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  1. Thanks Jonathan. What I'm trying to achieve is a rough outline of things. I say 'cosmic' as that's where life was created, out in the cosmos. I say 'spirituality' as within us we are Spiritual beings that are released when our physical form ends. I bring Genesis into this as we were intended as Spiritual beings, hence the early verses looking between the lines. Yet these early spiritual beings failed and life evolved to our physical forms. I bring in Astral Projection as this is how we can release our Spiritual form. I will slowly expand on this in future posts and pose questions on how we can be Spiritual beings living life as intended within our physical forms. All complicated I know but this is just building a frame for what I hope will become an expansive vision
  2. There is an old saying, "Life is a learning curve". That is definitely true, and since first being ordained into the ULC I have had many highs and lows, particularly over the past couple of years when I had a successful political election victory, shortly followed by serious illness and divorce. In such times you take a look at yourself and find inner strength. You also take time to examine and think. During this time I looked at the Book of Genesis, particularly the early passages in which to find what some would call the meaning of life. I'm one that believes the Bible, and indeed other books of faith are simply stories based on individuals interpretations. You have to read between the lines and interpret them yourself. This is how after a lot of reading and a lot of notes came across a line of thought, or if you prefer a line of belief, I term as 'Cosmic Spirituality'. So had did I come about this? Let's go back to those early passages of creation in Genesis. I believe this does not point to the creation of humanity in physical form but spiritual form. As cosmic forces created us we were supposed to be Spiritual creations. It was only when our original Spiritual creations, our prototypes if you like, failed, we became in physical form and part of an evolutionary process. But within our physical shell remains our spiritual form which is released when we have gone through life and experienced enough to become our intended Spiritual beings. Going back to Genesis and if we view our origins as the Spiritual forms we were supposed to live our lives with free love and compassion and in peace. Can you imagine if we all were to live our lives as close to those as our Spiritual forms were intended? Barriers between us would be broken. There would be no fear or inhibitions. Poverty would be eradicated. There would be peace. Things such as Astral Projection point to what we really are within and what we were truly intended to be as opposed to our physical shells. So how does this belief of 'Cosmic Spirituality' fit in with the ULC? Well I believe the ULC not only encompasses those of all dominations and those of no faith, but also develops and encourages new strains of thought. I am hoping to develop thoughts on 'Cosmic Spirituality' and post these for those that are interested. But in the meantime I just thought I'd share this with you.
  3. In answer to the above 'Each to their own'. We should all find our own ways which suit us as individuals.
  4. As individuals we all choose our own path. Some find a need to worship weekly, monthly, much longer apart or perhaps not at all. What does draw people to worship is not only the strength they may get from the scriptures or sermons, but also from one another and maybe the companionship. To me worship is not simply about giving praise, but being there for fellow humankind. It's like the question 'What is the church'. It may in its physical form be a structure, but in its existence is within each person. As an individual we are a church for the benefit of others. As for places of worship, with no physical ULC church where I live, I am probably spiritually closest to the Unitarians who accept all beliefs and who have various groups such as a Peace Group. This being the case I offer Saturday morning ULC meetings instead of a place of worship, where inspiration can be drawn from each other and all matters discussed.
  5. But we can give praise to the energies and power of life we see all around us.
  6. I definitely must get hold of this book and will take a look at Pastor Kevin's store. The question are the Devil and God the same and is the Devil in charge are interesting ones. If we look at God and the Devil as part of a greater cosmic mind, one part pushing for greater work for mutual benefit and the other for greed and self interest, and we then look at the attunement of humankind towards this mind and these thoughts we can see the forces of the Devil drawing its power. Rather than the energies coming from above, the 'above' is drawing its energy from us and this manifests itself across the world. The remedy I believe is in our own hands by going back to basics, appreciating each other, appreciating and working with nature and attuning our minds towards greater good rather than self interest. Like a radio, we choose what channel to listen to, its signal reaching our receivers and transformed into sounds for our ears. Yes we live in the age of the Devil, but its up to us to change the channel.
  7. With ULC places of worship few or far between, does anyone attend other churches? I was married in a Methodist Church and still attend occasionally, plus now and then a Unitarian church, but I must admit I also feel great spiritual awareness when I'm out walking. It would be interesting to know where some have or some still worship.
  8. In some ways yes, but it needs lengthy discussion to determine right from wrong in numerous circumstances. To cause harm for some sadistic pleasure has no benefit to humankind for instance. Along the path of coming to such decisions we will also encounter moral arguments, like the one I have with my Catholic friend.
  9. Because if we cause harm simply out of vengeance or for sadistic purposes it is against the principles of life. It serves no purpose other than to cause harm. How can causing harm or hate or upset be a good thing. Okay I get the saying 'Having to be cruel to be kind but in ending a life to end which would otherwise be one of pain and suffering. Some might say 'This is playing God and we have no right to do this'. I have this debate frequently with Father Michael, a Catholic friend of mine. My reply (which may resonate with some believers) is God has given us moral judgement, and if we use the judgement to end suffering this is part of God's work.
  10. If we seek to harm and cause upset, that is clearly the wrong thing. Therefore we should seek to do the opposite, which is a good thing and the right thing. Okay, sometimes good intentions may result in the wrong outcome. From this we need to learn. If we fail to learn this is the wrong thing, but if we learn from our mistakes surely this has to be the right thing.
  11. I look upon this Church as a community in which to draw inspiration and hopefully try and inspire others. What we take from our Church we can take into the world to help make it a better place. A place where we are all different, but where we can also be one.
  12. Well, the only way I can do this is by trying not to cause harm to others, to be compassionate and helpful. In life we are all going to make mistakes, but we should try and recognise, learn from them these and make amends. That's my thoughts anyway.
  13. I am hoping to conduct services for pets. Many people mourn the loss of a pet, some almost as much as a member of their own family or a great friend. For many, a pet is a great friend and part of the family. But pet services do not only have to be about death - they can be about the beginning of a relationship, holding a special ceremony to name a new pet for instance. Some may potentially feel this sounds a little crazy or even pointless. But for many this is a useful service and one the Universal Life Church in South Devon hopes to perform.
  14. Definitely interested in helping to build a ULC network within these islands and from this establish regional networks.


  15. I had been searching for a faith that was all accepting and that saw usefulness in people as individuals and on their experience of life and not just a theological degree. I believe being ordained will help me in doing good work and supporting others in my community and local area. As I explained on my introduction posting, my beliefs are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ combined with the powers of the cosmos and nature, A sort of new age, Christian Druidism I suppose. Other religions would not accept such views, but within the ULC they are accepted and welcomed and all that is asked of me is to do that which is right.