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  1. Through reading this, I've noticed that too. But I personally love it when people debate without using the term "wrong" except about someone interpreting a point of view on someone's part, such as Ex Nihilo saying they were wrong thinking he had a certain view when he didn't. I'm new here and have just been trying to get myself immersed in all the studies, and as an atheist, I still assert that no religious belief can be called "wrong" because no religious - or actually scientific for that matter - belief can be definitively proven correct or incorrect. All we can do, even in science, is continue a pattern and assert that we get the same result if we are "right" and a different result if we are "wrong," but at the end of the day, all we can really do is continue to debate with logic in the hopes that others see what we see. Even science is a religion, in that scientists have "faith" that their theories can be proven, and they continue experiment after experiment "praying" for the same result. Going to the original question on why Christians still utilize the Old Testament instead of just the New Testament, I agree with people who say that our covenant is a contract with God, and that the New Testament is a new contract with God. I think from an outside perspective, the Old Testament is still utilized really as a historical document of the past relationships between humans and God.
  2. I've always wanted to visit Milwaukee!
  3. Looks like I'm back up. My IP address renewed through my ISP. So for anyone still having this issue, you'll want to log into your router, renew your ISP IP address, and make sure it's changed over. If not, you probably need to call the ISP and ask them to release your IP for you. Sometimes the IP address lease time is strict so you don't get a new one even if you release/renew.
  4. Ha, no problem at all. Good thing it started working for you though. Hopefully that luck is contagious!
  5. Lucky you! Do you know if the lease for your IP was renewed? I'm thinking I might have to wait for that.
  6. Good to know resources. I just began a bible study online through AMES International and they use Harvest Time's lessons.
  7. Anyone know how this is going? I was getting 503 errors but switching my post fixed that. But now I am getting a timeout whenever I try to access the site from my home network, so I can never access the site from home.
  8. Thanks! I'm in Waterford. It's about a half hour north of Detroit.
  9. Looks like the Seminary site is doing the exact same thing. And it's not just limited to the forums. The entire domain of and is timing out for me. is working though.
  10. Thanks! I'm looking forward to exploring things. I'm studying to be an anthropologist, and religion, primarily Christianity, is my focus right now in my studies. I'm excited to be able to participate in discussions and see what I can do being ordained.
  11. I was having the same issue as well. I'm still getting 503 messages when I try to send the same message that wasn't working before. I can only connect using other people's wifi or my ISP's public wifi. Seems my IP is permanently blocked.
  12. I'm having the same issue myself. Although I know it's not the ISP for sure because connecting to my ISP's public wifi, xfinitywifi, the site loads no problem. Anyone know of who to contact to get my IP address unblocked if it is? My ISP isn't very helpful when it comes to resetting IP addresses.
  13. I'm James and just recently been ordained so I thought I'd say hello!