unity" doctrine up front. With Hinduism you have to use some extensive analysis before you can reach a conclusion- and even then such a conclusion is only opinion because Hinduism doesn't explicitly teach that interpretation.
  11. Capitalism is a bad counter example as Communism is a form of government, where Capitalism is NOT (Capitalism relates to economic structure, not form of government) , I think you meant "Democracy" Vs. Communism- which was the point of my post, supra. Therefore, perhaps you might want to re-think that a bit.
  12. No, I'm using the criteria of explicit doctrine Vs. Implicit doctrine, which are two different things.
  13. But for the fact that the doctrine of Hinduism doesn't explicitly state an "in-one" doctrine as opposed to Christianity (which makes the "tri-unity" or "in-one" doctrine clear from the Scriptural authority) - hence Hinduism is NOT properly monotheistic.
  14. India is but an example- the country houses the largest number of adherents to Hinduism (Which is a polytheistic religion) in the entire world, and India also has communist ties to Russia. (India relies on Russia for weapons and military support. The western world refuses to support India on grounds of their refusal to be signatory to nuclear weapons bans.) Likewise, Polytheism is relatively rare in the western world which is not Communist, but is rather, democratic with polytheism being most common in the far east. The majority of the governments of the far east are Communist. Therefore, Polytheism has indirect ties to Communism.